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Best States to Live

    The study revealed that California was ranked at the bottom of almost every metric and was ranked as the 48th-best state in which to live.

    Opportunities and affordability are the two most important metrics to be considered in the ranking. Therefore, Californians will not be shocked to learn that California is ranked 49th in the list behind Hawaii in the top states for affordability. Rent, homeownership, food, and utilities have all seen a dramatic rise in California in the past.

    The list is composed of data that can be quantified. The UCSD economist Joshua Graff Zivin says the study does not consider essential and non-tangible elements in California life.

    “Grocery expenses, costs utility costs, tax transport costs and income tax home values All of those. That’s great. But it has to be contrasted with the wages,” said Zivin. “If you look at states that are in the same occupation the wages are much higher in this state for the same occupation as they are in other states.”

    Other measures mentioned in the study, like education and healthcare, do not consider the quality of these services and only point out the number of hospitals and schools in the state.


    If you’re in a state where you pay taxes on income, Washington will not be demanding much of you. Considering this, Washington also has a high median income of approximately $48,000 annually. In addition, residents can find jobs, new companies are establishing their businesses, and major industries such as entertainment, tech, and healthcare are getting more popular.

    Think about the educational facilities, and you will discover that Washington offers higher educational opportunities for both high school students and college students. In the end, Washington has one of the most beautiful sceneries of the US.

    New Hampshire

    Another top US state to reside in one of which is New Hampshire. Why? There are plenty of job opportunities for its residents. Statisticians show that areas such as Portsmouth, which had some of the highest unemployment rates, are now among the best-paying jobs markets. Portsmouth has an average annual income of $52,640.

    The smaller areas of New Hampshire, like Manchester, which has a population of 112,673, boast of well-educated children due to the excellent education level throughout the country. In terms of crime rate, New Hampshire is probably the most secure place to live as it is ranked 1st on the list of the safest towns in America.

    New Jersey

    While New Jersey is not among the states that are the least expensive (it is ranked 49), It did get the top score in safety (ranked at No. one) and quality living (7) and education as well as quality of life (5).


    The second best state to reside within one of the US are Minnesota. In Minnesota, there are more modern infrastructures, such as stadiums and museums, than the majority of states. The employment opportunities vary from science and technology fields to entertainment and white-collar jobs.


    Vermont is ranked as the fifth-best state of America. Vermont is second in criminal justice and corrections, 7th for nature, and 8th in education. Residents have an excellent quality of life, friends, and neighbors while surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Skiers, outdoor enthusiasts, and snowboarders are sure to be able to find Vermont to be a dream.

    New Hampshire

    New Hampshire is ranked as the third-best area for 2022 to reside across the US. With its beautiful woods and mountains with four seasons and a low cost of living, New Hampshire is a lucky state to reside in.

    New Hampshire is among the most secure states, ranking 1st in the field of corrections and crime and 5th in education as compared to the national average. New Hampshire ranks 16th in healthcare.


    If you’re searching for an excellent state with a solid infrastructure, economy, and decent living level, Utah will satisfy your desires. Utah residents enjoy the warm atmosphere, the level of quality of life that they have, the gorgeous natural parks and landscapes, and the remarkable fiscal stability offered by the state to the residents.


    Nebraska is ranked as the ninth-best state in America. Nebraska is ranked sixth in education and seventh in Fiscal Stability. Nebraska is among the lowest unemployment rates globally and has five Fortune 500 companies. Nebraska is among the states with the lowest cost of living in America, with healthcare that is lower cost than the national average. Nebraska is home to plenty of scenery and farmland and is also home to cities and large towns.


    Minnesota is listed as the 2nd top state to reside in. Minnesota ranks 3rd for jobs and is ranked 18th in economic growth. The state ranks 10th in health care and seventeenth in education.

    It’s an entirely different and typically large state. Did you know that the state has over 10,000 lakes! They are like natural lakes! They are not just big Puddles! In addition to Lake Superior, Minnesota boasts the beautiful Lake Itasca that falls inside its state boundaries.


    Another state to look into is Vermont. Vermont offers a variety of activities for those who love to be outdoors, such as snowboarding to skiing activities. You’ll never be bored of activities to do. Residents also appreciate a clean natural setting, friendly communities, and an excellent quality of living.


    The state is situated in Missouri, and the Mississippi rivers in Iowa cover 55,857 square miles. It also is home to 3.1 million inhabitants.

    Because of its low density, you don’t need to be concerned about driving issues or low levels of criminality.

    The Hawkeye state, known as the Hawkeye State, is known for its sprawling cornfields and plains.

    The median household income in Iowa is 79,900 USD, and the housing expense is 161,523 dollars.

    One of the significant benefits of being a resident of Iowa is that there are many properties with enough land that can be acquired in rural regions. A typical 22,000 square foot house is priced at one hundred thousand dollars.

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