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Apple music family sharing not working

    Within iOS as well as macOS, Apple includes a Family Sharing feature that allows several users to exchange content and communicate with one another. The most notable feature is that Family Sharing allows up to six family members to share purchases via iTunes, iBooks, or App Store.

    The feature lets you join family members to your Apple Music Family subscription, add photos to a unified album or calendar, share places, use Find My iPhone to find the device that has been lost, and also set parental controls for your children.

    Do you want to share your music with your family but they aren’t able to access your music shared with them due to reasons? Do you find that your iPhone only requires you to purchase an account with Apple Music when you paid for the shared plan and should be able to enjoy the same benefits as your family members? There are many possible reasons why Apple music sharing for families isn’t working. Let’s take a look below.

    How to Fix Apple Family Sharing Not Working?

    The most frequently encountered issue in Apple Family Sharing concerns the inability to access the shared content of Apple, such as Media & Purchases, Apple TV, and so on. There are a variety of options we can use. First, you could try some of the basic ways to troubleshoot including restarting your device and switching off Wi-Fi and then on.

    You can also verify if any family members are currently in your Apple Music trial period. In this trial, you will not be able to access the shared Apple Music content. Therefore, it’s recommended to hold off until the trial has ended.

    If you’re having trouble with Apple Family Sharing, here is another solution to consider:

    How do I sign up for Apple Music’s Family Plan?

    If you’re not experiencing any weird glitches, follow these steps and you can join Apple Music.

    Be aware that if the members of your household have registered for the Apple Music free trial, this won’t work. Instead, you’ll be required to wait until the trial period has come completed to enroll them as part of the Family plan.

    • Start Music on the iPhone or iPad.
    • Tap For You.
    • Tap on the Account icon located in the top right-hand corner.
    • Tap Upgrade to Family Plan.
    • Tap Upgrade.
    • Confirm the purchase of the Family Plan Upgrade.
    • Tap Upgrade for Family Plan Tap Upgrade and confirm the purchase
    • On the device belonging to your family member Open Settings.
    • Tap Music.
    • Tap Join Apple Music.
    • Log into the person’s Apple ID. Don’t log in with the Apple ID of the head of your household. Familie Sharing group.
    • Tap Start Using Apple Music.

    Verify the Apple ID on Your Devices

    The first thing you’ll need to ensure is that the Apple ID used on your device is the same one that was used to pay for the subscription. It should also match the ID you use for connecting to your family members using your devices. This is how you confirm that you have the Apple ID for your Apple devices.

    Check your Apple ID on an iOS device

    If you are using an iOS-based device like one an iPhone or iPad Open the Settings app and tap your name. The next screen will show the Apple ID that you use for that specific device.

    Verify Apple ID on a Mac

    If you’re a Mac user, simply click the Apple logo located on the top left edge of the screen. Then click on System Preferences. On the next screen select iCloud and you’ll be able to view your Apple ID.

    Make sure the ID is identical to the one you use for your Apple Music subscription. If it’s not, sign out of the account, then log in again with the proper ID.

    The Apple Family Sharing feature is a fantastic way to share your purchases and your entire family (and we’ll admit it and friends too). It’s an excellent way of savings by sharing the cost of many subscriptions and purchases that can add up quite some. What happens is the next step if Apple Family Sharing stops working? If that happens you’ll have to find out what’s wrong otherwise everyone will be required to be responsible for paying their individual subscriptions.

    Check the Family Sharing settings

    To ensure that Family Sharing is working properly it is necessary to review your Family Sharing setting. It is important to ensure that the Apple ID you’re using for Family Sharing and Media and Purchases should match. If you’re not sure, you might require the members of your household to verify their settings, too.

    Step 1. Open the Settings app. Tap [your name] then select the Family Sharing option > select [your name] Take notes of which Apple ID is listed. You’ll need the Apple ID to sign in later.
    Step 2. Click Back to go back to Family Sharing Click on the Apple ID > Media & Purchases > Select View Account > Login or verify with the same Apple ID you’re using for Family Sharing.

    You might also want to confirm that the Sharing Purchases in the Family is turned on by clicking Settings » [your username] > Family Sharing > Purchase Sharing.

    Sign Out of Your Account and Re-Login It

    Sometimes, people might be thinking about why apple music does not work with sharing family. There could be a slight error in the software of your device which is the reason you’re facing issues with Apple Music Family Sharing not working. To resolve the issue you might have to sign out of your account, and then log into. Here’s how you accomplish this.

    Navigate to settings, then tap on the settings tab and then tap on your Apple ID profile name.
    Scroll down the page until notice the sign-out tab. Click it.
    Check the log-out and then log in again.

    Restart Your Device

    If the cause of the issue is a temporary issue with the system Power-cycling the iPhone or iPad could aid. Hold the side button as well as one on the volume button at once till the Power menu appears on the screen. To turn off an iPad simply hold the top/power button as well as one or both of the volume keys. After that, push your “slide to power off” button to the left.

    If you’re experiencing issues with a side button or volume control Go into Settings, General, and Shut Down, and slide your power-off slider left. It will take about 30 seconds for the device to shut down completely before turning to it again. Then, open the Music app to see if you are now able to stream music.

    Review the features you share with Family

    Apple lets you selectively share media with family members. It may be you’re unable to share content with your family members because Apple Music streaming is not enabled within your account. In that situation, all you have to do is turn on the music sharing feature so that your loved ones gain access to the content of your Apple Music subscription.

    Make sure Apple Music sharing on. Credit: Apple Support
    Check that Apple Music sharing is turned on
    Image source: Apple Support

    If you have an iOS-based device open the Settings app and tap your name. Click on Family Sharing on the following screen. Make sure that you have the Apple Music option turned on. If not, you must turn it on to give your family members to access the music service you have purchased.

    Check that family members are signed into Apple Music, iCloud, and iTunes using the same account.

    Apart from checking if you are logging into your same Apple ID as the one that you use to sign up for the Apple Music Family Plan, family members should make sure they log in to Apple Music, iCloud, and iTunes using an identical account. Also, ensure that you have the correct account that your family organizer will send an invitation to.

    Alternative Methods to share Apple Music with Families

    Are you stuck and in a position to not be able to share Apple Music with family members? TuneFab Apple Music Converter will assist you in getting rid of this issue completely. Are you interested in learning more about how the program does its job? Just keep reading.

    The music you download from iTunes is stored in the format M4P, which is protected by Digital Rights Management. The primary function of the Apple Music Converter is to get rid of DRM and convert M4P files to MP3.


    I hope this guide will help users when the Family Sharing feature within Apple Music is not working. If Family Sharing isn’t working it is possible to call Apple Support Apple Support service or try another method to transfer music without Family Sharing however using FoneTool.

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