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11 Best Fish And Chips in San Diego

    Crispy and comforting when it’s done right Nothing beats an entrée of chips and fish. You can choose to have yours with malt vinegar, coated in tartar sauce, or cooked in natural we’ve cast our net wide and far to locate the most popular spots around San Diego serving up this excellent British classic.

    Pacific Beach Fish Shop

    Pacific Beach Fish Shop serves an extensive menu of food made up of seafood and fresh fish. Tacos or salads come prepared using chips and fish. There is also an artisanal microbrewery that is perfect for dinner. This cheerful restaurant provides an enjoyable atmosphere to dine in. They serve South California dishes uniquely tailored to satisfy every guest’s palate. The restaurant also offers a build-your-own taco plate. The marinades and their sides deliciously make the meal. The food is bursting with flavor and appeals visually to the eyes.

    Harbor Fish and Chips

    This hidden gem provides beautiful panoramic views over Oceanside harbor that you can enjoy while enjoying your fish and chips meal. On Tuesdays, their medium-sized seafood basket (two pieces of fish, large fries, and salad) costs $11. The Friday Special includes one fish filet and one shrimp along with fries, coleslaw, fries, and the clam chowder, which costs $14.

    “Chef John’s Fish and Chips”

    Chef John’s Fish and Chips serves delicious fried seafood dishes seasoned with a fast-food vibe. It’s casual counter service with a warm and cozy ambiance. The menu is a delightful mix of dishes made using fish and served with chips. The fish is cooked perfectly and provides delicious delight to your palate, and the tempura is perfectly prepared and served with a side that you prefer. They use canola oil in the cooking process, and it’s healthier to enjoy oily foods. Different combinations can be made using scallops, clams, and many other ingredients. They provide excellent customer service that people can take advantage of.

    Ironside Fish & Oyster

    Enjoy two hearty portions made of battered lightly (and caught locally) fish that are beautifully presented with plenty of chips. Add tartar sauce and slaw, all for just $16 at this always fashionable Little Italy seafood spot. Enjoy the wide selection of craft beers, and serve your meal with a refreshing Saison or perhaps a sea-inspired cocktail.

    Point Loma Seafoods

    Fresh-caught fish is brought in daily and picked by the proprietors. This restaurant has been a long-time popular with SD locals. Enjoy a delicious piece of Alaskan Cod that has been lightly cooked with Mrs. Kelly’s unique breading. French fries and coleslaw and their famous tartar sauce for just $12. ideal for dining by dining on the upper deck area that offers panoramic views of the marina and the San Diego skyline beyond.

    Bay Park Fish Company

    Bay Park Fish Company offers fish and chips as a specialty in a nautically-designed market. The innovative blend of dishes makes it distinctive. They provide an extensive sushi menu that ranges from starters to rolls. The portion sizes are suitable for every person. They also serve brunch and a kid’s menu. They can accommodate all different diets and ages. The menu for happy hour offers discounts on the best-selling menu items. La carte options are also available during that time. The wine and beer pairings complete the lavish dinner. They also cater to various occasions and gatherings.

    Shakespeare Pub & Grille

    There’s no way a ‘fish and chips’ map is complete without mentioning San Diego’s most famous British pub. If their famous dish doesn’t cut, go for the massive “Great White Whale Challenge” instead. You can eat the 2 1 lb. battered cod filet 2 pounds of “proper” chips and peas with a side dish within under 45 minutes to be eligible for the chance to win a free “I Did It” T-shirt. If you fail, you’ll end up paying the $29.95 bill.

    Ironside Fish and Oyster

    Ironside Fish and Oyster have an extensive selection of seafood drinks and dishes. They make use of the freshest seafood when cooking. The ingredients are of the highest quality and nutritious. The menu is delicious and healthy to drink with your favorite cocktails. Their menu of variations provides diners with more choices to select from. The food is prepared using clean equipment and tools. The fish market is accessible close to the shop. Staff are friendly and quickly serve orders.

    Jayne’s Gastropub

    A varied menu that includes traditional British dishes like shepherd’s Pie. The food is served in this hip and cozy restaurant — one of the first San Diego gastropubs. The well-crafted version of fish and chips includes sea bass wrapped with Newcastle beer batter, and it’s served with crispy chips served with cooked snap peas. Enjoy it with a lager or a refreshing white from Jayne’s varied wine selection.

    Pete’s Seafood and Sandwich

    Pete’s Seafood and Sandwich serves East Coast dishes with vegetarian choices. The most delicate flavors are available from their wide selection of dishes. They have the best lobster rolls and Chowders made from clams. There are many seafood dishes to be enjoyed in the restaurant. The meat lovers will surely love this meatball sandwich and the parmesan. There are also vegetarian choices for their main dishes. The food is well-crafted, and the aroma is intoxicating. Their sandwiches with an East Coast flavor are their most popular items.

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