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13 Delicious High Protein Coffee Shakes Recipes

    These High Protein Coffee Shakes Weight Loss Shake Recipes make breakfast super quick and easy. It’s great for going out for a drink, and it also helps you lose weight.

    High Protein Coffee is known to aid weight loss, so it’s easy to mix it up with breakfast.

    Coffee on an Empty Stomach?

    High Protein Coffee Shakes. Prep time is just a few minutes longer than the average caffeine prep. And its high protein content makes you feel richer throughout the day.

    If you’re used to making eggs all the time to get those grams, try replacing Double Cook with one of these high-protein shakes. The fact that the shakes taste like shakes is just a bonus.

    Benefit of High Protein Coffee

    There is nothing better than eating caffeine at breakfast. You talk about saving time, right?

    • Protein Helps You Burn More Calories
    • Reduces Appetite and Keeps Hunger in Check
    • Maintain Lean Body, Burn More Fat
    • Boosts Metabolism
    • Faster recovery from injuries and illness
    • More sustained energy
    • Increases Muscle Mass and Strength
    • Good for Your Bones
    • Lowers Your Blood Pressure
    • Helps You Stay Fit as You Age
    • Protein is an essential component of the skin
    • Protein is Better for Hair
    • Better nails
    • Better workouts
    • Protein improved Subjects’ GSS (global sleep score)
    • Stronger bones

    High Protein Coffee Shakes

    All of these recipes are tailored to your taste, whether it’s a protein powder brand, milk type (dairy or non-dairy), so it’s perfect for any diet.

    Some of these recipes require the addition of sugar, sugar-like sweeteners, or syrup. Most protein powders already contain sugar, so change the date or nothing for health.

    Cafe Mocha Protein Shake

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    Coffee is considered acidic, so many health addicts don’t drink it. That is, try to eliminate your body’s pH levels and be as alkaline as possible.

    However, coffee is rich in antioxidants and is beneficial to health and the body (moderately without added sugar or cream).

    Of course, everyone knows that breakfast is widely known as the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is to literally “break” the “speed” that our bodies have passed while sleeping.

    Put a cup of coffee in the refrigerator before going to bed. This breakfast takes about 3 minutes to prepare. Simply put the coffee in a blender with ice, almond milk, chocolate and vanilla protein powder.

    The combo tastes like malt. Yes, you heard us. An adult breakfast shake is definitely a victory.

    Cold Brew Mocha Smoothie


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    Cold Brew Mocha Smoothie shake is made up of ice coffee, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, dates & almond milk. Fresh, creamy and delicious, it’s perfect for breakfast or an afternoon stimulant.

    Mocha shake made from cold coffee, cocoa powder and almond breeze almond milk. It’s like a frappe, but it’s naturally sweeter with dates, and it’s just better for you because it’s high in chocolate protein powder protein.

    A combination of cold freshly brewed coffee and protein makes this blended drink a great breakfast, afternoon snack, or a treat before and after your workout. It cools you and fills you, but boosts you a little more energy.

    It only takes two things to make it so sweet, adding extra fiber and potassium to the smoothie at the same time.

    The sweetness should not prevent the cocoa beans from spreading. It is never too early. (They’re great for satisfying your insatiable chocolate cravings that sometimes hit.)

    Coffee Lovers Protein Shake

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    Breakfast shakes and coffee are my jams. Then this protein shake for coffee lovers is my favorite. That’s why the coffee protein shakes… yeah. This is the taste of smoothies.

    On a rainy day, nothing else is more loved than sitting by the window, putting a delicious sandwich nearby and writing down your drinks and snacks. But when it rains, sometimes my energy drops!

    Low sugar coffee and chocolate protein shake recipe

    Therefore, increasing caffeine quickly is definitely helpful.

    But I don’t want only latte or freshly brewed coffee. So I came up with this breakfast smoothie. Contains a little cold coffee and refreshing cocoa beans.

    bulletproof coffee protein latte

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    A bulletproof latte recipe that creates a delicious, creamy, healthy latte that is not delicious. This healthy latte is packed with nice proteins from your favorite whey or plant protein powder and healthy fats from coconut oil. The best part is that it is easy to create at home.

    I first heard about bulletproof coffee a long time ago. A former colleague who loves nutrition and hopped on an old-fashioned wagon before launching into today’s lifestyle epidemic, explained that mixing clear butter with coffee boosted your metabolism every morning.

    I can’t believe it’s too creamy and dairy free. But don’t wear it as protective clothing, as it’s literally not completely bulletproof.

    Add some ice cubes to the blender to make this drink thicker and more shaken.

    Chocolate Chip Mocha Breakfast Smoothie

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    This is called the Chocolate Chip Mocha Breakfast Shake, but if you’re looking for a healthier option, skip Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Syrup, and Whipped Cream. Chocolate protein powder has a lot of chocolate flavor and sweetness. However, if you need a little more chocolate, use cocoa powder.

