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How To Add And Remove People In Group Text On iPhone

    Through iMessage, there is the ability to include someone in an SMS group message if there are at least three members in the group and everybody is on an Apple device. If you want to remove someone from the group from the group, you must have at least four members in the group.

    There is no way to add or delete individuals from group SMS/MMS messages. It’s also impossible to move someone out even if the person in the group has devices that aren’t Apple. Discover the distinction between iMessage and SMS/MMS.

    How to Create an SMS Group on an iPhone

    The ability to start a group message with iPhone regardless of whether your contacts are on Apple devices or any other brand. How you make the text for the group is similar, but the method of sending the messages out differs.

    You must follow these steps to begin a group message using an iPhone.

    • Launch the iMessage application.
    • Touch the New Message icon.
    • Click on the (+ (add) icon.
    • Click on a contact’s name to be added to the group.
    • Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until you’ve included all contacts.
    • If all contacts have Apple devices, the names will be blue. If any contacts use other brands, the contacts’ names will be displayed in green.
    • Once you’ve added all of the contacts, write your first message.
    • Click the arrow to transmit your message. The arrow’s colour should be the same as the contacts you made in Step 6.
    • The group’s text has been created.

    If the entire group uses Apple devices, the message will be transmitted via iMessage, which is entirely free. If a group member doesn’t have an Apple device, messages will be delivered as an MMS and cost the carrier.

    How do you add people to the Group Text of an iPhone?

    iMessage iPhone lets relatives, friends, and colleagues participate in group conversations. However, you need three people to include new participants in a group, and joining an SMS or MMS group is impossible.

    Then, open the group chat thread within Messages. Tap the profile initials and portraits at the upper right of your screen.

    • Increase the number of chat members in the group chat list.
    • Click Add Contact at the very bottom of the page.
    • Input the names and phone numbers of those you wish to include in the chat.
    • Tap Done.


    • Find the appropriate chat group in the iMessage application.
    • Within the iMessage group, click the icon collection at the top.
    • To access the group members listing, click the “I” in the upper right.
    • To take someone away, you want to remove, swipe left over their name and hit Remove
    • You can click when it appears to your left. Please refer to the Disclaimer above when you cannot connect to show the removal option.
    • After the pop-up window displays, Choose To close it.

    The person has been immediately removed from the group you’re communicating with. If there’s no Remove option, you must create a new posting that doesn’t include the Contact. So long as you’ve sent your messages to the latest group and not to the old one, your chat history will remain visible on your phone. However, you won’t receive the latest messages.

    What’s the reason I can’t delete someone from a group text?

    There may be no way to remove individuals from the group text iPhone If the following conditions are met:

    • The text of the group isn’t an iMessage group.
    • You can’t remove the chat members if it’s an MMS group chat.

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