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Can You Add A Date Stamp To iPhone Photos?

    In order to make your photos more appealing or valuable for practical reasons, you should add an arbitrary time stamp on your pictures to show what time it was when the photo was captured. In this video, we’ll show you how quickly to put the date and time of your current photo to your images or utilize an application for a camera that will automatically place a time stamp on the pictures it captures.

    If you remember, the cameras with digital sensors before the advent of smartphones were typically accompanied by a small time stamp in yellow or orange, the corner of any photos you captured with them. It was helpful to know which image was captured.

    In the same way, when you take pictures using your iPhone, it stores the date, location, and time, along with a lot of additional information within the image files. The metadata information you see is that you can alter or eliminate the metadata. However, this information about time and date can only be seen in the image you are viewing inside the Photos app or when you view its settings on your desktop.

    If you’d like to add the time and date clearly, we’ll guide you through the process of doing it using the free iOS applications.

    What’s the significance behind the Date or Time Stamp on iPhone?

    The Date, as well as the Time Stamp, help us relive memories and link dots between images. It is possible to check dates a few years back from today without having to open the image settings. This direct date stamp can be handy for viewing pictures on devices other than the iPhone, like a SmartTV.

    Top Apps to Date Stamp Photos on iPhone

    The following apps are listed among the top date stamps and time stamp applications that are available on iPhones operating on iOS 15 or later.

    Timestamp Camera Date Stamp

    It’s a cost-free timestamp as well as date stamp application for the iPhone and has a minimalist layout and an easy-to-use interface.

    Apart from stamping dates, You can also utilize this application to add watermarks to photos by using an identifiable logo. This app functions as an image editor that lets you import pictures directly from the iPhone gallery. Date and time stamps can be set depending on your design, layout, and font.

    To add an inscription to your iPhone photograph using this application, open the app and select the photo you want to add to the iPhone gallery. After selecting the image, you can choose the type of date or time stamp you’d like to add.

    You may also alter the color and font in accordance with your preferences. When you’re finished, you can save the image with the date and time stamp.

    Auto Stamper Prints Photos

    The app is among the very few timestamp camera apps with a straightforward and user-friendly user interface. The time stamping of photos using this application is accomplished by using the standard iOS camera application.

    It comes with a variety of fonts, colors, and styles, which you can utilize to alter the transparency and place of the timestamp, creating the illusion of the timestamp merging into or popping out against the background.

    For you to make use of this application, you’ll have to turn on it to use the Date & Time Stamp through the settings. It is possible to access and control this information by opening the application and then clicking on the Settings icon at the bottom of the menu. Look for the Date & Time Stamp, then switch on.

    If you’d like to include the Signature Stamp, you also have the option of turning off the Signature Stamp switch from the app settings.

    Additional stamping options you could make use of include a GPS stamp or logo stamp as well as a sequence stamp. Live Stamp Preview is also available.

    Timestamp It Stamper for Photos

    Another simple application for the time stamping of dates and photographs. This application was initially designed for food bloggers/vloggers, photographers, and others who enjoy documenting things when placing an order.

    For this application, take a picture or select any of the photos that you have saved. Once you have set the image, you are able to apply your stamp or choose one of the stamp preset options. If you decide to utilize an existing stamp, then you are able to modify the design to suit your preferences.
    After you’ve made the edits that are needed, Save your edited photograph.

    Apart from adding dates and timestamps, you may make use of this application to include captions on your photos, alter stamp colors, use a unique font to stamp your image, place your stamp wherever you like, and make use of multiple images to stamp.

    This application is to share or send photographs that have been stamped using iMessage through text messages as well as email or social media sites.


    I’ve addressed some of the most frequently asked concerns below.

    What is the best way to modify permissions granted to apps that use timestamps?
    If you wish to alter the permissions that are granted to the time stamp applications,

    In Settings, select the application you’d like to use to adjust the toggles to your preferences.

    Are You able to show Dates in iPhone Photos?

    Yes. But you cannot use the standard photos app. It is necessary to download a separate app from the Apple app store. I have discussed a few of the most popular apps, and a majority are entirely free.

    Do iPhone Photos Show Dates?

    It’s not a lot of work to discover the day and time at which the photo was taken.

    The only thing you have to do is:

    • Start the iPhone camera roll
    • Locate the photo you’re looking for.
    • Could you choose it?
    • Click on the Info button.
    • Look at the information that pops up to determine when and the date when the photo was taken.

    What do you see when you view photo specifics on your iPhone?

    To see the photo details on your iPhone, you must first swipe up over the image you want to view. Then, click to reveal the “i” icon in order to view more information on the photograph. It will provide you with information regarding where the picture was taken, the time it was taken, as well as the camera used. If you’ve got a large number of images, you should eliminate any that you don’t plan to make use of any time soon.

    First, launch the Photos app on your iPhone and choose a photo you’d like to look at more details about. After that, press the “i” button that is located in the upper right corner of the photo. Then, you’ll be able to view the information about the image, which includes the dimension, color profile, and resolution. After that, click”More” from the pop-up menu “More” option in the menu that pops up. Access more advanced EXIF data by clicking “Exchange Information for Images” within the menu of settings.

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