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How do i factory reset my nextbook laptop

    It isn’t easy to open when you have locked the Nextbook Tablet and forget the code. But, you can perform some troubleshooting to assist you in restoring the tablet to normal, and there are many ways to do this. What can you do to reset a Nextbook device’s password?
    Turn out the device, and hold power and volume buttons down until you see the logo for start-up on display. The tablet will enter recovery mode. Once it is in this mode, utilize the volume switch to choose the factory reset mode. Use the power button on the tablet to power reset the tablet.

    To recover your Nextbook password, you’ll need to reset your tablet, and this is a relatively simple procedure. In this post, I’ll walk you through resetting it, the process to unlock it, where to access the reset buttons and more. Let’s get started!

    How do I reset factory settings on My Nextbook Windows 10?

    First, turn off the gadget by pressing the Power button.
    The next step is to open your Main Menu.
    On the screen in front of you, find and click Settings.
    Next, tap Change PC settings, and then select Recovery and Update.
    In this stage, choose Recovery.

    Where is the Reset Button on a Nextbook Tablet?

    There isn’t a specific reset button that you can utilize to reset your Nextbook password. In most cases, you must use buttons for power, volume, and the volume button to complete the procedure. You must be able to navigate your device by using one of these keys until you are presented with the option to “reset” the machine and then click it.

    Resetting the Nextbook Tablet password is relatively easy. You need to follow the steps above until you are presented with the option to change the password on your device. However, the main drawback of the procedure is that you’ll lose all your data and records and data, so you should create backups of them before the procedure.

    What can I do to reset the settings on my Nextbook Flexx 11?

    The first step is to hold down the Power button to turn off the device.
    The next step is to start your Main Menu.
    On the next screen in front of you, find and click Settings.
    Select Change PC settings, then select the Update option and then Recovery.
    In this stage, choose Recovery.

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