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How To Block All Incoming Calls On Android Phones

    A few of the perfect Android phones can do anything today. Did you not know that they also call? However, are you likely to want to learn ways to block calls from coming in? You may have experienced some spam calls in recent years. Many companies are working hard to block spam and “robocalls” from happening, yet some users don’t want to get calls in the first place. Whether you’re using VoIP services, have a phone of your work that has internet access, or prefer texting to calls, this article will show you how to block any calls that come into your cell phone quickly.

    How do you stop all calls from Android?

    • Start your phone’s “Settings” or “Settings” app. Scroll down to select Sound and Vibration.
    • Select Do Not Disturb.
    • Now, tap Turn on, after which tap People.
    • After that, click Calls.
    • Click None to stop all phone calls when switching off your device. Alternatively, you can tap Contacts or Starred contacts to identify people who can contact you, such as your spouse or children. It is also possible to choose repeat callers who can connect to your mobile — the idea is to allow someone in when they call back within 15 minutes. This may indicate it’s an urgent phone call. Turn the switch either off or on to make your decision.

    This process was performed using the Google Pixel running Android 13. If you’re using Samsung phones, the procedure is very similar, although navigating the Settings menu differently is necessary. Find out how to stop all calls from the Samsung phone.

    • Navigate to Settings. Then, tap Notifications.
    • Tap Do not disturb, then change the Do not disturb toggle.
    • Tap the icons for messages, calls, and conversations, then follow the steps 5.

    It’s that! If you decide to receive calls once more, you can go to “Do Not Disturb” and switch it off. Alternately, go to your quick menu by moving to the right to the upper right of the screen. Then, click the moon icon to switch Do Not Disturb off.

    How Can I Block Specific Incoming Calls Without Blocking All Calls

    If you are not looking to block all callers but particular contacts you have on your phone, it is simple to do so. Learn and follow the steps in our tutorial, How to Block Private Numbers on an Android Phone.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Will Blocking Incoming Calls Also Block Text Messages or Other Forms of Communication?

    The fact that you cannot block calls from your Android phone does not prevent texts or other communication forms.

    There is still the possibility of receiving email and text messages and chatting with blocked users through messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

    Q2. Will the Caller Know That I Have Blocked Their Incoming Call?

    When you block people from calling you, they don’t receive any notice of being blocked. Their calls aren’t able to go through. Instead, they are immediately disconnected and will show as busy. And could mean this to them.

    Our guide is to help you to block all calls to your Android phone. Say goodbye to annoyances.

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