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How To Appeal Blocked Video On Instagram

    Instagram frequently blocks videos for violating the rules and regulations. If we’ve uploaded an image to our Instagram account but it’s blocked for some reason, we’ll show you how to appeal to resolve it. When Instagram stops our content, it will notify you about this decision.

    Quick Answer

    The easiest method to appeal is to visit the notifications menu and select “I agree.” After this, you must add your signature, then click”Apply. Instagram will respond within 24 hours following the appeal.

    We’ll dive into this article for more information on how to appeal to blocked videos on Instagram and other vital phrases regarding securing videos and ensuring you avoid such problems on Instagram.

    What Does It Mean When Instagram Blocks a Video?

    As with every social media site, Instagram also has its rules of usage and copyright restrictions. Instagram takes quick action if one of our content or videos violates the laid-down rules.

    The app blocks the post or video and then emails us what happened and why. This notification will also contain the request form to challenge Instagram’s actions should we wish to restore our video or post.

    How to Appeal a Blocked Video on Instagram

    If you think that your video was improperly removed and does not violate any rules of the community, take these steps for submitting an appeal:

    Method 1: Using Notification Menu

    First, you can search to block a video or reel on Instagram through the notifications menu.

    • Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone and then go to the notification menu.
    • The message will appear stating that your video was blocked.
    • Click on the button to say I’m averred.
    • Send us your electronic signature to confirm in the Electronic Signature section.
    • After that, press the Appeal button to appeal.

    All that’s left to do is wait for Instagram to look into your situation and determine the best way to unblock your account.

    Method 2: Using the Help Center

    If your reel or video is blocked or removed because of a copyright violation for Instagram, you can challenge the decision by contacting the Help Center.

    • In Instagram, you can tap the tiny profile icon at the top right corner.
    • In the upper right corner, you can press the three horizontal lines to launch the menu.
    • Select the Settings and Privacy tab, then scroll down until you come to the More Info and Support section.
    • From there, click on Help to begin to open the Help Center.
    • Search bar: search for appeal-blocked videos.
    • Scroll down, and then tap the link titled How can I challenge to have content removed from Instagram to preserve copyright?
    • Use this link to complete the form.
    • Read the text carefully, which appears. Tap to accept and click to go on.
    • Complete the required information according to the text.
    • After you’ve completed the form, press Send to send the appeal.

    After that, your request for a reel or block video reel will be posted to Instagram.

    How Long Does Instagram Take To Unblock a Video?

    When we file the appeal, Instagram generally takes around 24 hours to address it and explain why it has blocked our video.

    Suppose we’ve properly credited the video’s owner and have yet to breach community guidelines. In that case, Instagram will likely take about the same amount of time, or less time, to remove its block and reverse the action—the video.

    Why Instagram Might Block Your Video

    Your computer could be able to boot due to several causes. Some of the most common suspects are:

    • You disregard the community guidelines or any of the terms of service.
    • Doing things that violate copyright laws.
    • Users who flag your post or video.
    • Dodging Copyright Trouble on Instagram
    • Make these three points in the back of your mind to avoid copyright issues:

    Do not post any videos that you didn’t make or you’ve copied off.
    If you’re sharing someone else’s content, ensure you’ve received their permission to post it.
    Be aware of your copyright and violations on Instagram.

    How do we prevent copyright issues on our video on Instagram?

    To protect our Instagram videos from copyright problems for Instagram be sure to follow these three fundamental guidelines:

    • Do not post videos that aren’t our original creations’ copies or taken from somewhere else.
    • Request written consent from the content owner before uploading it to our Instagram to be used as proof for future reference.
    • Be informed and current on Instagram’s copyright, infringement and other guidelines.
    • By adhering to these standards and following these guidelines, we can protect our video content from copyright issues on platforms.

    Below are a few additional ways to ensure that you don’t get your Instagram videos blocked. Instagram:

    • Check out Instagram’s Terms of Service attentively. It will let you know what content can be posted on the Instagram platform and what can’t.
    • Be aware of the kinds of content which are most likely to be flagged by other users. It includes material that is inherently violent, offensive or sexually explicit.
    • If you need more clarification on whether the video you’re posting is suitable for Instagram, you should err cautiously and refrain from posting it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Instagram prohibit videos that include music?

    Instagram doesn’t restrict users from using music in their posts. If your post is long, for example, if you’re filming a live performer or band in concert, the music could be censored or removed. However, if the video is a shorter version of the same, it is okay.

    Do users have a right to ask Instagram users to remove their posts on Instagram?

    You can file an appeal if your content was taken down due to an infringement of copyright and thought that your uploaded content was inappropriate to be removed. You can also follow up with the correct owner to address the issue.

    How long will it take to get Instagram to remove the block?

    The deleted video could be restored within hours or even two weeks. If the video isn’t doing something wrong, you could ask for a review in manual mode in settings > Help> report a problem.


    We concluded that Instagram will block our videos or posts when we do not comply with Instagram’s guidelines for community members and copyright policy (primarily).

    To avoid blocking problems, Following the rules and regulations is essential, particularly when you upload videos that don’t belong to us. If we do, you can file an appeal if the content we post is blocked. The following guidelines allow us to maintain a pleasant impression on Instagram and prevent any possible interruptions to our content.

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