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25 Best Place To Buy Betta Fish Online

    Do you want to purchase a betta fish online but can’t find any reliable sellers near your area? The time is now to search the internet to find more information than just Betta fish and tanks.

    You can now get live betta fish online delivered to your doorstep. However, even though you could buy an animal course and then have it delivered to your location, reside, are you legally purchasing the betta fish of online sellers? Courses seller? What is the most reliable place to purchase a betta-fish course?

    A fish purchased directly from a reliable seller has several benefits. You have a wide range of options and usually more details on the species than in a shop.

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    Betta fish are regarded as the most precious fish of the underwater world. Their vibrant colours and the stunning variety of shapes and finnage make them a favourite with hobbyists from all over the world. After being hooked, many Betta owners take on the thrilling hobby of breeding bettas. Bettas are incredibly easy to maintain so long as you provide your pet with the proper conditions and nutritional requirements.

    When you are trying to find the best quality betta fish online, many people choose to purchase through courses breeders. The purchase of betta fish courses has grown in popularity due to various reasons. Betta breeders typically have better quality bettas than the majority of pet stores. The reason for this is carefully planned and considerate breeding methods that result in new and distinct designs and colours. The majority of pet stores don’t adequately treat bettas and place them in dirty dishes. This is why many people don’t want to help places that use outdated methods. In addition, you can have a healthier betta fish online; however, it’s more convenient, and you don’t need to drive across the city from one store to locate the perfect betta fish. You can instead surf the internet for your ideal fish.

    best place to buy betta fish courses

    Looking for the best location to purchase Betta fish courses? Betta fish are often a sought-after pet, but if searching for a specific kind of Betta, you might be required to visit multiple stores before finding one suitable for your requirements.

    There are plenty of courses stores that specialize in bettas and offer more than a handful of varieties of these magnificent creatures.

    Best Places To Buy Betta Fish Online

    When you shop for fish online, You’ll want to assurance that they will be delivered securely and your location is well-supported. Be aware that certain sellers won’t ship fish to warmer climates or areas that have temperatures below freezing, as this increases the likelihood of your Betta dying when it arrives.

    These are our most popular places to buy better fish courses:


    Amazon indeed provides all of your necessities these days and some more. Even though Amazon does not sell fish, there are plenty of independent fish shops that display their inventory online to peruse. Here are three great sites to purchase betta fish via Amazon:

    Amazon It may sound odd buying fish online, particularly from Amazon; however, the reality is that each fish is packed by hand and delivered in sturdy and well-insulated boxes. Each seller chooses their materials, so make sure to read their reviews before purchasing.

    Amazon has recently added hyperlinks to various breeders and sellers of betta fish. There isn’t always a great aquarium shop in their area; therefore, it’s fantastic to be able to choose purchasing bettas courses through a market with a solid reputation for security and reliability.

    Betta Fish Shipping & Delivery

    All live fish are packaged by hand and delivered in well-insulated boxes. Each supplier of betta fish offers slightly different shipping options and charges. So it would help if you were sure to check with each supplier for specifics of the delivery time and live delivery guarantee as well as shipping charges.

    Choice of Exotic Bettas for Sale

    Every supplier has a wide variety of bettas that come in different styles and colours. They also have female fish that is great when you are looking to breed the fish. You can choose the colours you’d like to see, and if the species you are looking for isn’t available, You can place an order, and the courses dealer will provide the specimen as soon as it is available. Keep checking the site to see what Bettas are available.

    The Consolidated Fish Farms Inc – Best Overall

    The Consolidated Fish Farm has an impressive selection of high-quality breed beta fish. Prices are within an acceptable range, and every Betta that is bred at their farm is healthy. Bettas are available with WYSIWYG, and the range is fantastic. They offer flowers, crown tails, dragon scales, as well as dumbo ears in a broad assortment of shades. In addition to bettas, they offer a range of other fish and dry products. They have owned businesses for more than thirty years, and they have plenty of experience working in the aquarium industry. The store is run by a family, although they’ve been through an airborne disease that only affected angelfish, and they needed to upgrade their facility for holding. In addition to that, it is worth noting that Consolidated Fish Farm is the best choice. Consolidated Fish Farm is the most reliable for buying Bettas courses.

    The Betta Fish Place, The Betta Fish Place courses business, has been around for over 15 years and is specialized in the sale of colourful bettas. They also sell betta food in addition to tanks and other items.


