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Elize Matsunaga – Murderer, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Now, Husband, Netflix Documentary, Facts

    Elize Matsunaga is both a nurse and a lawyer. She is currently serving her sentence at the Tremembe Women’s Penitentiary Sao Paulo. After being convicted felon Marcos Kitano Matsunaga’s wife, she has been the subject of a Netflix documentary titled Eliza Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime which captured her interview and details regarding the murder.

    Marcos Kitano Matsunaga’s husband disappeared from his apartment at Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2012 Many suspected that Marcos Kitano Matsunaga, a 42-year-old Yoki businessman, had been kidnapped as he was about closing a large business deal. His wife was initially open to the idea of kidnapping, but she finally admitted to the murder. The below article contains more information about Elize Mathsunaga’s case.

    Elize Matsunaga Biography

    Who is Elize Mattsunaga? She is a Brazilian lawyer and nurse. Her name has been included in Wikipedia articles about Marcos’ murder. She was reunited at age 10 with her mother, and her stepfather. She was abused and remarried with her stepfather at age 10. Matsunaga began prostitution in her 20s to pay for college.

    Elize Matsunaga age

    Is Elize Matsunaga over 30? She is in her 30s. Her exact date is not known. She is American and of mixed nationality.

    Elize Matsunaga now

    Elize Matsunaga where are you now? In December 2016, she pleaded guilty in murder and concealing the corpse of her husband. She was sentenced in December 2016 to 19 years prison. Elize Matsunaga learned to sew while she was behind bars. Istoe, a news agency, reported in 2019 that Elize Mathsunaga had been moved to a semiopen regime. There she coordinates a sewing workshop for the Professor Manoel Pedro Pimentel foundation (FUNAP). She confessed to the crime and her sentence was reduced in 2019. In 2035, she is due to be released. She has not yet met her daughter.

    Elize Matsunaga Height, Weight

    What is Elize Matsunaga’s height? She is 5ft 5ins tall (165cm). She is 55 kg (121 pounds). She also has a slender build. Elize’s body measurements are 34-26-24-36 inches. Elize has a bra size 33B and a shoe size 7.5 UK. Elize also has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

    Wiki Elize Mattsunaga

    Wiki/Bio Elize Matsunaga

    Real Name Elize Mathsunaga

    Nick Name Elize

    The Murderer is a well-known name

    Age 24

    August 7, 1995, Birthday

    Brazil, Birthplace

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Ethnicity mixed

    Brazilian nationality


    Average height: 5 ft 5in (1.65m)

    Weighing approximately. 55 Kg (121 Pounds)

    Approx. Body Measurements 34-26 36 inches

    Bra Cup Size 33

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Blonde Hair Color

    UK Shoe Size 7.5

    First Daughter

    Husband Marcos Kitano Matsunaga

    NA Net Worth

    Elize Matsunaga, Husband and Marriage

    Who was Elize Matsunaga’s husband? She was married to Marcos Kitano Matsunaga. Marcos and Elize had been having difficulties in their marriage before the murder. After Elize Matsunaga had worked as a nurse, Marcos Matsunaga employed Elize Matsunaga for escort. He was already married to someone else at that time. After Marcos Matsunaga divorced, Elize Matsunaga was his wife. Before they welcomed their daughter together, the couple had to deal with Marcos Matsunaga’s infidelity.

    Netflix Documentary Elize Matsunaga

    Netflix’s Elize Mattsunaga: Once Upon a Crime explores Elize Mathsunaga’s history. She was born from very humble circumstances, without a father figure or a mother. Her aunt and grandparents raised her until she was 10 years old.

    Elize Matsunaga Facts

    • Elize Matsunaga confessed to her husband that she killed him after an argument at dinner the night of May 19.
    • She claimed that after he returned from picking up pizzas, he had grabbed her neck and threatened to take their child.
    • She stated that she took her gun and shot her husband.
    • The defense team of Elize Matsunaga claimed that she murdered Marcos Matsunaga because she was afraid for herself, but the prosecution said that it was a premeditated murder.
    • She was held on Monday, June 4, 2016, for her husband’s brutal assassination and brought up to court in 2016.
    • During the trial it was revealed that Marcos Matsunaga had been cheating on his wife.
    • Elize’s defense lawyer at her trial stated that Marcos Matsunaga had threatened with petitioning for custody of their 1-year-old daughter if their relationship ended over his affair.
    • They argued that the killing was a “crime in passion”, as seen in Elize Matsunaga’s Netflix documentary Elize Matsunaga – Once Upon a Crime.

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