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31 Simple Healthy Power Bowl Recipes

    Healthy power bowl recipes make you have a great day! Light, fresh, easy-to-clean diet recipes, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and other benefits, some of which are also approved as raw food diets! The Buddha bowls on various occasions call your name below.

    If you haven’t heard of it, the power bowl is the new popular food trend. They are made of grains, green foods and protein. They are a nutritious way of eating, not only more filling than salads. Trendy restaurants such as Sweetgreen and Native Foods Cafe provide consumers with casual cereals and green bowls, and you can also find them on the menus of many sit-down restaurants.

    Are Power Bowls Healthy?

    The power bowl is mainly filled with rich and healthy food. From fresh crispy vegetables to proteins like shrimp and chicken. You will find that this is a great way to fill your abdomen and fuel your body in a healthy way. I am sure that some electric bowls may not be so healthy, but most are incredible dinner or lunch options.

    Easy Vegan Spring Roll Bowls

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    Looking for a quick, healthy and delicious dinner or pre-dinner recipe? Try a simple vegan spring roll bowl with crispy tofu, avocado and sesame sauce! Putting dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free foods on the table (or preparing lunch the next day) takes only 30 minutes.

    Fresh, delicious and super easy! These vegetarian spring roll bowls are the perfect vegetarian lunch or dinner for spring and summer! Spring rolls have recently become a hot topic on the Internet. Are there any nasty rotating parts in everything you like with fresh, chewy spring rolls? These vegetarian spring roll bowls are superior to other bowls for the following reasons:

    Vegan Buddha Bowl with Tofu and Edamame

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    The vegan Buddha bowl with tofu and edible beans, featuring brown rice, roasted red cabbage, and grated carrots, is rich in protein and flavor and is perfect for cooking. If desired, the formula can be oil-free or gluten-free.

    This high-protein dish is suitable for vegetarian preparation because everything can be done in advance. You can prepare individual portions of food that you carry with you, but if possible, it is recommended to store these ingredients separately until the day you plan to consume them.

    The Buddha bowl seems to have many ingredients, but it is easy to make when preparing. These delicious, healthy, high-protein Buddhist bowls are rich in flavor, texture, and nutrition.

    Thai Tempeh Buddha Bowl

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    A very delicious and satisfying vegan Thai tempeh bowl. This meal takes only 30 minutes and also contains 20 grams of vegetable protein and 16 grams of fiber. In essence, this is a great seasoning, full of nutrients from vegetables and grains, with seasonings or sauces.

    Balsamic Dijon Tempeh Buddha Bowls

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    Balsamic Dijon Tempeh Buddha Bowl Marinated scallops and grilled fresh vegetables Maple Vinaigrette vinegar glaze, simple dijon sauce. Easy to make, healthy meal with plenty of flavors! (Gluten-free optional vegan)

    Vegan Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl

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    Vegan Satsuma Mobudda Bowl and Orange Sesame Almond Butter Sauce – The idea for a nutritious appetizer: Buddha’s bowl of sweet potato with creamy sweet almond butter spread on mango coconut brown rice.

    Imagine having lunch. A healthy Big Buddha bowl topped with a little sweet mango coconut brown rice, roasted sesame sweet potato and broccoli and orange sesame almond butter sauce.

    Cooking changes lives. You need to spend some time between planning meals, shopping and cooking. But it’s worth it, especially when it can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle or stick you to food-related goals.

    Vegan Buddha Bowl with Peanut Sauce

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    This Chickpea Broccoli Buddha Bowl is a bowl of rice filled with plant protein, roasted vegetables and delicious peanut butter. Perfect for adults and kids!

    To be honest, it only goes with vegetables and rice! Oh, this is the secret of your life: please feel free to use frozen brown rice or quinoa. I like Trader Joe’s frozen rice. It is more expensive than dry, but you have to pay for convenience.