    Like Amazon, similar to Amazon eBay, if you’re not familiar with eBay and its features, you must be aware you have two methods to buy. You can either place an offer for the item you want to purchase or select the “buy now “buy now” option if you aren’t interested in an auction.

    Presently, eBay is one of the most popular places to search for various Betta fish online courses at competitive prices. Some numerous breeders and sellers are independent to look through.

    Since every seller is unique and has different policies, they will all be different. It is important to go through the policies in detail to keep from any unpleasant surprises.

    The most significant benefit of using eBay is that you will get a variety of betta fish in every shape, size and colour throughout the entire year.

    You can also look up companies by rating and selecting those with the highest reputation and confidence from the client base. Check out the reviews to ensure that you receive top-quality service.

    The drawback to eBay can be that certain sellers do not deliver to your area or country. If your fish is killed in transportation, it is just the price of your fish will be paid but not shipped. It is also possible to inquire with individual sellers about specific arrangements.

    eBay is the most well-known, reputable auction site. While some sellers selling Betta fish are in an auction manner while others offer fish available for sale, which is available for purchase by clicking “Buy Now.”


    Shipping costs and arrangements for shipping depend on the seller of the beta fish.

    Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

    There’s typically a variety of betta fish to be sold on eBay, which ranges from standard Betta splendens to stunning exotic bettas in a variety of types, as well as gorgeous Plakats.

    Rena’s Fish Store

    It is a Canadian-based courses fish shop specializing in the sale of show-quality betta fish, including Giant Bettas, Half-Moon Plukakats and Wild Type betta fish. They also provide food items and accessories and an extensive care guide for those who are new owners.


    The seller delivers to all of the U.S., U.K. and Canada. The shipping schedule is limited to a few days to ensure that the fish don’t remain on the shelf to be held for long. The next-day delivery option is slightly expensive, but it comes with the D.O.A. guarantee.

    Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

    The seller offers a large assortment of rare, unusual betta fish that you can’t discover in your typical fish shop. Female and male specimens are offered in the selection.

    Aquatic Arts are among the most reliable places to purchase Betta fish online. They are experts in shipping and fishing; it is essential to find rare Betta fish. The fish are carefully selected by breeders who are knowledgeable about their business.

    Petsmart Or Petco

    Petsmart and Petco are both located across the country and share a lot of their design; that is why we’re listing them together. Both stores have live fish in the store if you are near one or are planning to make an on-the-go pick-up.

    You can also have a betta fish delivered to your doorstep. If you own other pets, you might already have a point system to reward your pets and rewards, so why not buy more fish-related supplies while you’re at it?

    If not, there are many reasons to go to Petsmart or Petco to purchase a better betta. Although you won’t know anything about the fish you’re purchasing, and you have the chance of buying sickly fish (which can happen anywhere), you can get many options to pick from.

    The two stores Petsmart and Petco, both have GloFish also If you’re seeking something unique.

    Chautauqua Creek Farms – Mostly breeding tropical fish. Additionally, they offer a limited selection of Bettas, which are claimed to be “true beauties.”


    Petco is a reliable supplier of high-quality betta fish, Petco is a trusted brand that offers live betta fish available for sale. Top 10 places to buy Betta Fish Online. The majority of fish shops offer a limited selection of bettas. However, you’ll get a greater variety of shapes and colours when you purchase one from the courses breeder.

    When you’re thinking about buying Betta fish courses, Petco is the most popular choice for fans. Petco is an established and well-known courses retailer that provides live betta fish to sell. There’s also a courses store for betta fish where you can buy everything you’ll need to get the new fish you’ll get.

    Shipping & Delivery

    All live fish is shipped via next-day delivery. If you’re not available to pick up your purchase during the week, you may ask for delivery on a Saturday for additional charges. Petco offers a 30-day survival guarantee for all live fish and invertebrates.

    Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

    Petco has a wide selection of more than 40 species and colours of betta fish for auction, and many at affordable prices are on par with a typical high-street retailer.

    Betta Fish Top

    Betta Fish Top is a courses fish shop that is based in Thailand. They sell their homebred fish across the globe and have earned an excellent reputation in the betta-loving community. The website has blogs full of information regarding betta care and a forum on which owners can discuss their fish.


