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17 Quick Fresh Raspberry Recipes

    About the taste of Fresh Raspberry Recipes. Whether it’s premium store-bought jams or fresh food bought from one of America’s best farmers markets or the grocery store, they can make every meal taste like summer. That’s why we’ve compiled the best raspberry recipes to add to your summer menu stats.

    Raspberries can enhance almost any meal, so there is no reason to let a fresh pint or jar of jelly go bad in the back of the refrigerator. Start your day with fruity treats like raspberry oatmeal, raspberry jam waffle sandwiches, or raspberry bread, then stay vigorous, then use raspberry coffee cake to press into hay and whip up chocolate raspberry ice cream. Or no-bake white chocolate raspberry cookies. Use unique recipes like Raspberry Chicken Thigh, Raspberry Salmon, Jalapeno Raspberry, and Black Bean Pizza to bring a unique change to your dinner.

    The most delicious and healthy raspberry recipes for you to enjoy.

    We have compiled 17 Quick Fresh Raspberry Recipes<—look at what I did there…you should put them on the kitchen preparation list as soon as possible.

    Whether you are looking for a gluten-free raspberry raspberry, a vegan raspberry recipe, or the perfect combination of a healthy and balanced diet, we can meet your needs!

    Raspberries & Cream Popsicles

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    Raspberry and cream are a great combination, and this popsicle recipe brings it out in a clean and delicious way! I only used a few simple ingredients to make these creamy but dairy-free snacks, which you will enjoy all summer long. Using my favorite raspberries from Cal Giant Berry Farm, these raspberries contain raspberries, coconut milk, and a bit of banana. You know when Matt takes a bite and yells, this is a good recipe. I also like watching Ruthie try popsicles for the first time.

    As a long-term care physician, I was involved in groundbreaking research on Alzheimer’s and dementia in terms of food, so I thought I might share some interesting information about raspberries and brain health. The MIND diet aims to promote healthy aging; combining the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet (Dietary to Control High Blood Pressure), creating a specific model for brain health.

    Raspberry Chocolate Chip Edible Cookie Dough (Slice and Eat!)

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    This edible cookie dough is filled with fresh raspberries and vegan dark chocolate chips, perfect for a healthy Valentine’s Day! This no-bake dessert recipe is gluten-free, vegan, paleo and delicious! Since this edible cookie dough does not contain eggs and dairy products, you can keep it at room temperature for a while! But remember, it contains fresh raspberries, so it is best to store them in the refrigerator or freezer. In addition, it tastes better when firm and cold.

    If covered tightly and refrigerated, the edible cookie dough will remain in good condition for at least two weeks. After freezing, the cookie dough can be stored for at least one month. That is, if you can’t eat the whole thing on Valentine’s Day. Haha. Keep in mind that this edible cookie dough recipe is friendly to paleo-vegans and requires no refined sugar or baking. It is fun to play with the children. Just slice it to eat or save for later use. Oh, if it is added with coconut ice cream, it would be amazing!

    Small Batch Paleo Almond Flour Brownies with Raspberries

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    The small batch of Paleo Almond Flour Brownie Cake is suitable for when you need sweets, but don’t want to risk eating the whole pot! Gluten, cereal and dairy free! Meet my new favorite brownie cake. Trust me, this is an important introduction. Just like when you meet your confidante and want to make sure your friends agree. The situation for this brownie is similar. I really hope everyone agrees. How could you scare off the wonderful almond and almond brownies! Too many f-words?

    Paleo Raspberry Crumb Bars

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    These Paleo Raspberry Crumb Bars are easy to make and have 3 layers of deliciousness! These fruity bars are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan! The base is the same as the base on my Paleo Twix bar. It is easy to make, sweetened to perfection, and will melt in your mouth. The filling is sweet and thick and takes 2 minutes to complete. Too easy! Then, the topping is part of the remaining crushed walnut skin. I think we can all agree that the filling of breadcrumbs can make everything better.

    These bars are very soft, but the nuts are slightly crunchy. All three layers taste great! These bars are not too sweet, but they do well. If you want, you can add more maple syrup to the raspberries. I like the sour side of the fruit, so I added a bit. Of course, you can enjoy them directly from the oven, and then store the remaining food in the refrigerator. They are like a cold, perfect snack or breakfast.

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies with Raspberries

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    The first batch of brownie cakes I made was so bad I had to throw out the entire pan! I like it, it’s totally inedible. The second batch is good (edible), but not good. The texture is a little weird, I cooked them a bit (note: these are actually the ones in the photo so yours may not look too dry after baking). Raspberry is a last minute addition, because it is almost Valentine’s Day, I want to throw a little pink flare. If you’re one of the people who doesn’t have fruit in the brownie, just skip them.

    Summer Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing

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    This summer raspberry vinaigrette dressing is perfect for flavoring your summer salads. I like to keep the dressing simple, so this is one made with only 5 ingredients. Enjoy this raspberry vinegar seasoning for salads or chicken or salmon salads. There are only 5 ingredients in this beautiful raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and they are everything you might have in your kitchen (you may need to buy raspberries, but I will definitely have them in the summer!).

