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16 Healthy Dairy-Free Treat Recipes

    Everyone needs some sweets sometimes, but they don’t have to spend the day in the kitchen. These simple dairy-free snack formulas are easy to combine and are made from pure, non-perishable ingredients. No eggs or butter required! In fact, all these Dairy-Free Treat Recipes are vegan, and your children can even help them make them.

    When you think of the most popular dishes in the region, we think of nt waste dishes such as fried chicken, casseroles, towering layer cakes and Koble. Unfortunately, for our waistlines and those with allergies and sensitivities, most meals do not fully include many southern dishes. Even if you choose not to use dairy products due to lactose intolerance, veganism or other reasons, there are many dairy-free gourmet recipes available, and you can shine in your favorite southern cuisine.

    These dairy-free desserts are as delicious as butter-containing desserts, and even the mother did not notice the difference between them. Even if your close relatives are not allergic to dairy products or have any allergic reactions, remember to keep them in mind. Don’t want guests to be kicked out of the house or feel embarrassed, because the guests will not be able to enjoy the delicate smear they have prepared. With these simple dairy-free dessert recipes, you don’t need to have no candies after your meal.

    Raspberry, lemon and coconut slice

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    After the festival, innocent desserts and snacks are the primary considerations. It’s time to cook Shannon Harley’s healthy, sugar-free and suitable raspberry, lemon and coconut flakes for work lunch.

    Dairy-Free Vegan Whoopie Pies

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    As this Dairy-Free Vegan Whoopie Pies recipe proves, you can make everything you want for vegetarians, including Whoopi pie. Neither pie, nor biscuits or cakes, these interesting desserts are all in the middle, now vegetarian. This is a sandwich and dessert. Very sweet, like chocolate. The sweet cream filling is sandwiched between two chocolate cakes and served with a fork, which can satisfy sweet wishes on the weekend or hold a carnival party.

    Let’s review these dessert sandwiches. These dessert sandwiches were first sold in Maine in 1925 by Armish, Pennsylvania. Neither pie, nor biscuits or cakes, these interesting vegan pies are in the middle.

    Spicy Applesauce Cake

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    This perfect picnic cake is nicely sliced. Adding chocolate chips, walnuts and raisins is really satisfying. — Marian Pratt, Sequim, Washington, we love this cake! We have apple trees, and I’m always looking for recipes to run out of our apples. Mix homemade applesauce with freshly chopped apples (sprinkled with a few tablespoons of applesauce as there isn’t enough applesauce to hold 2 cups). Moist and spicy, my kid likes anything that contains chocolate chips. I also made batches with muffin cups, they are great for breakfast on the go. And reduced 1/2 cup of sugar for the first time, but I think adding raisins and chocolate chips is very sweet, so I’ll reduce it further later! I also like the fact that you can stir manually without pulling out the blender. This is our guardian.

    Chocolate-Coconut Pavlova Cake

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    The layering of refreshing merengue and coconut cream creates an exquisite flourless dessert that you can use when you need a festive feast or impressive dairy or gluten-free desserts. Coconut cream is rich in texture, slightly sweet and contains no dairy products. Look for canned coconut cream (not coconut milk, coconut water or coconut cream) and let it cool well before whipping.

    Peppermint Divinity Recipe

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    Can the fulfillment of the heavenly name “Holy”, the snowman-shaped candy completely lose its support and lose its precious place at the Christmas dessert table for decades? Traditionally decorated with pecans and quickly made of some simple materials, the sacred is a fun heirloom at the turn of the century and worth returning to its former noble state. By replacing the nuts with crushed mint, we have adopted the usual old-fashioned sacred recipe. Divinity needs to be planned in advance, and dry, sunny weather can improve. You can save it for up to a week after making it, so check the forecast and select “Holy Day”.

    Vegan Peppermint Fudge Bites That Are Too Easy to Resist

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    A few years ago, I whipped these non-dairy mint fudges and tested SoDelicious’s new cooking coconut milk. I think this is the best coconut milk on the market. Unfortunately, they had supply issues and their product line eventually ceased production. But vegan fudge bite recipes still exist. In fact, I have finished including it in the second edition of Go Dairy Free: Guide and Recipe. Today, I will share an updated version and some new photos with you!

    This non-dairy fudge bite recipe is very simple, I added it to the “Kids Can Cook” section. Actually, one of my niece likes to make them!

    She aligns them like traditional fudge. I like the clean, simple and cute presentation of mini cupcake fudge.

    Please avoid those who care about taste. The taste of these chocolates is soft and soft, as rich as classic fudge. Everyone, I mean everyone loves them.

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

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    At this month’s Children Can Cook event, Catherine and her mother, Sarah, helped celebrate the opening ceremony of this year’s 21 Days Breast-Free Challenge. Snacks and snacks are the key to a special meal, so you can create and enjoy your favorite chocolate chip cookie dipping sauce version.

    Of course, Catherine and I had no choice but to do it. Instead of pure milk drink and vanilla extract, we used a very tasty vanilla coconut milk drink and some other favorite ingredients. I like coconut sugar, which is a baked confectionery, so I decided to try it with a dip sauce and got satisfactory results. Maybe with our success we can even turn Alisa into a bean-loving dessert!