    The seller delivers across the globe. Fish are delivered to the U.S. via an internal handling company and incur an additional fee.

    Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

    Betta Fish Top offers a variety of high-quality Bettas, the majority of which are produced by homebred. It is crucial to owners who are keen on betta genes and breeding their fish. The best starting point is the home page of The site provides a list of their products and offers details on how to take care of these tiny fish (or ladies). They provide a variety of items like food, tanks, and more.


    Aqua Bid: This is the marketplace for live breeders of betta fish. Likely, the buyers on this site are usually hard-core fish lovers, particularly in the world of betta fish.

    The website might not look very appealing; however, AquaBid has been buying and selling fish and selling games for a while. There are two ways you can use to purchase every kind of fish you can imagine, including bettas.

    Like eBay in its setup, the ability to buy directly or bid on fish you’d like to catch. However, before you buy or bid, you must register using your PayPal account.

    It’s easy to bid since the bidder with the highest amount is the winner. If you opt for the “buy now” or the “buy now” option, you’ll usually be provided with contact details. There, you can speak directly with the seller regarding payment and shipping options.

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    Because many sellers are enthusiasts, they are likely to take great care of the fish they sell and will do all they can to ensure that the trip is as secure as possible.

    This is the reason any fish you buy from AquaBid will be of the highest quality.

    All kinds of betta fish are for sale. You can also search specifically to find Crowntails, Deltas, Super Deltas Halfmoons, Double Tails Halfmoons, Plakats, Plakats, Veiltails and wild types.

    The only drawback to AquaBid is the website itself. It is often slow and unresponsive, particularly when the bidding is at its peak.

    Aquabid can be described as a courses auction site that specializes in live-fish auctions. Betta breeders can use a sales board to sell individual bettas on auction to the most expensive bidder. The site is typically utilized by ardent species lovers and breeders seeking breeding stock.


    Shipping arrangements depend on the breeder’s specific breeder and where you are in the country or world.

    Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

    If you’re looking for rare and unique varieties of betta fish, Aquabid is an excellent source. Go to the homepage every day to find out what fish are available.

    Bettas & Art

    Bettas & Art is not your typical fish dealer or breeder. The company is unique because it caters to Betta fish. There is a broad assortment of merchandise from mugs and artworks to display your love of the betta fish.

    However, the variety of real fish and breeding possibilities and breeding opportunities make these courses store among the top places to purchase the betta fish courses.

    This is why the owners collaborate directly in partnership with local farmers from Indonesia and Thailand to ship imported betta-fish to your door. In addition, you might be able to purchase betta fish in the grocery store, but this isn’t often a regular occurrence.

    Bettas & Art have over 70 betta fish on hand at any time and can ship either to the U.S. or Canada. They offer excellent customer service and manage all interactions with farmers so that you don’t have to.

    8.) Kuala Lumpur Betta Fish sells to customers from Malaysia with a different style than other websites. It’s extremely informative and enjoyable!


    Here’s a courses store that offers a huge assortment of freshwater fish, plants and food items, tanks and all sorts of accessories. There’s an abundance of things to look through that LiveAquaria may be difficult for the first-time buyer.

    You’ll realize that all the resources like blogs and detailed guides can aid you in caring for your new Betta fish.

    If you’re thinking of betta fish, LiveAquaria offers a variety of betta fish available for purchase, including Dragon Scales, Crowntails, Dumbo Ear, and many more. The price for the fish is affordable compared to other websites if you purchase $149.00 worth of goods in addition to free shipping.

    They also offer the Diver’s Den, a WYSIWYG store that is updated frequently every day. You never know what you’re going to get for the price of a discount.

    The disadvantage of LiveAquaria has to do with the fact that the species you are looking for may not be available. It is necessary to check regularly or make email alerts and then wait until the specific type of betta fish you’re seeking.

    Liveaquaria offers a wide selection of live fish and related products available for purchase through the courses store. The company has a great reputation for providing top-quality fish and outstanding customer service.

    Betta Fish Delivery

    After your purchase is delivered, you receive an email with the estimated delivery time and instructions on how to adjust to your new fish. The guarantee for survival is 14 days as well, provided you follow the instructions for care.

    Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

    The website is regularly updated and offers a wide selection of gorgeous betta fish available to buy, and includes some of the most unusual kinds.

