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can you bring your phone in a tanning bed

    Tanning can be a relaxing method to lighten your skin tone and make you feel and look your most beautiful.

    While indoor tanning is popular, it has a few risks.

    If you avoid the risks and go ahead with the tan, you may be tempted to take your phone to the tanning bed.

    Always verify the rules of the tanning establishment where you conduct business to determine if mobile phones are allowed in the bed or even in the area where the bed is located.

    Mobile cellphones and sunbeds are generally not a good combination; however, it’s your decision if you choose to take the risk and bring your phone to the tanning bed.

    Can You Use Your Phone While You’re Tanning?

    Although there’s no legal requirement against using a mobile when you’re in a bed of tanning, it’s not recommended.

    Not only could the tanning bed damage your phone, but also your phone may distract you and expose you to unintentionally using the tanning bed or sunburn.

    Certain tanning facilities require you to use your mobile phone inside the tanning bed. However, other beds have Bluetooth capability, which means it is possible to connect your mobile directly to your tanning mattress to call or play music through the speakers attached to it.

    It’s all the personal preference of each person; however before you decide to take your mobile phone to the tanning bed with you, take note of the dangers to your phone and your body.

    What happens when you open your eyes while lying in the tanning bed?

    Research has shown that tanning beds expose you to the same UV radiation as being outdoors in the sun. This is not just dangerous for your skin but can cause irreparable damage to the eyelids and internal structures.

    Is it possible to make use of a tanning bed with no goggles?

    Suppose you don’t wear the appropriate goggles while tanning; your eyes could be at risk. While your eyes might appear healthy at first, you may develop permanent damage to them in time. Exposure to UV rays may cause the growth of wrinkles around your eyes.

    Can I Wear Headphones In A Tanning Bed?

    Of course, you can use your headphones while in the tanning bed. It’s your choice which music you want to listen to.

    There are a few negatives that could put you in danger. Let’s review the guidelines to highlight the issues you should avoid in a tanning bed:

    If you tend to sleep while wearing headphones on, and the music is playing loudly in the background could cause damage to the eardrums. The radiation spark escapes from the headphones, which, in turn, can make your head explode.

    It’s not recommended to expose the wire of your headphone for extended periods in the tanning bed, particularly since it is exposed to UV radiation directly. But UV rays generally aren’t harmful to electronics. However, you cannot be confident about this, which is why you should make sure you are on the safe side.

    Tanning beds can result in skin cancer. Check with your dermatologist before making any changes to your skin.

    Does a tanning bed harm A Mobile Phone?

    Taking your phone to the sun with you can result in problems when using the device.

    Even if you don’t see the issue initially, the longer you use your phone while tanning, the more likely you are to encounter problems.

    The screens of many cell phones are incredibly fragile and composed of various substances that could easily be damaged by UV radiation or by the humidity and heat in the tanning bed.

    It may not be apparent initially, but the longer the cell phone is exposed to the UV rays, heat, and humidity, the more likely it is to be damaged, and, eventually, the display will be damaged, show indications of melting, or even weaken and break easily if you drop it, or use it.

    Every cell phone comes with batteries, but they aren’t perfect when subjected to extreme temperatures.

    If you use your phone while in the tanning bed, the battery can become too hot and explode.

    This could be extremely dangerous and could cause serious injuries.

    If the battery does not heat up enough that it explodes, it might leak or cease to function and not hold the charge.

    The phone’s case (or the case with your phone may consist of rubber or plastic, which might not be able to withstand extreme temperatures.

    The tanning bed may cause the skin to melt in specific areas.

    It can also lead to humidity between the phone’s case and other components, causing issues.

    Cell phones are filled with electronic components that don’t perform well in humid conditions or temperatures.

    If you’re sunbed, this could result in your phone not working.

    It is also possible to sweat on the phone or inside it while you’re using your phone in the sunbed, which could lead to short-circuiting or create other problems.

    Do You Have the Ability To Text In A Tan Bed?

    Today, tanning salons remove the protective glasses they used to wear because they prefer to use their smartphones during tanning sessions. This is a new trend!

    The blurred vision of glasses makes it difficult to read and see texts, which is why tanners prefer their eyes open while tanning which increases the risk to their eyes. This is indeed alarming and terrifying.


    A few new rules and modifications can be integrated into the previous regulations. Ensure that the client is happy and the salon staff is not in trouble when tanning customers’ skin.

    The clients can wear UV blocker eye protection, which shields eyes from damaging UV radiation, protects eyes, and provides an area of visibility that will allow the user to communicate via text messages or play favorite games. In addition, they can get a small gold glowing skin.

    Can I open my eyes in a tanning bed?

    Many people keep their eyes closed when tanning, but is this really required? Can you open your eyes in a tanning bed? The short answer is yes; you can open your eyes while tanning; however, it’s not advised.

    UV rays can cause damage to your eyes the same way they can harm your skin. Therefore it’s recommended that you keep your eyes closed while sunbathing. If you decide to open your eyes when you’re tanning, make sure you wear glasses or other forms that protect your eyes. If you do not, you may damage your eyesight.

    While you may open your eyes while tanning, it’s not the most effective choice, make sure to close your eyes and shield them from harmful UV Rays.

    Do you have to use electronic devices in the tanning bed?

    You can indeed use electronic devices in the tanning bed. Most tanning beds have a ledge or shelf close to the top of the bed, where you can set your electronics. Make sure you unplug your electronic devices before getting into bed and be sure to open them before leaving.

    What is a bad thing to do while in the tanning bed?

    There are a few points to be aware of when using the tanning bed. Be sure that you cleanse your skin before applying to this tanning facility. This can help eliminate damaged skin cells, which could hinder UV rays from reaching your skin.

    Then, make sure you use sunscreen with high SPF on your exposed skin. This will shield your skin from harmful UV radiation. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids before and after you use your tanning beds.

    This will maintain your complexion hydrated. It can also help flush out any toxins which may be present in your body.


    You may place your phone in an area for tanning, but it’s not advised. The heat of the tanning bed could harm your phone. UV rays could also damage your phone.

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