    Kale Salad Balance Bowl

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    A well-balanced kale salad bowl topped with black beans, harissa roasted sweet potatoes, and tahini. Balance bowls, Buddha statue bowls, nutrition bowls… call them what you want, but what do you not love about piles of healthy and nutritious food? This bowl of happiness fascinates me so much, I can eat it every day! Prepare ingredients for multiple meals once a week!

    Vegan BBQ Rice and Beans Bowl

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    These vegan barbecue rice and bean bowls come with brown rice, black beans and homemade barbecue sauce, once and for all. The bowl is made with healthy ingredients such as grilled tofu, avocado, carrot, cucumber, red onion, corn and green onions, which together create an incredibly delicious and plant-based meal.


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    Vegetarian Buddha Bowl-This Buddha Bowl recipe is nutritious and balanced, seasoned with roasted broccoli, cauliflower, radish and chickpeas with quinoa and simple lemon tahini sauce!

    Buddha bowls can be anything you want, usually including grains, protein, sauces and vegetables. However, you can add everything your kitchen has and/or your inner desires.

    Vegetables can be raw, fried, steamed or roasted. Currently, I really like grilled vegetables, so this grilled Buddha bowl is perfect for me.

    This vegan grilled Buddha bowl is a super simple dish that will not disappoint! The grilled radish exudes sweetness and tenderness. The seasoning is simple lemon and white bean sauce with a moderate amount of cream.

    Summer Glow Buddha Bowl + News!

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    Like most plant-based bowl recipes, this Buddha bowl requires a few different components so that the bowls can be quickly assembled. When I think about creating this bowl in summer, please rest assured that you can replace summer vegetables with seasonal vegetables throughout the year. You can also boost protein by adding your favorite beans/legumes. This bowl is inspired by the Buddha bowl at Kerr Street Cafe.

    Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl

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    The origin of the term “Buddha bowl” is not yet clear, and there seems to be no strict rules on how to make Buddha statues. But this seems to be roughly defined as a bowl on which small portions of various foods (especially vegetables) are placed.

    It all starts with roasting vegetables in the oven. When these are roasted, just fry the chickpeas until they are crispy, and then stir in the 3 ingredients tahini. It’s easy-just 30 minutes. And it’s very healthy-it contains four kinds of vegetables, fiber and protein-rich chickpeas, and a very delicious maple tahini, you want to put it on all your food.

    Quinoa Veggie Bowls with Miso Sesame Dressing

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    These customizable quinoa vegetarian bowls with iso tahini sauce will become a staple of the workday. The quinoa and vegan base is spread with a rich, flavorful sunflower-based seasoning. This simple dinner or lunch recipe is a healthy vegan for the whole family.

    The real secret of a delicious recipe is the sauce. That’s the secret of eating well: Put them all in a bowl and fill them with seasonings. Bowl Eater-you know what I’m talking about! These quinoa vegetarian bowls with iso tahini are no exception.

    Fortunately, this recipe can produce a lot of seasoning (more than what the bowl needs), which I firmly believe is the selling point of these quinoa vegetable bowls. Not only will you like it on a bowl, you can also add it to salads, salads and cereals and almost anything under the sun.

    Sunshine Bowl w/ Sunflower Seed Tahini Sauce

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    Vegetarian sunshine bowl, crispy fresh vegetables, beets, carrots, koru rabbi, sun oil, radish, jicama, brown rice, brown rice, sunflower seed “sesame paste” sauce. Vegan and GF! One bite into these Hawaiian barbecue tofu bowls, you will dream of white sandy beaches. Quinoa and vegetables provide an ideal base for juicy pineapple and rich tofu!

    The Sun Bowl makes shopping at the farmers’ market fun… it’s a good excuse to try various interesting vegetables that you don’t usually pick.

    Vegan Buddha Bowl with Peanut Sauce

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    This Chickpea Broccoli Buddha Bowl is a bowl of rice filled with plant protein, roasted vegetables and delicious peanut butter. Perfect for adults and kids! You can find whole grain complex carbohydrates, green vegetables, some starchy vegetables, and healthy fat noodles in drooling peanut butter. A meal…in a bowl. What a genius concept!

