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Can You Track A TextNow Number And How?

    TextNow was first developed as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that provided an unpaid phone number, allowing texting and calling via WiFi. The TextNow app is similar; however, its benefits have grown.

    TextNow, a messaging app, distinguishes itself from WhatsApp and Telegram. TextNow is a mobile network with phones that aren’t typical for traditional networks. Contrary to specific service providers, TextNow doesn’t charge for text messages or calls when linked to wireless. But, the data service comes with monthly plans. This app’s cost-free features are due to advertising.

    TextNow is only available to its users in the U.S. and Canada. Users need help to obtain verification codes on their unpaid numbers. If you’ve received unwanted calls or messages on TextNow, you can track the TextNow number, and you want to monitor the phone number. What can you do?

    It’s challenging to locate a TextNow number because they must divulge information about the person using it. Finding the owner of a TextNow number is a challenge since the company doesn’t reveal personal information about users. But the staunch TextNow Number Tracker is an easy way to monitor numbers and find the owners of these numbers.

    What exactly is TextNow?

    TextNow is a phone service that lets users exchange and receive text messages and phone calls with no traditional mobile phone plan. In lieu, TextNow customers sign up to get a TextNow phone number that users can utilize to receive and send texts and calls on any mobile or device with an internet connection.

    TextNow provides a range of options, such as contacting or texting any number within Canada and the United States and Canada for absolutely no cost. You can also join the TextNow account with your mobile phone number and the possibility of setting up your voicemail greeting.

    How Does TextNow Work?

    TextNow is a mobile application that TextNow application uses the WiFi network for phone calls and to transmit messages. The app can be described as an end-to-end service. It will save you cash on your monthly phone cost. TextNow is a TextNow application to call or text messages with the U.S. phone number provided to you from a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application.

    At the beginning of the time, TextNow relied on Sprint’s CDMA network. However, it was soon made available via WiFi. After you have signed up through TextNow, you must provide your local area code. TextNow will assign a telephone number in response to that. You can use that number for telephone calls as well as text messages.

    Are you able to trace or follow TextNow messages?

    TextNow is a phone application that allows complimentary text messages and calls via an imaginary phone number. It has become popular due to its ability to connect with other users without divulging phone numbers. But, some are wondering if it’s possible to track or trace TextNow messages.

    Monitoring TextNow messages: TextNow messages may be monitored using spy and cell phone monitoring software. The apps allow the monitoring of your phone’s text messages, call logs, and even the activity on social media sites. But, it’s essential to remember that this technique can violate someone’s privacy and be unlawful without their permission.

    Tracing TextNow numbers: TextNow phone numbers can be tracked using websites and apps offering reverse phone lookup services. They allow you to dial a telephone number and obtain information on the person who owns it, such as their address, name, and other information. However, the information you get from this service may need to be more accurate, and certain websites might charge a fee to use the services they offer.

    Legal issues: It’s important to remember that monitoring or following the activities of someone else’s TextNow texts or telephone numbers without their express consent is unlawful and could result in profound legal implications. It is vital to respect people’s privacy and seek the explicit consent of those monitoring your actions.

    How can you protect your privacy when using TextNow?

    If you use TextNow and would like to guard the privacy of your account, you have a variety of ways you can go about it:

    Choose a different name: Instead of using your actual name, you can use an identity not immediately traced back to your identity.

    Be cautious about the data you share. Limit the information you share: Take care when providing personal data in TextNow, like your phone number or address.

    Make use of a VPN. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your online activities, making it hard for anyone to monitor your online activities and communications.

    Keep an eye on your account. Always check your account settings to ensure your privacy settings are set correctly and no illegal activity occurs.

    You are tracking the TextNow number by creating the TextNow account from scratch.

    Another option is to obtain an additional phone number and set up an account on the new TextNow account. Once you’ve got the number you want, know who sent you these fake messages. You only have to text the TextNow number you have obtained from the new phone number to find out all you can about their account.

    It is essential to employ social engineering methods to make someone mention you. For instance, ask them for their address and name to determine who the owner of the TextNow number is without the person knowing.

    • Log on to the TextNow website and click “Sign Up” on the “Sign Sign Up” button.
    • Fill out the “Sign up” registration form, filling in your email address and password.
    • Click to click”Create Account” “Create Account” button.
    • Once you are there, you’ll be brought directly to your TextNow homepage screen.
    • Hit the “Menu” button, then select “Accounts.”
    • Click”Add Account” or the “Add Account” button.
    • Enter the number for the TextNow account you would like to track and then click”Add” or the “Add” option.
    • This TextNow Account will then be added to our list of accounts.
    • Go to”Menu,” select “Menu,” and then select “Accounts.”
    • Select the “Trace” button beside the TextNow account you wish to track.
    • It will display the Trace screen will display.
    • The email address, name, and phone number of that TextNow account will be shown.

    The Best Tool to Use for TextNow Finds a Phone Number Online.

    This article uses several techniques to help you track and locate the TextNow number. If anyone is using TextNow numbers to use them to spam and blackmail, harass, or bully you, find out the information they provide. We’ll look at these ways:

    Track the TextNow number using Truecaller.

    Both Android and iOS phones can use Truecaller. Its most popular attributes include calling management, SMS services, spam blocking, and calling identifiers. Truecaller has now added deep tracking in the new features it has added.

    In your search, you will find the proprietor’s name and specific information regarding its activities. The trial version of TrueCaller can also allow you to prevent the calls from being sent to your phone.

    To locate the location of a TextNow number using Truecaller, Follow these instructions:

    • Install the Truecaller application, run it, and grant the required rights.
    • Complete all necessary information, including your name and address, your email address, and other data, when filling out the registration form.
    • To find the TextNow number, type their telephone number in the TrueCaller search bar. You’ll be able to look up the specifics of the individual when their information is synchronized to Truecaller.
    • In addition to the user’s name and address, you may view their position on the map and follow their movements.

    Utilize the SpyForMe Tool

    SpyForMe SpyForMe You can track the specifics of a telephone email address used to cyberbully, send threats, or harass you.

    To trace the TextNow number with the SpyForMe tool, Follow these instructions:

    • Click here to visit the Spyfor site.
    • Click the “Start TextNow Number Lookup” link.
    • Input the TextNow number that you wish to keep track of.
    • It will take a bit for results to show up.

    Does anyone have access to the information you provide via TextNow?

    It’s clear on the TextNow website that they are using your data for various reasons, including advertising or for third-party applications.

    You can also screenshot and record other information you’ve shared with a different user.


    In this piece, we have discussed the various ways that can be used to locate the TextNow number to determine the name and location of an unknown phone number. We hope that you will find this information beneficial. If you have questions or ideas about this topic, please comment below.

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