    Vegan Sweet Potato Cookies with Maple, Cinnamon, and Brown Sugar

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    I often mention the recipe for maple pumpkin spice cookies in the book “Go Dairy Free: Guide and Recipe.” It produces a soft, pillow-like mouthfeel, with a rich pumpkin flavor, a light maple syrup flavor and the perfect taste of cinnamon and nutmeg. That pumpkin cookie recipe is an important basis for your experiment! Some time ago, I made some great vegan sweet potato cookies.

    Just like my original pumpkin cookie recipe, these sweet potato cookies contain warm maple syrup and are free of dairy products and eggs. However, I made cinnamon into stars, replaced sweet potatoes with pumpkins (you can use pumpkins in a pinch!), and changed some other materials to give them a “tall house” feel.

    Dairy-Free Vegan Lemon Cupcakes

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    Vegan sweets are easier to find, but when removing eggs and butter, especially in cupcake recipes, taste and texture can be sacrificed. However, these little lemon cakes are not suitable for eating. Olive oil, soy milk, and lemon juice rehydrate, so if you’re a cupcake lover before you become a vegetarian, you won’t be disappointed.

    These cupcakes are delicious all year round, but are especially suitable for spring and summer desserts. Mix extra virgin olive oil and lemon flavors to make fresh and delicious baked goods. Popular with both children and adults, dairy products need to be cut to prevent indigestion.

    Rustic Cranberry Tarts

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    I like colorful desserts for gatherings with family and friends. These beautiful egg art are full of cranberry and citrus flavors and are easy to make and eat. —Holly Bauer of Westbend, Wisconsin These pies are beautiful! The pictures are not only perfect, but also easy to assemble and delicious. Please note that the operation is very fragile until the egg art is completely cooled. It was carried out as instructed, so there were no changes. As a volunteer field editor of “Taste of Home” magazine, I like recipes that are easy to assemble, but their appearance and taste are extraordinary.

    Red-and-White Meringue Kisses

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    These red and white meringekis are ideal Valentine’s Day gifts! These beautiful and simple meringes can add a festive blessing to your dessert table.

    Preheat the oven to 200 °. Leave the egg whites for 20 minutes. Using an electric mixer, use the whisk attachment to beat the egg whites at high speed until a hard peak is formed. Reduce the speed to medium. Add vinegar, add 1/2 cup of sugar and stir until mixed. Play for 2 minutes. Beat the extract.

    Inside the decorative bag, spread three or four evenly distributed red food colored gel stripes inside the decorative bag to three-quarters of the bag, starting from the top. Gently pack a meringe spoon in the center of the bag to fill three-quarters. Cut off the tip of one corner of the bag and squeeze the bag from the kiss on the baking tray.

    Bake at 200 ° for 2 hours. Turn off the oven and let it settle until the meringe has cooled completely (about 3 hours).

    Chocolate Cupcakes Every Joe Will Go Crazy for These Wacky Treats

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    Many people cannot imagine a cake without dairy products and eggs. However, these vegan chocolate cakes can actually be traced back to cake recipes in the 1930s. It has various names such as Weird Cake, Great Crisis Cake, World War II Cake, Joe Cake and Crazy Cake.

    Some people say that the cake was made because they could not afford milk and eggs during the Great Crisis, while others said that the cake was distributed during the Second World War due to a shortage of milk and eggs. Some people say so. In any case, this is a timeless recipe passed down from generation to generation in the bakery.

    Homemade Dairy-Free Peppermint Patties

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    we won the sixth part of the Pure Chocolate Wisdom series sponsored by Pascha Chocolate. Manufactured in the best allergen-free facilities (dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and even soy-free!) And certified organic and vegan, we have carefully selected Pascha Chocolate for Go Dairy Free. , Fair Trade, Cosher and non-GMO products. They even offer 100% cocoa chocolate chips suitable for old diets. The end result is much fresher than the mint pie purchased in the store and, unlike York varieties, does not contain corn, dairy, eggs or soy. In addition, you can set them in seasonal festive shapes: hearts, trees, and even gingerbread men …

    Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

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    If you are a loyal reader (thank you, I love you!), you will know that I am participating in the sugar control movement. Thank you not only for your current efforts on Whole30, but also for your years of struggle with Candida and Leaky Gut. The shell can be made of your own nuts. As always, I went directly to Hazel. This is also because I have no food and flour. The texture of the egg art is like rich Ganesh. Using coconut oil instead of coconut oil will lose the benefits of butter fiber, but will provide a smoother consistency, such as softer ganash. Both are equally delicious, but I really like butter because I know that the extra fiber will offset the sweetness of dates and reduce the impact on blood sugar levels. In addition, fiber is more friendly to Candida! Speaking of fiber, if you divide it into 14 pieces (the quantity is so large, you might get more pieces), each piece will have 8 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein.

    Pure Strawberry Macaroons with Vegan, Paleo, Chocolate-Covered and No Bake Options

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    Such a delicious coconut coconut milk-a better choice of dairy or canned coconut milk-free cream (very high quality canned) rich creamy coconut milk). The list is so versatile that it’s a mile long, but the macaroons popped out of the page. Yes, I still write many ideas with high quality pen and paper. The writing process is just a tap on the part of the brain on the screen, but typing is impossible-do you think?

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