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4 Health Checks To Perform For This Year

    With the pandemic still affecting so many people, the collective consciousness has shifted in priority. Many people are beginning to prioritize their health in ways they never have before, in the hopes of improving their immune systems and overall quality of life. The added focus on health and wellness motivates people to take preventative action to care for their well-being before problems occur. If you are also looking to take better care of yourself this year, here are four health checks to complete for preventative care.

    1. Annual Health Exam

    You must attend your yearly check-up with your primary care doctor. Getting examined yearly is essential for ruling out issues and addressing signs that indicate health issues. By addressing concerns preemptively, you are more likely to prevent health conditions or eliminate them with greater success. If you leave things left unchecked for too long, it’s possible for symptoms to escalate, placing you in a worse position. Get your independent medical exam done each year to rule out potential issues and to take better care of yourself this year. 

    1. Check Thyroid Levels 

    Many people with various thyroid imbalances are unaware of these issues. Some people experience symptoms like brittle nails, hair loss, and weight gain and correlate these findings to getting older. In many cases, these symptoms and many others are indications that your thyroid levels are imbalanced. 

    The role that our hormones play in our health is less readily discussed than other factors of health, and this is a big reason why people miss the tell-tale signs to get their thyroid checked. If you are experiencing symptoms of thyroid imbalance, get your levels checked by your doctor this year, so you can remain in good health.

    woman having blood pressure monitor
    1. Blood Pressure And Cholesterol 

    If blood pressure and cholesterol complications run in your family, you are more susceptible to these conditions. Likewise, if you are already diagnosed with such issues, you must get checked each time you visit your doctor, even if you own a blood pressure monitor. There are so many factors that influence blood pressure and cholesterol. What we eat, how much we stress, and the strain we place on our bodies all have an impact. 

    Medication is sometimes necessary to avoid devastating consequences, such as stroke, heart attack, and even death. You may not know that you’re struggling with either of these issues if you do not have them reviewed by your health professional. If you experience chronic pain and physical tension, especially in the neck, head, and shoulder areas, these are signs to talk to your doctor about your health and to get checked for high blood pressure and cholesterol. 

    1. Eye Health Exams 

    Suppose you notice frequent migraines without cause, eye floaters, or visual disturbances. In that case, these symptoms indicate that you may need to adjust your prescription and get your eyes checked by your eye doctor. 

    Go to your annual eye exam to stay on top of your eye health, address signs of severe issues like glaucoma, and ensure that your prescription is up-to-date before you order your contacts or glasses. 

    It can be easy to neglect eye health, especially when you feel your vision is fine. Unfortunately, certain conditions may not seem so apparent unless an eye doctor examines you. Get your eye health checked this year with a thorough eye exam. 

    The Bottom Line

    As human beings, we are fragile. Our constantly changing bodies indicate that our health can change rapidly. We must take care of ourselves by attending regular appointments and getting the health checks we need each year to thrive. Consider the above four health checks as you plan to care for yourself this year.  

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