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Alvin Bud Brown – Murderer, Bio, Age, Wife, Marriage, Charges, Death

    Alvin Bud Brown is a serial killer. He was charged for the murder of four women. He is charged with robbery, assault, and other crimes. More information about Alvin Wikipedia and his family. Alvin Bud was an excellent family man. According to his wife Alvin Bud was a normal, caring man. He was the perfect husband and was very devoted to his family. Alvin was arrested from his home in 1991. His wife was horrified to hear all the charges against Alvin. Alvin was loved by her and she had no idea that he was keeping such a horrible secret. Click bio to find out more about Alvin Bud Brown, including his Wiki, Bio and Age. Also, learn about his Wife, Net Worth and Family.

    Alvin Bud Brown, Wife & Family Details

    Alvin Bud Brown is accused of the murders 4 women. He is charged with robbery as well as rape. Find out more about Alvin Wikipedia.

    Alvin Bud was an excellent family man. Alvin was, according to his wife, a very caring individual. He lived in Portland with his spouse. Alvin was arrested from his house in 1991.

    After hearing about all the charges Alvin was facing, his wife was shocked.

    Alvin Bud Brown’s Age

    Alvin Bud Brown Age – His exact date of birth has not been made public. He was around. According to sources, he was around 47 years of age at the time he died.

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    Alvin Bud Brown Wife Jackie Brown

    Jackie claims that Alvin was gentle, caring, and loving. Jackie was approached before marrying Alvin by his brother. She was blindly infatuated with Alvin.

    Jackie believed the police at first. Jackie felt betrayed once she discovered the truth about her husband. Alvin’s truth was revealed to her, and she decided to stop contacting her.

    Alvin Bud Brown, Wife & Matrimony

    Alvin Bud Brown Wife. : He was a married man to Jackie Brown. He lived in Portland, Oregon with Jackie Brown. Jackie says that Alvin and Jackie were happy in their marriage and that he was the most caring and loving man she’s ever known.

    Alvin Bud Brown Wiki/Bio

    Alvin Bud Brown – Real Name

    Nick Name Alvin

    Famous for being a murderer and rapist

    Age 47 (Died)

    Birthday NA

    United States, Birthplace

    Zodiac Sign Capricorn

    Ethnicity mixed

    American Nationality


    Alvin Bud Brown height 5.9

    NA for weight 84kg

    NA Measurements for the Body

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    NA Hair Color

    NA Shoe Size

    Children No

    Jackie Brown for Spouse

    NA Net Worth

    Alvin Bud Brown Died

    Alvin Bud Brown Died Cause: Alvin Brown passed away from natural causes in 2002. It is interesting to point out that Alvin was suspected by police of having been involved in the Portland crime spree. He was sentenced almost to 69 years. Brown died of natural causes in 2002 while still in prison.

    Alvin Bud Brown Charges

    Alvin Bud Brown is found guilty of the 1981 Portland Murders. He was also charged in the robbery of theft and was sent into prison for the attempted killing of two women. He had also raped an unmarried high-school student aged 15 years. After the girl saw a series of photos, Alvin was arrested and tried. Alvin was found guilty, Alvin was arrested at his home in 1991 on Thanksgiving Day.

    Alvin Bud Brown Wikipedia, Obituary

    It is difficult to find out much about Alvin Bud’s childhood.

    He was a member of a large family who lived in Portland. He was suspected of murders and robbery as well as rapes.

    Alvin was convicted of the 1991 rape conviction of a 15 year-old girl in high school. The police provided a photograph showing that the girl from High school was brown. Alvin also had an extensive criminal record. Alvin was also a criminal. He died in prison in 2002. Alvin Bud Brown’s funeral was not announced. He was never convicted of killing but he had to stay behind bars for the other cases. Jackie Brown is Alvin Bud Brown’s wife. Jackie Brown is Alvin’s spouse name. They were happy together, and she hadn’t imagined her husband to be such an evil and violent man.

    Jackie Brown is Alvin Bud Brown’s wife

    Jackie and her husband were separated in 1991 after Alvin was arrested. Alvin was finally convicted. Jackie felt let down and so she fled. Jackie claimed she was Alvin’s wife always and remained faithful until Alvin’s death. She now places emphasis on the happy memories and surrounds herself with happy photos. She is currently avoiding the paparazzi.


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