    To be honest, it only goes with vegetables and rice! Oh, this is the secret of your life: please feel free to use frozen brown rice or quinoa. I like Trader Joe’s frozen rice. It is more expensive than dry, but you have to pay for convenience.

    Buddha Bowls with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

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    These Buddha bowls are simple and nutritious, healthy enough to cook for lunch, and beautiful enough for dinner. The Buddha bowl usually consists of four elements: grains, vegetables, protein and soy sauce. Their version includes your choice of cereals, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, chickpeas and bollano tahini.

    These three sisters are all vegetarians, or have been identified as vegetarians throughout their lives, so they realize the importance of eating meat all-round. They also realized that not eating meat is not for everyone. With this in mind, their flexible approach ensures that everyone can sit at the table, whether it is an omnivorous or herbivore. Their goal is to transfer the proportion of animals from animals to plants to provide delicious and nutritious meals that appeal to everyone.

    Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowl with Quinoa and Avocado

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    Vegetarian grilled Buddha bowl with quinoa, avocado and crispy grilled tofu. A full meal with protein and fiber-vegan, gluten-free, clean eating! The Buddha bowl has several components, but to a large extent they can be let go and can be prepared at the same time. In the first pot, we have vegetables, just roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper.

    Rainbow Broccoli Buddha Bowl

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    This Rainbow Broccoli Buddha Bowl is full of botanical flavors & textures, including roasted broccoli or chickpeas, pink beet hummus. This Rainbow Broccoli Buddha Bowl is a good representation of what I eat for lunch (usually I include some pasta!). Roasted broccoli is my favorite vegetable and it tastes super delicious with hummus. I used beet hummus for this recipe, but you can use any hummus

    Ginger Chicken Power Bowls with Creamy Lime Dressing

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    These ginger chicken soup bowls with a creamy lime dressing contain powerful superfoods to help you get through the week. It is full of flavor, very suitable for pre-dinner preparation, and can be easily customized to be gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo cuisine and vegetarian! Basically, this is the perfect balance of protein, grains, vegetables and fat. This is what gives you the ability to handle almost everything-even tidy!

    Broccoli Tabbouleh Bowl with Lentils

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    This cauliflower tabule with lentils is the perfect lunch! You can be one step ahead, great, and good for you. It’s fun, gluten-free, and has the Tabule flavor you know and love. It will immediately become your favorite! A note about this book: If you are allergic to food (nuts, sesame) like my family, there will be many recipes that cannot be made exactly according to your recipes. However, few recipes use nuts or sesame as a key component of the recipe.

    Veggie Sushi Bowls

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    This recipe tastes pixel-eating sushi rolls, but the bowl shape is simplified! The spicy mayonnaise really makes it reach another level. Randomly match toppings to make this bowl taste like your favorite roll. There are several steps involved, but each step is very simple. The recipe produced 4 sushi bowls, which can keep leftovers well (for best results, cut the avocado into thin slices before eating).

    Homemade sushi bowls are my answer to the sushi puzzle. No rolling is involved, which means they are easier to make. You can also get more ideas from the toppings, because you can not only choose the summarized options. The best part is that these fresh but hearty bowls keep me energetic for hours.

    These sushi bowls are rice first, then grilled shredded seaweed (the green seaweed shell of sushi rolls) and some vinegar, soy sauce and sweeteners.

    Gluten Free Breakfast Power Bowls

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    The breakfast power bowl provides real energy from real food! These gluten-free breakfast power bowls are made with gluten-free oats, cooked quinoa and chia seeds soaked in coconut milk or almond milk. A bowl rich in antioxidants can power you all day long! The pre-prepared breakfast is simple and delicious.

    Grilled Chicken and Quinoa Meal Prep Bowls

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    These grilled chicken and quinoa pre-dinner bowls are Greek style and filled with quick-marinated onions, feta and homemade lemon balsamic vinegar. In the process of preparing meals, I always prepare a variety of proteins, grains, vegetables, 1-2 kinds of seasonings, and sometimes add some additional ingredients. Once the ingredients are ready and ready, I can easily put the salad and cereal bowl (just like this!) together and enjoy it throughout the week.

