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10 Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

    How can you reduce the risk of any chronic disease? All diseases are caused by unique reasons, and you must focus on managing these causes to avoid developing these ailments. Today, cancer remains one of the deadliest illnesses worldwide and people are often confused about how to fight this condition. So, what causes someone to acquire this disease? Experts have discovered several reasons behind cancer in the 21st century, but certain origins of this illness remain obscure. However, we shall attempt to mention some tips to cover the reasons behind the ailment broadly. You can easily manage the risk of any disease by contacting a healthcare practitioner. This blog discusses these reasons for your general know-how.

    How do you reduce the risk of cancer?

    Sometimes, cancer doesn’t manifest itself as a disease in people seemingly exposed to it. On the other hand, this illness often appears in people who don’t even have any apparent risk factors. So, how can someone reduce the risk of this disease and prevent it from happening? Experts have pinpointed some reasons why some people suffer from this ailment. You can easily avoid cancer by taking care of yourself and avoiding contacting certain toxins that lead to this problem. Don’t neglect the value of healthcare, drink plenty of water, and sleep for 7-9 hours to avoid this ailment. Moreover, we’ve written some major tactics to avoid this illness. Do these things to prevent the growth of cancerous cells inside your body:

    1. Test for asbestos exposure

    Mesothelioma remains a rare form of cancer caused by asbestos. So, test your house/workplace for asbestos. Many American veterans are also exposed to asbestos during their tenures and diagnosed with mesothelioma decades later. They can contact and claim compensation for their sufferings. This service helps retired army officers access medical resources and finances for treatment. 

    1. Test for radon

    Don’t ignore the dangers posed by radon since this carcinogen can damage your lungs. You must test the house for radon since this odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas isn’t easy to detect. This gas has caused lung cancer among many non-smokers. So, how do you get your house tested for radon? Purchase radon-detecting kits available online. That’s how you can test for radon and protect your family members from this terrible disease. Just remember to check your house frequently.

    1. Get vaccinated

    Experts believe that certain viruses, e.g., HIV, HPV, and hepatitis, may increase your chances of developing cancer. These viruses may not cause this disease directly, but they weaken your immune system. For this reason, you must get vaccinated quickly against these viruses. Talk to your doctor to understand the concept of vaccines and whether it’s okay for you to get vaccinated now. Remember that these vaccines will protect you from viruses that may lead to chronic diseases.

    1. Beware the sun

    Don’t trust the sun and protect your skin from sunlight. Don’t forget that the sun emits UV rays that can change your cell’s DNA. So, wear sunscreens with an SPF of at least 30! The sun bombards you heavily with these harmful radiations between 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM. Therefore, beware of the solar flare during this window. Avoid going outside without proper protection, especially with a rise in day-to-day temperature. That’s how you can avoid getting skin cancer.

    1. Consume alcohol responsibly

    Drinking moderately should become your lifestyle routine because heavy-drinking practices can lead to some persistent illnesses. Some people ask: does alcohol lead to cancer? Well, alcohol remains an infamous carcinogen. Consuming alcohol excessively can be bad for your health and leads to several diseases related to your lung, liver, bowels, throat, and breasts. Switching from beer to wine doesn’t seem to work too because, as long as you’re drinking ethanol, you shall be vulnerable to illnesses.

    1. Avoid smoking cigarettes

    A CDC survey shows that 40% of all American cancer patients caught this ailment from tobacco. So, staying away from nicotine may seem like a no-brainer for our readers. Now, we realize that quitting tobacco can be difficult for nicotine-dependent individuals. However, you can always switch to other options, such as e-cigarettes (not 100% harmless). Stay away from smoking tobacco, and you can prevent lung-related diseases in the future. But don’t forget that vaping isn’t fully safe either.

    1. Eat healthy stuff

    The food you eat also affects your well-being. Avoid adding too much salt, sugar, and spices to your food. Consume a healthy dinner by including more fruits and veggies in your diet. Moreover, you can lessen your risk of getting a disease by eating certain things such as fish, nuts, and beans. On the other hand, reduce your intake of red meat if you’re willing to prevent cancer. Make it a habit to eat healthy, protein-filled, and nutrition-rich meals. That’s how you can reduce the risk of intestinal cancer.

    1. Maintain your weight

    Are you overweight, just like over 40% of Americans today? You should realize that weight gain won’t help you avoid chronic ailments. Instead, it may increase your chances of becoming ill. Obesity lessens your overall well-being, making you likelier to catch health conditions such as cancer. Hence, watch your weight, exercise regularly, and avoid eating too much junk food. Only then can you expect to become one of those lucky ones who stay disease-free as they grow older.

    1. Get moving

    Are you physically active or mostly do your job sitting on a chair? Research suggests that when you gain weight, your body produces more insulin. Insulin can stimulate the growth of tumors inside your body. That’s why a sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy for those who wish to avoid cancer. So, you should embrace healthy habits such as walking, jogging, and gardening. That’s how you can protect your immune system, strengthen your body, and avoid catching any form of chronic disease now.

    1. Get screened regularly

    How often should you start getting screened for cancer? And how old should you be to start getting screened frequently? Experts believe that women aged 45 mustn’t ignore the importance of annual mammograms. As for men, reaching their fifties should go for annual screenings. On the other hand, avoid getting too many x-rays because they are also a known carcinogen. However, only get an x-ray when the doctor specifically asks for it to avoid tumors.


    How likely are you to develop cancer? Surveys have revealed that 50% of people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. These statistics resemble what experts found about the American populace. But you can still prevent this illness by testing your house for radon, asbestos, and other known toxins. Don’t embrace a sedentary lifestyle and avoid smoking/drinking too much. Maintain your weight to avoid obesity and consume only nutrition-rich food. Get screened for several types of cancers and protect yourself from solar exposure. Vaccinations can also prevent you from some diseases that may lead to complications in the future. That’s how you can reduce the risk of this illness.

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