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420 Position

    The 420 position is sexual and is also known as the name of a particular date. It refers to the 20th and April. This number has been used for years to refer to smoking weed. The number 420 has many meanings. People smoke lots of marijuana and then have sexual relations with someone else.

    What is position 420?

    timma_2111. 2 years ago. Both sex and weed. The number 69 refers specifically to a sex position in which two people can have oral sex simultaneously. 420 is the 20th day of April. It’s celebrated as a day for either smoking or celebrating cannabis.

    What does “420 blazes” mean?

    We should say: Let’s smoke some marijuana.

    Why is 420 considered a wrong number?

    It’s a term that refers to marijuana culture and smoking weed.

    What does it mean to be blazed sexually?

    To have sexual relations with another person. That’d be my dream.

    What does it mean to blaze it 69?

    It’s 420 blaze, which means you can smoke tons of marijuana and have 69-degree intercourse.

    What does 420 in slug mean?

    420 slug refers to “Weed-smoking in progress.”

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