    Raspberries, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, olive oil and honey. Sometimes I add a little salt to make the flavor richer, but this is completely optional. This bright pink color adds a special flavor to the salad. I use it to decorate salads at summer dinners, otherwise the salads will be basic! Vegetables, feta, tomatoes, spiral carrots and thinly sliced ​​cucumbers, trust me, everyone will think you are a genius in the kitchen.

    Raspberry Pecan Crust Pie

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    I love this fresh homemade raspberry tart with a walnut crust! It’s so delicious, low carb, gluten-free paleo! Suitable for any Christmas celebration! Fortunately, the sudden urge to write a blog post energizes my brain to get the creative juice flowing. And I still have the idea that if I finish writing, I still have time to rest on the couch before picking up the child.

    We have interesting chocolate sauce and chopped blueberries. Among all the cakes around here, I began to crave sweet red berries. After the back and forth debate between raspberry and strawberry, I finally got excitedly committed to raspberry because I already have a frozen strawberry tart and a strawberry tart on my blog, and I think that the raspberry needs some love.

    Raspberry Lime Homemade Kombucha

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    Homemade Raspberry Lime Kombucha is a healthy, fresh and delicious way to take a daily dose of probiotics. Free of fresh sugar, fresh raspberries and lime juice, it is Whole30 friendly, but it tastes delicious! The price is low, so it’s worth it if you usually buy kombucha a few times a week. Trust me, you can taste as good as when you buy it in the store-all the condiments are in it!

    Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie

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    This creamy protein-rich peanut butter and jelly smoothie can bring you that classic healthy childhood twist! It contains no bananas and is mixed with raspberries, strawberries, collagen peptides or your favorite protein powder and all-natural peanut butter. Perfect for your breakfast or post-workout snack!

    Now I’m older, and every now and then I wish I had a really good PB&J, but the thing is this: I don’t represent anything but raspberry or strawberry jam. The raspberry jam is my absolute favorite! What’s the matter with you ! One night, after turning the pregnant me into a thick peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I began to imagine it was a smoothie – that’s how this gorgeous peanut butter and jelly smoothie was born. It is refreshing, rich in 15 g of protein, vitamins A, C and many types of fiber, thanks to the berries.

    Inner Goddess Raspberry Breakfast Bowls

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    The inner goddess raspberry breakfast bowl contains nutrients and can be ready within 20 minutes. It is very suitable for taking breakfast with you. Actually, I arranged a super delicious, spicy and delicious press conference yesterday, but I was suddenly fascinated by the appetite department. When everything I could bear was true, I couldn’t let myself write down all the deliciousness in the recipe . Life is that small bag of noodle soup (this is an area without judgment, so don’t talk). At times like this, I can only say -> Stay with me. My appetite will be restored and I will bring recipes full of life, boldness and flavor. However, at the moment, you can use these beautiful, fresh and happy mango raspberry breakfast bowls to shine from the inside out. Who needs the spicy and savory food in life?

    The beauty of these inner goddess breakfast bowls is that you can basically make them no matter what issues you have. One of my winter survival strategies is to increase the weight of frozen fruit, so when I go shopping for a breakfast bowl for a week, I just need to check my fridge to see what’s left, and it becomes my daily flavor. The inner goddess beauty bowl.

    Raspberry Matcha Bars

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    These raspberry matcha sticks are incredibly creamy and delicious! The earthy green tea and matcha match perfectly with the raspberry flavor, their taste and appearance are as good. You will love these vegan, ancient and gluten-free raspberry matcha bars. If I miss a day, it can increase a bit of energy without making my adrenal glands crazy or making me a headache, because some caffeinated beverages can make coughcoffeecough. It also makes a delicious granola taste.

    Unbelievable, the fruity acidity of strawberry blends perfectly with the earthy flavor of matcha. At the time I was with the enemy of matcha, and even he liked to drink. I immediately thought of mixing matcha and fruit flavors in one of my own desserts. These desserts were born… Let’s talk about these beautiful matcha! Because they are beauties, aren’t they? I like the brilliant color contrast of green matcha and bright pink raspberries. That’s amazing. Well, let’s start with the shell. We mix walnuts, almond flour, dates, a little coconut oil and salt in a food processor or blender. We beat it together into a dough, and then press it into the pot.

    Healthy Raspberry Oatmeal Cookies {Recipe Video!}

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    You’ll make the softest, chewy oatmeal cookies topped with fresh raspberries. Nobody believes in their health and it has less than 100 calories! They are the best cookies of all! He turned to the shopper in front of him and explained, “She is the best person there is!” I asked him if he would bring me cookies at once, and he showed the best cookie 40 minutes later! “

    I baked these healthy raspberry oatmeal cookies! Incredibly soft and chewy, with just a hint of spice, they extract the epitome of summer from fresh, juicy berries and light floral aromas. With its sweet taste, no one can say they have a clean, low-fat diet, less than 100 calories per calorie. (Yes, they are not made from butter, refined flour, or refined sugar!)

