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16 Best Smoothie Delivery Services

    If you think you’re running out of seemingly impossible things to show up at the door, look at Smoothie Delivery Services.
    Whether you’re on a specific diet or prefer to eat liquid, smoothies are a quick, easy, and perhaps most important, delicious way to enjoy fruits and vegetables.

    However, in preparation for making a smoothie, you just throw something at the blender, but the smoothie requires some critical thinking.

    Choosing to mix is the difference between enjoying a drink and pouring it into the drain. That is where smoothie delivery services companies come into play.

    Affordable Smoothie Delivery Services

    Nowadays, you can’t throw rocks without accessing another food subscription. (If you stop rocking, you will have far less problems crossing the front yard, but stop.)

    We know what you are thinking: how the smoothie delivery services works and why is it worth my money? Is there just a flavorful gloop across my mailbox?

    Well, no. It’s actually pretty easy. Most companies send frozen ingredient packages. Keep it in the freezer until ready to eat and mix with your favorite liquid.

    With very little preparation time and zero time spent at the grocery store, it’s a quick and healthy meal. I admit I like the idea of ​​a smoothie that easily integrates into the freezer.

    Plus, it’s a messy summer. If you’re trying to resist the allure of ice cream floats and milkshakes, smoothing a batch of fresh fruits and vegetables together will keep you away from the sweeter and tempting snacks.

    However, the smoothie business is a very tough (and blended banana) world with clear winners in terms of value and service. Here are 13 Delicious High Protein Coffee Shakes Recipes.

    These companies offer everything you need in easy-to-prepare packets or pre-prepared bottles, and offer healthy snacks (if you choose the healthy option) or quick meal replacements.

    These services are ideal for those who lack the time to prepare their meals or want more fruits and vegetables to be included in their meals more easily.

    Smoothies A Healthy Choice

    Smoothie lovers will say these drinks are like superfoods in bottles. Of course, many of the health benefits you get from drinking smoothies depend on what you put in them.

    Daily Harvest

    Price: $7.99 per smoothie

    You are probably already familiar with Instagram’s favorite Daily Harvest.

    We love how easy it is to customize your box: First, you choose the number of smoothies you want. Then sort by high rating, low rating, benefit (recovery after workout, stress relief), or dietary preference (low carb, vegan).

    You can choose something fancy like mint cacao or chia coconut, or get the best-selling box with DH’s most popular mix. And it is. New batches of frozen or ready-made smoothies are delivered to the door weekly or monthly.

    Project Juice

    Price: $12.50 per juice

    Project Juice is the brain behind the very beloved (unfortunately canceled) subzero superfood.

    According to her, “”No one can make things on their own,” he said. Removing this service will lose the flavor of the whole country, but Project Juice does not eavesdrop on its own.

    Juicing is becoming as popular for healthy nuts as it is for making smoothies. ProjectJuice claims that the cold press process extracts 3-5 times more nutrients than normal juice production.

    Note: Recent research suggests that cold press does not really make a big difference in nutrient intake from juice, but nevertheless it is refreshing and refreshing.

    They offer organic cold-pressed juices and juice cleansing that can pack your vitamins and minerals at zero cost at your time.

    You can customize the pack to suit your taste and health needs. It also provides a few wellness shots to nourish your pants if needed.

    This service means that nothing needs to be blended. Open the bottle and drink. There was only the knowledge that everything was made into juice and you were given a pronto, just like juice you would buy at a regular store.

    Splendid Spoon

    Cost: $65 – 5 smoothies, & $13 per smoothie

    Splendid Spoon is perfect for busy bees who don’t have the time to make toast, let alone break the blenders. (Also, despite dispensing honey like there is no tomorrow, bees have a hard time making toast, which is one of life’s great misfortunes.)

    Their breakfast plan offers 5 ready-to-eat smoothies each week.

    The flavors offered vary seasonally, but are all vegan, low-sugar, and gluten-free. This is arguably the most expensive of a bunch, but if you have more money than time, pure convenience may be worth it.

    The Frozen Garden

    Price: $6.99 per smoothie

    Do you want to drink your green? Frozen Garden is perfect for your dose. Each frozen smoothie blend is packed with leafy vegetables, fruits, seeds and spices. Only a handful of health.

    The company seeks to source most of its products from producers within 100 miles of Indiana headquarters. They also make sure that the ingredients in Dirty Darth are organic and compost 100% of food waste (approving the cheeks of Mother Earth).

    Frozen Garden is not really a subscription service, but it works in a similar way. You still order online, but you have to put a new one each time.


    Cost: $119 for 20 smoothies, or $5.99 per smoothie.

    Currently, the company only has four flavors: cacao, green, berry and clementine. It’s perfect for those who want to eat large amounts of protein, but don’t need much variety.

    Smoothiebox also offers a 20-gram packet of grass-fed collagen peptide for $25. We believe these improve intestinal health, bone strength, and how your hair and nails look.

    We did a closer look at collagen peptides to see if they had the benefits that people claimed.

    Catalina Crunch

    Cost: Variety Packs start at $89, or $7.39 per smoothie.

