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How Long Can A Procreate Animation Last?

    Procreate is an excellent application for creating digital artwork. There are many options for every drawing style and the capacity to make graphic designs. Apart from the numerous opportunities for these designs, The app has a chance that we could create animations.
    The Procreate animation tools get talked about infrequently. They seem to like being a secret tool! But using the tools for creating GIFs, videos, and animated images is incredibly simple and more straightforward than you believe.

    Read on for a quick tutorial on Procreate’s animation tools and an overview of the tools available.

    First, we need to make a canvas. To create a new one, tap the + icon in the upper right-hand corner of your gallery screen.

    In the case of an animation project you plan to make, You may need to look at the size of your canvas. Most likely, you’ve heard that Procreate has a limit on the number of layers it can use. Therefore, when working on larger projects, you must consider this.

    When you use animation within Procreate, every layer is framed. Therefore, the maximum amount of layers is the same as the frame size we can use. The maximum number of frames or layers is 60 when using the standard screen canvas. This will be sufficient for the amount you’ll need in a straightforward project; however, if you decide to move to more intricate work, keep it in mind.

    What exactly is Procreate?

    The Procreate application is a game changer for anyone who draws sketches or makes visual artwork. Procreate is a prestigious sketching, drawing, and painting application explicitly designed for iPad. Artists can benefit from digital tools while creating graphics and images using pencils, pens, and paint.

    Many artists using Procreate think the Apple Pencil can provide the same impression as drawing with paper. This, coupled with various customizable Procreate brushes, makes this application popular among professional and fine artists.

    Can Procreate be used for animation?

    Procreate is an excellent tool for creating simple and short animations at the touch of a button! While it’s not the most significant animation software, Procreate’s features can be used to create quick and simple animations. They make it easy to work with!

    Naturally, Procreate will not be the standard in the animation industry very soon because it only provides some of the tools needed to produce professional-looking animations.

    The application’s vast array of brushes lets you play around with the texture of your animation—something you can’t do with every other animation program.

    There’s something unique and thrilling about creating a video on your iPad from wherever you are! If you’re interested in animating with Procreate, try to look at Disney animator Tom Bancroft’s class”Introduction to Animation!’.

    Benefits of Procreate

    Procreate is an effective tool that professionals and commercial artists love. These are the advantages of making use of Procreate.

    • It’s easy for artists to load images from a variety of devices.
    • You can arrange your artwork by gallery layout.
    • It lets users use hand gestures that zoom to specific images.
    • Artists can make modifications effortlessly.
    • The artists can make an imaginative visual without the use of traditional mediums.
    • There are a variety of customizable accessories (pencil brush, pencils, etc.) that can enhance the functionality.
    • It’s possible to do professional-grade compositing by adjusting layers.
    • It allows for easy integration to a variety of platforms and apps.

    Pros and Cons of Animation within Procreate

    After we’ve tried animating with Procreate, What’s your opinion? Procreate comes with various cons and pros that could determine which function is suitable for you! These are the most critical Procreate pros you must be aware of!

    Look at the “Introduction to Animation’ course to understand the basic principles of animation. The course will teach you the essential energy principles through amusing examples, such as the backpack hopping animation below.


    • Create animation anywhere, at any time.
    • It is straightforward to use to make basic frame-by-frame animations.
    • Use all your favorite brushes and tools from Procreate for your animation.
    • The Onion-skin function makes it simple to view the keyframes of your keyboard.


    • Colorizing your animation could be a complicated process without the simple layer feature.
    • It takes work to produce a long-lasting animation.
    • Inability to incorporate music directly into the timeline for animation.
    • It can be challenging to add references or pictures to your project.

    How long can an Animation from Procreate last?

    The length of your animated sequence will depend on the number of frames per second (fps) you’ve selected. The time it takes to run the animation is reduced when you increase the frame rate. If you set the maximum number of layers at 250, your energy could last around 10 seconds with 24 frames per second, eight seconds at 30 fps, and 4 minutes at 60 frames per second. It is also possible to create multiple videos using online editors that can increase the time of your animation.

    What is the Procreate the Animation Frame Limit?

    Procreate can support a maximum of 120 frames. The limit cannot be increased further—the amount of structures beyond 120.

    Do you know how to create long Animations using Procreate?

    In Procreate, layers are an image with transparency that can incorporate new components within your design but with no modifications to existing elements. Layers can be placed over each other, allowing users to modify, edit, erase, and rearrange the individual layers without altering the layers already in place.

    If you want to create lengthy animations, the simplest method is to increase the number of layers. The more layers you have, the more frames you will have and the longer it takes to complete the animation. Keep at all times that the limit of layers you can choose will be 250.

    This guide should help you learn more about Procreate and how long animation is possible with this software for graphic design. Visit our website to get more interesting tech-related information and tricks. You are welcome to post remarks or suggestions.

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