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Fix iPhone Calendar Invitation Cannot be Sent Error

    The iPhone Calendar application allows users to plan an event on a particular date and time and send email invites to recipients via their email addresses. They can then reply to the invitation either by responding or refusing the invitation. The most frequent issues that users face when responding to the Calendar invitation are that they’re unable to reply to the invitation and that the iPhone or iPad will display the message to the users that “Your response to the invitation is not possible to send.”
    This could be unpleasant because the device doesn’t reveal any details about what caused this. There could be a variety of causes for this. It could be that the Calendar application needs to be synced correctly, or it has an old cache within your phone’s memory that must be removed. Here are some solutions that are helpful for a large number of people. Before using these methods, ensure that your Calendar application is current.

    What Can You Do to Resolve Your Response to the Invitation that Cannot Be Sent?

    Restart Your iOS Device.

    If you want to resolve the issue where you receive a Calendar invitation that is not being sent and your reply to the invitation is not being sent, you can reboot the iOS device. Then, you can check if this problem is resolved. If not, then try one of the solutions below.

    On and off the Calendar App

    To repair the iPhone, your reply to the invitation has yet to be received. You can turn it off and turn it on in the Calendar application.

    This is now the video tutorial.

    • Open Settings in the settings section of your iOS device.
    • Select Name, then Cloud.
    • Check your Calendar and turn it off.
    • Could you turn it off?
    • Once you have restarted your device, it will automatically reboot—iOS device.
    • After you have completed all the steps, check if the problem with your response to the invitation still needs to be addressed and resolved.

    Reset Calendar App

    If you want to fix this issue with your Calendar, Try resetting the app for your Calendar.

    Here is the video tutorial.

    • Navigate to the Settings of the iOS device.
    • Go to Settings and then Accounts & Passwords.
    • Choose the account you want to use. Choose the one associated with Calendar, iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, etc.
    • After that, you must turn off your Calendar. Then, you will be asked to confirm the switch. After that, click on the delete from the My iPhone icon to proceed.
    • Turn off your device.
    • Switch on your iOS device once more.
    • Click on the Settings tab and switch on the calendars.

    Check if the problem that caused your reply to the invitation could not be addressed is resolved.

    Upgrade Your Device to the most recent version.
    A few people suggest that upgrading your device to the most current version can fix the problem of this error in your Calendar. Therefore, you can try this fix.

    Here is the instructional video.

    • Navigate to the Settings of the iOS device. Go to the Settings of your iOS.
    • Navigate to General > Software updates.
    • Verify if there’s an update available to the iOS device.
    • If you are sure, use the prompts onscreen to upgrade your device.
    • Then, you can determine if the problem that caused your reply to the invitation not to be delivered is solved.

    The Calendar app must be closed.

    iPhone can stop an application from closing when it’s malfunctioning or responding. When an application is completed, it clears it of the memory and erases the associated files, including caches and the associated account data. Following that, the user must relaunch the app once more.

    If you’re operating iPhone X or later versions, you must swipe upwards from the bottom to stop in the middle to display the apps in use.
    If you’re using iPhone 8 or earlier versions, iPod, or iPhone SE, you must hit the home button twice to see the latest list of apps.
    You can now move your finger left or right to open the Calendar application. Then, swipe upwards to close the application.

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