    9.) Comet Fish Breeder – Comet provides high-quality fish for sale, as well as betta fish health tips. They also provide free shipping on orders of over $100, which is an excellent bargain!


    At, You can purchase much more than betta fish; however, the selection of betta fish is one of the finest. It also offers information on equipment, guides, customer reviews, and other information to give you a good impression.

    The Betta Fish selection is split between both female and male fish. Crowntail, Dumbo Ear, Plakat, Halfmoon, Wedding Bettas, as well as WYSIWYG deals.

    When you click on the fish that you like to catch, you’ll receive all the relevant information about the required size of the tank, as well as the length of time it will last and nutrition.

    Shipping overnight is $34.99 for anyplace other than Southern California, which only costs $16.99. Free shipping is available for orders of more than $169.99 (which is possible to achieve if you purchase more than a handful of fish to fill your aquarium).

    Be aware that only delivers exclusively to U.S. addresses. If you select priority shipping, this means that if your fish die during the shipping process, you will receive the full amount back.

    That Pet Place

    That Pet Place is a courses pet shop that sells an extensive selection of fish species and related products, including betta fish available to buy. The company has earned a reputable reputation for offering high-quality bettas that are priced reasonably.


    The shipping costs are different, based on the area you live in. Orders are shipped within 2 to 3 days from when the order is placed and will be shipped using priority mail to ensure delivery on the next day.

    Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

    The seller offers a wide assortment of betta-fish, including female versions of a few varieties. This can be extremely beneficial for those looking to purchase an assortment of breeding stocks.

    Aqua Imports

    Aqua Imports is based in Boulder, Colorado and have many beautiful Betta fish to choose from. Live arrival is assured and is tagged with the area of origin or the country. They’ve seen thousands of successful courses shipment and many several years’ experience in selling live-caught fish.

    The process of purchasing Betta fish courses is quite simple. If you are looking for specific species of betta fish, most websites will include a “breeder list” that you can check to see what sellers carry that particular breed. The shipping of betta fish won’t cause harm, except betta fish, which is less robust on an evolutionary scale. Be sure to verify any policy on refunds of courses supplier of betta fish.

    Top 25 Places to Buy Betta Fish Online

    The majority of fish stores have a small selection of bettas. You’ll have a wider selection of forms and colours if you purchase the fish through an online breeder. Breeder Comet Comet offers top-quality fish available to buy as well as betta care tips. They also provide free shipping on orders of over $100, which is an excellent bargain!

    Make sure you get your betta fish tank completed before your fish arrives. A healthy betta fish tank has a heater, air pump and filter. Make sure you have your tank set to be delivered when you purchase an upgrade. A healthy betta fish tank is comprised of an air pump, heater and filter.

    The betta tank you set up must be at least five gallons. It would help if you gave your betta fish numerous hiding spots along with a variety of plants to traverse. You can consider placing low-level rocks or gravel located at the bottom of the tank, which will let the water flow more freely.

    Are Betta Fish Expensive?

    Betta fish, based on the type, can range between $5.00 to $100.

    Tips: Filters and heaters are essential for the health of your aquarium. However, don’t forget these plants! It would help if you thought about life or silk plants, as in addition to fresh foliage that you’ll be sure your pet will be delighted to splash around in. Betta fish tank decor is essential. Make sure you offer plenty of hiding spots like underwater islands, caves and low-level rock formations in the aquarium for your fish to explore and discover.

    Final Thoughts

    The purchase of betta fish courses could be the ideal solution for you if you don’t have a local store that has them in stock or is searching for an impressive specimen.

    Today, more and more people are purchasing their fish online, and the overall result is usually a pleasant one, as long as you go with a trusted retailer, like the ones we’ve listed in this guide.

    Have you purchased your Betta catch from a courses seller? Share your story and even give an acknowledgement to your preferred courses fish shop.

    Although the majority of courses fish shops might focus on saltwater or marine aquariums, you will surely find trustworthy sellers that offer healthy Betta fish. They may source their fish straight through Thailand or Indonesia, while others offer more uncommon varieties.

    Do your best to look around, conduct some research and then choose the one that will guarantee safe shipping of the Betta, as well with a fair cost. If you do this, you’ll discover the best site to purchase Betta fish online, and you will be able to trust it!

    Are you having other concerns about the care for your Betta fish? Are you interested in learning how to choose the most suitable tank to keep Bettas? Could you take a look at our other blog posts?

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