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Animals That Start With X

    Although animals in the alphabet X might appear to be rare, there are many around the world. From the animals you are familiar with to the ones you’ve never heard of existed; explore a range of animals in the letter X. So, without further delay, let’s start!

    Alphabetical List of Animals that begin with the letter X.

    Animals that start with the letter X.


    Xerus is one of the most common squirrels in central and western African areas. It can be identified with its fur spins and short ears.


    The Mantis are domesticated herbivores yaks. They are part of the mammal group and can be distinguished through their dark brown fur.

    X-Ray Tetra

    Fun Fact: There are black, yellow, and white fins striped with black!

    X-Ray Tetra Classification and Evolution The Tetra X-Ray is a tiny type of fish naturally occurring in South America’s Amazon River’s coastal waters. This X-Ray Tetra fish is also called the Golden Pristella Tetra and the Water Goldfinch due to the slightly golden hue of their skin.

    Xeme (Sabine’s Gull)

    Interesting Facts: The fish follow seals and whales to consume their leftovers.

    “They are found within the upper Arctic, and their sightings are sought-after by birders.” Abstract The Xeme (Sabine’s gull) is a small gull located throughout North America and Europe. It is found throughout the Arctic during the breeding season. It travels across oceans and is found in tropical waters.


    Xanthichthys is the name of a species that includes triggerfish. They are indigenous to reefs located in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean and are primarily found in Hawaii. Their vibrant yellow hue attracts the attention of many.

    Xanthic Sargo

    The pharyngeal teeth of these fish are located on the back of their throats. The teeth chew on crustaceans and mollusks and feed moss-filtering animals. The xanthic Sargo is a well-known sport fish that is frequently consumed.

    Xantus Murrelet

    Birds of a group are found in California, Canada, Mexico, and Washington. These tiny seabirds are threatened by predators that have been introduced to their breeding colonies and by oil spills.

    Xenos Nelson (the Magdalena Rat from Mexico)

    Xenos Nelson is a rat species belonging to the family of Cricetidae that was discovered in a small region in the western part of Mexico.

    Xantus Leaf-toed Gecko

    Another animal with the letter X includes the Leaf-toed Gecko. It is found mainly in California and some areas in North West Mexico. It prefers areas where bushes are plentiful. Additionally, the leaf-toed geckos have a high-population group. Female geckos can lay as many as 20 eggs during a reproduction cycle.

    Fun Fact The Xantus Leaf-toed Gecko protects itself from predators by cutting off its vulnerable tail.

    Xingu Corydoras

    A magnificent fish is found in those waters that flow into the Brazilian Xingu River. It is the Xingu Corydoras is one for the books. They also are omnivores and consume both plants and animals. But they’re easy to target for predators.

    Fun Fact: Xingu females scatter their eggs across the river while spawning.


    Xenops are a family of birds with small sizes that originate from Florida. There are only three species left in the wild. They are easily recognized due to their small size and their long tail. Apart from Florida, it is possible to spot the birds throughout Mexico, Central, and South Africa.

    Fun Fact: Because of their dimensions, they are challenging to find and are often ignored

    Xinjiang Ground-jay

    The most distinct species belonging to the Corvidae family, the Ground-jays, are a small group of small-sized birds that came from China. Ground jays have been classified as threatened since just one or two remain around the globe.

    Fun Fact: Xinjiang Ground-jay can only be larger than the human hand of an adult.

    Xuthus Swallowtail

    It is believed that the Xuthus swallowtail is an attractive butterfly that has genetic diversity and an inclination towards pairing with its parents in butterflies that have paired. They are also indigenous to Asia and can be located throughout Taiwan, Japan, Siberia, China, Myanmar, and the Korean peninsula. Another excellent animal that starts with the letter X.

    Fun Fact: The butterflies are among the few that can mate and reproduce several times.

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