    If the chocolate is not sweet on top of the whipped cream pile, you can add bananas here as well. This is what happens with bananas. In fact, I made another version of this same smoothie with a delicious banana.

    Vanilla Latte Protein Smoothie

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    This smoothie is my favorite! It’s thick, creamy, and full of coffee and vanilla flavors.

    The flavor of coffee comes from espresso powder and coffee yogurt. The vanilla flavor comes from vanilla almond milk, vanilla protein powder, and a little vanilla extract.

    It has a booty of vanilla frappe, but due to its unique sweetness it uses roughly bananas and honey. Take a ridiculous amount of sugar!

    This shake replaces a cup of real coffee with coffee-flavored Greek yogurt (chovani is delicious) and adds a Javanese flavor with a teaspoon of powdered instant coffee.

    Thai Iced Coffee Protein Shake


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    This Thai Iced Coffee Protein Shake has all the flavors of Thai Iced Coffee but with the benefits of protein. It is also a healthier option, as it does not contain condensed milk or fresh cream like traditional Thai ice coffee. But don’t get me wrong. This is definitely not the taste.

    Have you ever tried Thai iced coffee?

    If not, you are seriously lost. I’m crazy about Thai iced coffee so I’ll order one.

    I felt the need to replace the protein shake with Thai Iced Coffee Protein Shake to give it the same flavor as regular Thai Iced Coffee.

    oats, flaxseeds and bananas coffee shake


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    This shake increases the amount of protein with rolled oats and flaxseed. If desired, sprinkle with chia seeds or hemp seeds for even better grams of protein.

    Here are my two weekly breakfast shakes. Otherwise it is a green or berry smoothie. That is my rotation. PS: My husband does all the mixing, I tell him what to put there.

    more more more! If you can only eat what you can easily eat, throwing something good from your body into the blender is enough.

    Make coffee the night before as it needs to be poured into an ice cube tray and frozen before adding it to the blender the next morning. My method is to hit the snooze button multiple times tomorrow morning.

    Iced coffee protein smoothie

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    This Ice Coffee Protein Shake utilizes Bob’s Red Mill Nutrition Booster packed with pea protein, chicory root fiber, chia seeds and probiotics and uses Monk Fruit Extract as a natural sweetener. This shake makes you feel delicious and full of energy.

    These powders are a unique blend of monk fruit extract, chicory root fiber, chia seeds and pea protein powder sweetened with probiotics, providing protein, fiber and probiotics. They are an excellent source of Omega-3, an excellent source of iron, and are rich in protein and fiber.
    I didn’t try chai (I’m generally not a fan of that taste), but I enjoyed plain and vanilla. Vanilla works well with things like the following coffee shakes because it contains no other sweet ingredients, but chocolate already contains cocoa rather than providing the flavor of the chocolate itself. It goes well with flavored drinks.

    HIGH-Protein Vanilla Caramel Iced Coffee!

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    This recipe does not require any additional sugar, only the sweetener without sugar. If you don’t like unsweetened sweeteners and don’t want to get more calories, skip the unsweetened caramel syrup and have a healthy breakfast.

    I was stimulated and felt like a barista, so I put a low-calorie whipped cream on top! Protein shakes can be boring. If you’re a coffee lover, this is a great option to consume your protein while gaining a little more spirit!

    Creamy coffee and yogurt smoothie – Protein-packed

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    Who else makes a cup of coffee in the morning and doesn’t drink it all? I’m not always. Especially my favorite coffee machine, the Technivorm Moccamaster. Made directly in a jug, it gets hot all day.

    If you eat dairy, Greek yogurt really is the boss in thickening your morning smoothies. The yogurt gives this smoothie a slightly spicy flavor, and the agave syrup keeps it in an area of very satisfying sweetness.

    Select your favorite protein powder and mix. Top your bets with chocolate, vanilla, or coffee-flavored powder, but if you have another flavor, the world is your oyster.

    Blackberry Protein Smoothie

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    2 protein sources provide simple yet tasty blackberry protein, doubling the optimal nutrients for a healthy diet.

    If you’re not a fan of raw blackberries, we recommend you try this simple blackberry protein shake recipe, as blackberries can feel a bit sour when eaten out of control.

    Two sources of protein, a slightly sweet maple syrup, and numerous vitamins and minerals make this a healthy shake the perfect way to start your day.

    Wake Me Up Coffee Smoothie

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    Unlike the other ice coffee protein shakes on this list, this coffee shake uses oat and nut butter to add protein, healthy carbohydrates, and nutrients.

    Start with cold coffee, add frozen bananas (if natural sweet and frosty), oatmeal, milk, nut butter and add more protein. You can also use fresh (not frozen) bananas and add a little ice. Then enjoy mixing everything until smooth and creamy!

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