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Fish That Are Easy To Take Care Of

    The hobby of creating and maintaining a home aquarium is fun and rewarding. If you are not careful, even a few fish will quickly grow to be a whole aquarium full of your favorite species.

    If this is your first time with aquarists, you might be curious about which fishes are the best for beginners.

    Tips Every Beginner Fishkeeper Must Learn

    Fishkeeping is difficult for beginners. This hobby requires extensive technical knowledge, time, and effort. Fishkeeping hobbyists enjoy the intellectual challenge.

    Don’t always trust your local fish store staff.

    Turning to the fish store staff when you’re just starting out is tempting to get advice on what fish to choose.

    However, most fish store employees will make recommendations based on what is in stock instead of naming the best species for you. Stores often carry fish that need different levels of care.

    You might end up choosing fish based on availability rather than suitability if you leave the selection to the discretion of the fish market’s inventory. This can lead to fish that are very specialized.

    The easiest type of fish to care

    Neon Tetras

    These gorgeous beauties are easy to add to your aquarium. It is important to source the right pet for you. Instead, you can search for one among the 1.5 million brought into the U.S. each month. The best thing about neon tetras is their ability to be social, small, and colorful. In a tank, you should have a school with other animals. This is because they will not adapt to changes in pH and nitrates.


    Goldfish come in a wide range of colors and sizes. Goldfish can live for years if properly cared for.

    Because goldfish are fond of swimming in lakes and ponds, they are well-suited for different environments.

    They are more vulnerable to environmental stress, so keeping them in a tank will make it easier for you to keep them healthy.

    The silver-colored carp was the first to be bred during the Song Dynasty. Soon, a color change occurred, resulting in the goldfish’s typical orange and yellow colors.

    In ancient China, people kept goldfish indoors in water gardens and ponds. This is still a widespread practice today. Today, pet stores carry goldfish from breeders originally from China, Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia.

    Pet goldfish consume pellet fish food with some vegetable supplements. Indoor goldfish can live for up to ten years in an aquarium or community tank, while those living in a garden pond can last for at least twenty years.


    Betta is one the easiest to maintain fish.

    They require not only little maintenance but also bright, vivid colors in a variety of shades. The males are well-known for having long, luxuriously shaped fins.

    Bettas tend to attack other species due to their large fins.

    The “Siamese Fighting Fish,” also known colloquially, is a fish that can have violent interactions and fights with other fish of the same type. Keep the number of this species to one. They are an extremely sturdy breed that can eat flake food and fish food pellets.


    • Mollies’ small fish are cute and can thrive in most home aquariums. Mollies are native to Mexico and the southern United States.

    Mollies are very hardy and look similar to guppies. Mollies will adapt to any home aquarium. They also have a higher care range than other fish types.

    Mollies should have a minimum tank size of 10 gallons. Mollies should be kept at an average temperature of 72-78°F.

    Mollies last up to 5 years and come in many colors, so you’re sure to find one to make a splash in your aquarium.


    Danios, one of the toughest freshwater aquarium fish, is a good choice for beginners. These fish are great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience setting up a tank. They can survive in all water conditions.

    Danios tend to be active and very entertaining to observe. You can expect them to eat fish flakes on a daily diet.

    The Zebra Danio is our favorite Danio to keep.


    Guppies are vibrant freshwater aquarium fish that are ideal for beginners. Guppies come in a wide variety of colors. Although their behavior and characteristics are the same as all fish, they can vary in color.

    These fish can be tough and will eat regular fish flakes. They can also eat frozen or live brine shrimp, Daphnia, and blood worms. Guppies can survive without food for up to seven days.


    The plates are beautiful and peaceful. They can be hardy and simple to care for. This species is an excellent addition to freshwater community tanks. It can live in smaller tanks of 10 gallons and tolerate all water conditions.


    Saltwater angelfish often adapt well to aquarium life. These fish are sturdy and relatively inexpensive to purchase.


    Butterflyfish are more gentle than other saltwater fishes and less aggressive. The pyramid butterfly is particularly easy to acclimate to. It’s also not difficult to feed and safe for the reef. The butterfly can also be kept in larger water environments and is non-aggressive.

    Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

    Zebrafish can be small and easy to care for. A water heater is unnecessary.

    These fish will thrive in water temperatures between 60 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It would help if you kept the tank around 64 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need at least 10 gallons to keep the tank hydrated.

    The pH should range from 6.5 to 7.0. The zebrafish has a silver-gold body and horizontal blue and purple stripes. Zebrafish don’t grow more than 2.5 inches, so they are ideal for keeping in a community aquarium.

    Zebrafish are generally peaceful but can bite the fins of other fish. You can set up a community tank of guppies, angelfish, betta, and zebrafish.

    Zebrafish love to swim in the upper area of the aquarium. Zebrafish can be fed frozen vegetable matter and invertebrates. They will eat anything, as they are omnivores.


    Are you a novice when it comes to caring for pets and animals? Begin with fish.

    These creatures are generally low-maintenance and easy to care for. The easiest fish to keep in an aquarium are guppies (and other fish like zebrafish), goldfish, mollies, neon tetras, betta, and suckerfish).

    A tank should be filled with rocks, rocks, small toys, and plants that will enrich the lives of your fish.

    You need to make sure your fish get the right food. Ask the staff at the pet shop for additional information and to answer your questions.

    You’ll soon have everything you require and can create a stunning aquarium with playful, colorful fish.

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