    Teriyaki Salmon with Broccoli and Rice

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    This teriyaki salmon dish can quickly be paired together to become a healthy and delicious weekend dinner. Grill the salmon and broccoli together, then put them in a bowl of rice, vegetables and creamy avocado. Almost no cleanup work! Moreover, if you marinate the salmon and cook the rice in advance, this dish will take about 20 minutes! When you need to have dinner on the table quickly, this is the ideal choice for your weekday dinner.

    Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Quinoa Bowls

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    I have prepared another super quick weekend dinner for you. It is naturally gluten-free, is made in a slow cooker, and has comfort, flavor and ease of use! The Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Quinoa Bowl won!

    These slow cooker barbecue chicken and quinoa bowls are the perfect Sunday dinner because it’s super easy to watch the game on the couch (s0.). This meal can easily double as a late lunch or breakfast and dinner. They are also perfect for a relaxing weekend dinner. However, whenever you create them, you will not be disappointed.

    Chili Garlic Cauliflower Risotto Bowls

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    Chili garlic flower pot rice is a simple ancient fish that can meet your food needs! A healthy vegetarian recipe, seasoned with hot sauce. Cauliflower rice is used as “risotto” and cooked into non-milk (coconut or almond) in a pot! Then, put the hot sauce on top, mix the chili, garlic and avocado together. A delicious but simple meal!

    Paleo Balance Bowl

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    Bowers! Ancient bowl! Just mix a bowl of rice together. The first choice for topping on this bowl is butternut squash. It contains a lot of vitamin A, a lot of fiber, not to mention the deliciousness of baking. Therefore, this is an obvious choice. Then there is the avocado…OBVI. There is really no need to explain this, because we like healthy fats! ! Then you can really put it first with any protein of your choice, but chicken is always on hand and always delicious.

    This is…a perfectly balanced meal! Do yourself a favor and make this bowl as soon as possible. You can even prepare all the ingredients in one day and prepare the bowl all week! The brown block of walnut is the best block…in my humble opinion.

    Roasted Veggie and Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl

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    This bright bowl is filled with roasted vegetables, potash rice, and served with the most delicious guacamole sauce! You will love this Buddha bowl as a healthy lunch or side dish, grain-free, gluten-free, paleo, whole wheat and vegetarian. All in a single pot!

    Grilled Tropical Chicken Bowls

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    These ancient and all 30 compatible grilled tropical chicken bowls are a relaxing, healthy, gluten-free dinner, full of sweet and rich island flavors! This tropical chicken recipe almost made me want to go back to the Dominican Republic, drink Pina colada and let the beach breeze blow through my hair…

    You can make the chicken swim longer with a perfectly balanced combination of fluffy lime juice, fresh, cool mint and sticky sweet honey for better results. Make extra roasted onions and place them on all the food you will eat forever. I like mass production and freeze them!

    Za’atar Chicken Bowls with Tomato and Cucumber Raita

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    This is the ancient meal preparation recipe of the Za’atar Tomato and Cucumber Raita Chicken Bowl. It is an ancient meal full of flavor and anti-inflammatory effects! Easy to make and delicious!

    The common dry spices in Za’atar are thyme, cumin, sumac, sesame, coriander and salt. Sometimes oregano or marjoram is used instead of thyme. If sumac is hard to find, lemon peel is a good substitute. Za’atar is earthy and simple, and it smells amazing!

    Paleo Breakfast Buddha Bowl

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    I have prepared a delicious breakfast recipe for you. This is an ancient breakfast Buddha bowl. These Buddha bowls are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and all meet the standards! The whole family will love them, you can customize them as needed!

    Traditionally, the Buddha bowl is vegetarian and served cold. They are cold-cooked from a pile of small plates. The boiled eggs you see in the photos are only optional. It adds more creaminess and some extra protein, but there is no need to complete the formula.

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