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how long does it take google drive to process a video

    Google Drive is the best location to save videos as it can help you free up space on your mobile device or another device. In addition, saving videos in Google Drive also allows access to the Video on various devices. Many people want to know precisely what time Google drive will take to upload a file. But, some believe that it takes a long time to process a file on Google drive, whereas others might think that waiting just an hour isn’t enough. It’s all dependent on the different variables that determine how long Google drive takes to process the Video. Additional details about the same topics are discussed below.

    How Much Time Will it Take to Process the Video?

    Google Drive sets no specific date or time for processing the Video. The processing time of the Video for previewing within Google Drive can be a few minutes or several hours, and in some instances, it might even require days. The time to process depends on the Video’s resolution and the format of the Video, the codecs, file size, Google server speed, and Internet speeds to transform the Video.

    Users have said that a 50MB file took just a few minutes, while a 1GB file can take about 15 minutes; however, it’s all based upon the file.

    The general rule is that it takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes for a one video file of 1GB to be processed in the first place; however, as I stated that it is all dependent on the codec of the file speed, the data speed, along with Google servers to decrease the time required in processing video.

    What exactly is the process of processing a video mean?

    After a person has uploaded the video to Google Drive, the file takes about a couple of minutes to download or open. This additional time is mainly related to Google drives processing and processing Video to ensure that the user can play it on the desired device.

    What Does It Mean When Google Drive Is Processing a Video?

    After the Video is transferred onto Google Drive, it still requires a second step before you can open or download it, and it is the process of processing.

    Processing a video is a sign that the Video has been transformed to various formats, codecs, resolutions to play on multiple devices. In other words, the moment that Google Drive is processing a video, it’s converting it to a different format, codecs, and resolution. This is also the case when you upload videos to other services on the Internet, for example, YouTube.

    What is the time Google drive requires to process a video?

    If you’re looking to find out what the average time Google drive take to complete a video, look up the variables discussed in the following paragraphs:

    The size of the Video is the main element on which the duration is determined by Google drive is based. Let’s say that the Video you’re uploading is 2GB in size. So, it will take about an hour to upload to Google Drive, and then another 20 minutes to process it to make sure that the Video displays correctly after the Video is played.
    The second important aspect you can judge the Google process video speed is based on your internet speed. If you’ve hooked up your computer to a high-speed connection, the Google process for Video will be completed quickly.

    The final but minor aspect upon which Google processes video speed depends on your device’s processor. Processing a large amount of data is a significant task for any processor on the market, so make sure you don’t perform multiple tasks simultaneously; otherwise, Google time video processing may be delayed.

    How Long Does It Take for Google Drive Is Processing a Video?

    There’s no precise answer as to the time it takes Google Drive to go through videos. Some users claimed that it took just a couple of minutes to upload a video. In contrast, others complain that videos with 50MB would keep running for weeks before being accessible in high-resolution for viewing on Google Drive.

    How long does it take to Google Drive to process a video is based on a variety of variables:

    First, the Video’s size. It takes more time for Google Drive to go through an image if it is more than 1GB in size. Additionally, it can take days or even hours to process multiple large video files.

    The second issue is the speed of the Internet, and Google Drive needs more time to process videos in the case of a slow internet connection.

    Third, the processing capacity is the capability of your phone or computer. Processing a big video is massive work for the CPU on your smartphone or computer. If you’re performing multiple demanding tasks on the device, it will take a longer time for Google Drive to complete taking care of the.

    To accelerate the process, it is possible to compress large-sized videos before posting them onto Google Drive, avoid running or uploading several videos at once and make sure you have a speedy internet connection on your device.

    The Fix video is currently processing and can be downloaded later.

    The problem usually occurs because the Video’s file size is too big to handle and it becomes stuck when working on the file. It can be fixed by uploading the video to an album and then downloading it.


    In our fast-paced life, it’s frustrating to be stuck in a mistake for a long time, with the development of technology and the need for services to be faster and more efficient. When users are prone to the sloppy processing part of Google drives, the methods can help them maintain their speed in their daily lives.

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