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How Do I Restart An App After Force Stop On Android

    If an Android app is in trouble, It is safe to shut it down forcefully. Yet, not all users know how to start a new app after having stopped it by force. In this article, we will provide the right method and why you must be cautious.


    Most people think every app is shut down in full when you end them using the normal method, i.e., removing their app switcher. However, this is only sometimes the scenario. For example, a program running unfinished tasks (e.g., an ongoing or pending download) may remain active, running in background mode for just a couple of seconds or minutes after shutting it down. The application will eventually be shut down, but only once it is finished with the process and ready to shut down.

    In contrast, certain applications (like music players and health-monitoring apps and instant messaging apps such as instant messengers, health monitoring apps, etc.) may continue to run in the background actively–constantly updating their content and sending notifications– even after you close them. However, you often shut down the program, and it will continue to run behind the scenes.

    When an app is stopped by force, it can completely (and immediately) complete all background and background tasks associated with that specific application.

    How to Restart an App on Windows 11/10

    Open applications will be saved and restarted if you quit your computer and return to your Windows 11/10 computer. Some programs can be set to start a new session when your computer is online again. This helps you get back to the point you were at last time.

    What is the best way to start an app using Windows 11/10? Follow these steps:

    • Enter Win+I to open Settings.
    • Click on Accounts > Options for logging in.
    • Select the Save my data automatically software that is restartable and start the apps when I log in to sign back in.
    • It’s time to turn it on.

    What is the best way to restart an application following Force Stop on Android?

    The steps below will help you reboot an application to cause it to cease running for Android:

    Be aware that Android phones don’t have the same options for setting up, and settings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, ensure you have the right location before making any changes to the device. The steps below were made on a Redmi (MIUI) smartphone, as illustrated in the images below.

    • Start the Settings application.
    • Now, tap on Apps.

    Then, click on Apps. Restart an Application after It has been forced to Stop on Android.

    • Tap on Manage Apps > the desired app.

    After that, you can tap Manage Apps and then WhatsApp |

    • Tap on Force Stop to force close the app. Then, restart an application after a force stop is completed on Android.

    Tap on the Force stop button located on the left-hand right.

    • Finally, click OK in the popup that appears.
    • Find and then tap the desired icon of the app from the drawer to reboot the app.

    Is It Better to Uninstall or Force Stop an App?

    It depends. It is possible to achieve two distinct goals using these two different strategies.

    If you’re looking to stop the app temporarily from running to free your device’s memory, eliminating the application could be a good alternative. It will shut down the application and prevent it from running in the background; however, it will not remove it completely from your device.
    If you wish to eliminate an app from your device and clear the space it takes up, then uninstalling this app is the right option. The app and all the data it contains from the device will be removed, thus freeing storage space and making your machine more efficient.

    Final Words

    How do I restart the application in Windows 11/10/ iPhone/iPad/Android? This article provides step-by-step instructions and will help you discover the solutions in the content above. I hope this article can help you.

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