    Katarina Crunch Keto Smoothie is a keto-friendly smoothie with just 3g of sugar, yet full of nutrients. Currently available flavors are mixed berries, strawberry bananas and tropical pineapple. They ship freeze-dried whole fruits and vegetables directly to your door and are pre-cut into individual cups, so all you have to do is put them in your blender and add ice and water. Just add! The Smoothie Variety Pack is available for 30 days and comes with 12 smoothies.

    Bright Greens Smoothie Shake Ups

    box costs: $48.93 and contains 7 smoothies or $7.09 per smoothie.

    Bright green smoothie shake up, easy on the environment! These smoothies do not require a blender. This is actually amazing. And all we need to do is add water to the frozen cubes, shake it, and enjoy! They are 100% natural because they are all made from fruits and vegetables. They are full, healthy and above all delicious!

    Buddy Nutrition

    Cost:: Prices start at $79.95 per month.

    Health & wellness are so important that you need to be very careful and aware of what you have in your body. Vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed by the body as they enter the digestive system. We are fully aware that Buddy Nutrition offers products that contain all the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Enjoy vitamin shots and protein powder.


    Cost: Price starts at $26.90 per month

    Enjoy a packet of Kenko Powder Mix all day to meet your daily produce intake requirements. It’s in a disposable package so it’s easy to enjoy, and you can enjoy a delicious smoothie by pouring the liquid into a blender bottle and shaking vigorously. It also contains a variety of ingredients to meet your daily needs, such as energy spikes and mental focus.

    Pressed Juicery

    costs $160 per month.
    Pressed Juicery has made healthy and tasty food affordable for everyone. They also set the standard for cold-pressed juice by sticking to the principle that nutrition should be delicious, affordable, and available to everyone. You can also be assured of quality as all juices come from California’s Central Valley.

    Raw Generation

    Cost: (18) 12 oz bottles + (20) 2 oz shots $159.99

    Raw Generation is a cold press juice cleansing system designed to help our customers burn some fat, make their waists lean, minimize bloating and increase energy levels. These GMO-free and vegan raw drinks come in 12 ounce containers, ready to consume and no need to blend.

    People should take 6 juice cleansers and workouts daily to achieve the best results. However, when it comes to menus, you can explore a wide range of options including juices, cleansing, smoothies and seasonal flavors.


    Cost: Summer Strawberry $24.99
    Compared to the previous service, Smart Fruit is a little different. Therefore, instead of providing the ingredients for the pre-packaged smoothie, the company offers a pre-blended smoothie and sends it to its home address. In addition, Smart Fruit is committed to providing delicious as well as user-friendly drinks.

    Their juices are made with a focus on 100 real fruits, free of artificial colors, GMOs, blends and flavors. In this case, we can provide our customers with high-performance superfoods that are rich in nutrients such as antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and electrolytes.


    Cost : Strawberry Bananza $4.99 each

    Euraip is one of the few companies currently available on the market and uses organic produce, seeds, spices and nuts from 100 plants, without preservatives or adding sugar. This company uses so-called frozen dry technology. This is a natural process that helps smooth foods retain more nutrients while preventing food from being wasted.

    In addition, this technology extends the shelf life of your product, saves space in the freezer, and makes travel easier. The pouch is lightweight and requires minimal outer packaging, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

    Chef V

    Cost: 1 DAY CLEANSE $49

    Chef V makes things easy for customers. Offering a simple green drink made from 7 certified organic leafy greens, including Clay, Collard Greens, Dandelion Greens, Parsley and Chard, Chef Pin is delivered fresh to the door every week. Green drink drinkers are designed to harness their increased energy, improve digestion, reduce brain fog, curb cravings for junk food and improve skin, hair and nail health.

    Revive Superfoods

    The ingredients for Revive Superfoods smoothies, which ship healthy and tasty superfood options throughout most of the United States and Canada, arrive frozen in one convenient serving cup of about 17 ounces.


    Cost: Blix From $47.94

    If durability and organic products are the priorities in choosing the best smooth delivery service, BIY Juice Generation meets this need. The company uses superfoods, including internationally manufactured products, to create a range of smoothies and cups that shine frozen to maximize the amount of nutrients stored inside. You can choose 6 6 or 12 smooth or tall bowls for all deliveries. Smoothie options include watermelon hibiscus, aloe greens, and papaya cashews, and four options in a bowl of height include PB, almond butterbur, and red dragon fruit. To make smoothies, just add liquid and mix. Also, each pack includes a more convenient spoon and straw.

    Bottom Line

    Breakfast is great but time is precious. Preparing a nutritious meal at home is the most sustainable way to prosper health. But that is not always possible.

    The smoothie delivery services is perfect for very time consuming tensions between us. However, chopping some fruits, throwing some leaves and turning on the blender is not the most difficult part of learning a nutritious dish.

    If you’re short on inspiration, try a healthy breakfast smoothie. Each of them contains less than 5 ingredients, so it’s a great place to try Lyft for those waiting outdoors.

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