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bbl before and after pictures

    Find out how Mayberry Plastic Surgery could provide you with! Take a look at our before and post-operation photos below, which show a variety of Brazilian butt Lift procedures done by board-certified Albuquerque plastic surgeon Dr. Aaron Mayberry. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Mayberry has successfully done Brazilian Butt Lift procedures, including fat transfer to help fullness. Contact the Albuquerque Office to talk about your goals for aesthetics and issues.

    Brazilian Butt Lift before and after images that to look out for

    Brazilian Butt lifts require your surgeon to design an enormous and beautiful-shaped buttock cheek. The prospective patients must see smooth, curved lines all over, particularly at the junction of the top buttock and the lower back and at the intersection of the lower buttock to the lateral legs. One of the most common mistakes of novice BBL surgeons is that they leave excessive upper lateral buttock fullness as reflected by the shelf deformity created. While variations in the shape and size of the buttocks are subjective and are determined by the patients using an assessment tool called the Brazilian Butt Lift Assessment tool, The overall condition of the buttock should be smooth and free of wrinkles or wrinkles cavitations that are referred to as cellulite. Suppose there is significant cellulite in the lower part of the buttock and the posterior thighs. In that case, patients should be provided with a lateral thigh and buttock tuck procedure to boost fat transfer. This procedure will cut off redundant skin and decrease the buttock’s height.

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