    To make sure your cookies become extremely soft and chewy, you need to measure whole wheat flour and old-fashioned oats correctly. Gently pour each spoon into the measuring cup and level with a knife. Do not insert the measuring cup into the container and come out. You’ll end up with 1.5 times the amount, which will dry out your cookies and make them crumbly. These are the softest, chewy oatmeal cookies I’ve ever made, and the fresh raspberries add irresistible sweetness and subtle acidity. Store leftovers in airtight containers on the counter for up to a week, if they last that long!

    Raspberry Banana Oatmeal Waffles

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    Healthy Oatmeal Raspberry Banana Greek Yogurt Waffles, rich in protein, fiber and nutrients. Just mix all the ingredients in the blender (plus raspberries) to make a batter! Add other almond butter, maple syrup or Greek yogurt on top to enjoy the most delicious breakfast. These raspberry oatmeal Greek yogurt waffles are perfect! These waffles not only pack protein with a raspberry banana flavor, but also include the probiotics in Greek yogurt, the fiber in oatmeal, the protein added in egg whites, and the nutrients and vitamins in fruit. The perfect breakfast that truly brings you digestive health and well-being. Simple, healthy waffles, rich in protein, fiber and nutrients. They are the most wonderful breakfast!

    Raspberry Lemon Bars with Cookie Crumble {Paleo, GF, DF}

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    These vintage lemon raspberry bars are definitely heaven! Lemon sponge cake with creamy eggs t sweet lemon curd, homemade raspberry jam, and more cookie crumbs. Everything is perfectly baked and then cut into strips to become the final dessert! Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, grain-free. Now the second favorite is blueberries, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about blueberries. If you’re looking for quality blueberry lemon muffins (they happen to be nut-free!), Give them a try. I think lemon and blueberries may not bake cashew cheesecake, but I haven’t done it yet.

    Bread crust and crumbled bread crust are the same mixes – easy lemon cookie dough! Then we divide it into two layers: the first layer is a whole batch of homemade lemon curd and the second layer is a simple raspberry sauce. In fact, the hat is exactly what I did when I made it, and it was perfect! They are easy to thinly slice the next morning, which of course excites me when I want to take pictures 🙂

    Raspberry Chia Pudding

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    The delicious and creamy raspberry chia pudding tastes like raspberry cheesecake! Ideal for breakfast, dessert or snacks. I can’t resist, I have prepared another Chia Pudding recipe for you! There are so many different flavors…become very creative! There are many reasons why chia pudding is one of my favorite breakfast or snack options. It is super versatile and you can eat it as breakfast, dessert or snack. And because it is made of a jar, you can take it with you. I like the delicious portable breakfast! However, the reason I like chia pudding the most is that it is very healthy for you.

    Chia seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, plus a lot of plant protein! They are very advantageous in terms of nutrition, but not so many calories, which is why they are called nutritious foods by the health community. Read more about the health benefits of Chia seeds. This raspberry chia pudding exudes the feel of a raspberry cheesecake, with crushed granola “crust” at the bottom of the jar, and creamy chia pudding with Greek yogurt. If you want to take it to a new level and add more cheesecake flavor, you can add a little cream cheese (about 1 tablespoon) to the chia pudding mixture.

    Raspberry Bread

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    This raspberry bread is a sweet and tender instant bread with raspberry and banana sweetness inside! Raspberry bread is the perfect dessert, afternoon tea, or even a cheeky breakfast. People often think of raspberry as a seasonal fruit and raspberry recipes are only suitable for use in warmer months. Fortunately, frozen raspberries are available year round at a very affordable price and they taste like fresh raspberries! Very good, because you will like this raspberry bread.

    The wet crumbs are packed with raspberry flavor! Adding bananas makes it sweeter without making people uncomfortable. For such a tender bread, you will like this quick bread without bread or eggs! First mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another bowl. Combine the two together and then fold in the raspberries. Bake for 40-45 minutes, or until skewers are clean. Before cutting, let the bread cool completely in the pan.

    It is best to use fresh raspberries, because once baked, they will not “bleed” into the batter. They will not change the texture of the banana bread. This Raspberry Banana Bread recipe is egg-free, so technically this is not a problem. However, if the roast is undercooked it will spread out and look undercooked in the center. If you want to make it into sugar-free instant bread, choose monk fruit sweetener or erythritol as the sugar. Substituting non-grain substitutes for flour, such as almond or coconut flour, is not recommended.

    Raspberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

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    These Raspberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs are a delicious keto dessert that tastes like Raspberry Cheesecake! Make these fat bombs in bulk and store them in the fridge for an entire week as desserts. If you like delicious desserts, raise your hand! In fact we are. We also learned that everyone is on their own journey and has different dietary needs! When the fat bomb recipe became popular, I didn’t really study what a fat bomb was. I must honestly say that I hadn’t heard of the keto diet until this year!

    What is a bomb? Fat bomb is a high-fat, low-carb dessert that is part of the ketogenic diet. The idea is that people who eat a low carb diet will put the body into ketosis, which is when your body goes into a state of hunger and starts burning fat. Say hello to the most beautiful and delicious bomb that will appear in your mouth. Not only do they taste exactly like raspberry cheesecake, but they’re delicious all week long, and they’re easy to eat in delicious desserts! These fat bombs contain very few ingredients.

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