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Color Changing Christmas Tree Lights With Remote

    There’s a good chance you’ve put lights on your Christmas tree as your parents used to do. However, if you’re honest, there are alternatives to lighting a Christmas tree. On and off the internet, questions arise: Do you hang Christmas lights on the tree horizontally or vertically? Do you turn them from top-to-bottom or from bottom to top? Do you light the tree before Christmas? (For the truth, we’ll answer that yes!)

    If you’re thinking of questioning (or altering) your stringing method If you’re thinking about changing your stringing technique, here’s some good news: There is no wrong or correct method to light your tree. If the way you dress your tree is what you prefer and your preferences, then you have no reason to alter!

    LED ColorChange(tm) Lights

    Enjoy a fun time switching between various remote-controlled lighting features, including flickering, steady and colour-changing. The colour change light bulbs are durable and last a long time while providing the perfect colour temperature you’ve come to love.

    Christmas Tree Lights (products)

    Make sure your tree is shining with genuine holiday cheer, and thread some of our Christmas Tree Lights through the branches. A must-have for any holiday home, we offer Christmas lights of all colours and lengths on the Range. Think about ice or warm white stirring lights for a unique, snowy glow of red and green light bulbs for traditional and colourful sparkle. Are you looking for something unique but not too flashy? We’ve got chains of light that resemble snowflakes or stars!

    Dependable LED Lights that Last

    The LED lights that feature solid SmartLit(tm) technology will provide you with a worry-free experience outdoors or indoors, even if bulbs are damaged or removed. This is a significant step over the LED lighting sets that you can find in large-box stores or online stores. If you’re in search of premium lights that last approximately 30,000 hours, look for them!


    It is the most commonly utilized method of decorating the Christmas tree. It’s pretty easy to explain; however, in case you’re the first lighting a tree, it is recommended to follow these steps:

    Then, plug in each pair of lights to ensure that all bulbs operate. (This can save you stress in the future.)
    Beginning from the top or bottom of the tree (depending entirely on the preference of your tree), Wrap the lights across and underneath the branches of your tree.
    You can play with the lighting by putting light bulbs “deeper” within the branches than others and changing the patterns to create a more natural one. Make it your own and enjoy!

    Bring Pastel Christmas Colors to Christmas

    What a significant change! The pastel option available in the Treetime LED ColorChange(tm) lights provides something exclusive to Christmas trees that isn’t available elsewhere. The lights can reduce the primary colours like reds, blues, greens, and amber to give an inviting, warm appearance that resembles the multi-coloured incandescent lights with a rustic appeal.


    The Senior Director of Merchandising, Kelie Charles, moves from down to the top to connect the lights first. “It helps me visualize what the tree lit will look like while I string the lights,” she states. Have extra lights? You can wind them down. If you’re running out, start the new string and connect an extension cord through to the bottom of the tree.

    The Twinkle To Your Heart’s Delight

    Who doesn’t love twinkling lights? This is our top-rated feature based on feedback from customers since the first time we introduced this feature in the mornings, and we use it as LED ColorChange lights. The 20% of rays with the twinkle function will slowly fade in random patterns across all trees. The effect is subtle but elegant, and everyone instantly comments on how much they love the effortless transitioning product of twinkle lights. It transforms your Christmas tree into life!

    HOW TO LAY CHRISTMAS Lights from top to bottom

    “I strung the lights in a descending order from bottom to top since the plug is located near the top of the strand, and is closer to the base of the tree, and the outlet”, the director at The Home Depot’s department of trends and design Sarah Fishburne, making a convincing case for this method. Additionally, when you’re running out of light sources, it’s much easier to arrange them by this method. Additionally, it’s much easy to add additional lights towards the bottom of the tree versus the top.

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