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How Do I Hide Responses To A Facebook Event

    If you don’t want your Facebook acquaintances to be aware of your interest in an event, it’s possible to conceal your responses. Perhaps, for instance, you’d only let some people know you’re going to a particular occasion. No matter the reason, you can block Facebook from displaying the event within your feed.

    This guide will help you keep your confirmations of events to prevent them from appearing in the news feed.

    How Do I Hide Responses to a Facebook Event

    The responses to events on Facebook are the responses that people take after having received invitations to an occasion. If a person gets an invitation to an event via Facebook, users can reply to the invitation by providing the status of their attendance. There are generally three kinds of response to an event:

    Going: This reply suggests that the individual plans to attend the event.
    Inquiring: This response is intended for those interested in this event but has yet to decide to go.
    Not Attending: If someone opts not to attend, they are not following the event. This helps the event’s organizers determine the amount of people attending and make plans according to the numbers.

    Additionally, the event’s privacy settings affect who can observe your participation or interests.

    Only hosts and friends can see your profile status at a public gathering. This is displayed on a Feed post announcement, event page, or your profile’s section for events.
    The guests invited to attend a private gathering can see the event’s attendance. However, guests who are not invited cannot access details like attendees’ events, event descriptions, discussions, pictures, videos, or images.

    If you want to keep security and privacy over the details of Facebook events, obscuring your responses is an easy and efficient technique. This article will take users through successfully hiding their reactions to the Facebook event.

    Please note that you can conceal your responses when the event is public. Your response remains accessible to the host of the event.

    • Open the Facebook app on the device you are using—Android and iOS devices.

    Be sure that you’re signed in to your account.

    • Press the Hamburger menu icon on the display’s right-hand side.
    • Select the option Events.
    • Tap then on the Calendar icon located at the top.
    • Tap the original answer (e.g., Maybe or Going) in the event you want to target.
    • Select the Visible to Hosts and Friends option in the menu.
    • To conceal your responses to be hidden, click the”Only” me radio option.

    Once you select the privacy settings, any changes are applied to the specific event.

    Can You See Who Has Viewed Your Event on Facebook?

    Instead of page views, Facebook doesn’t have built-in tools for event creators to track those who have viewed or observed their event.
    Facebook only gives the listing of the people asked to attend and their responses. You can view who has been invited, has RSVP’d, or is not going, but there is no complete record of those who have seen.


    The ability to hide Facebook event replies can be done quickly via mobile devices and is a fantastic option to keep your information private. You need to access the event within the app and switch the status change to Only Me, and your RSVP status will disappear. It is possible to change the visibility back by two taps. Event creators must learn precisely who views their page to monitor responses and invites.

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