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How To Block Internet Access On Android For Specific Apps

    There are times when you feel that you haven’t used the internet, yet your internet usage data is disappearing. This is due to the apps we have installed on our phones. A majority of these apps use the internet to receive updates or information through their servers.

    If you find that you are using apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail pubg, youtube as well as other social media apps are not available, apart from these applications, some apps don’t need the internet however, they are connected to the internet. Can you stop internet access for certain applications on an Android smartphone? I’ll bet you can.

    If you’re worried about the security of your personal information, it’s not secure either. Because the majority of people use apps to protect their data But what happens if that app can steal your personal information? You must stop access to the internet from the app. Without the internet, the app won’t be capable of uploading your data to any other server.

    Can you block internet access using an Android?

    Yes, you can block the internet from your Android tablet or phone. For this to be done, start the Settings app and then select Network & Internet. From there, click on the Wireless & Networks section. Under “Blocking mode” you’ll have the option to select from “All applications” as well as “Specific application.” Choose “Specific Applications” after which tap the application you wish to block. To deblock it you must repeat the steps.

    Best Methods to block Internet Access For Specific Apps on Android

    And, not only that, but we also have shared the steps of how to use the firewall applications on Android. Let’s take a look at the best methods to block access to the internet for apps on Android.

    Through Third-party Apps

    Several applications allow you to perform this on your phone but without root privileges. The app we’re going to be using will be the NetGuard firewall. It’s flawless and cost-free to utilize. Follow the instructions below to use the NetGuard application to block applications running behind the scenes.

    Install and download the NetGuard application through the Google Play Store for free and then launch it using the drawer of the app.
    After you have accepted the terms and conditions of the application, you’ll get a list of all installed apps on your phone.
    Select the application you want to block access to the internet for.
    You’ll see two icons next to the app’s name. Simply tap one of them, either on the Wifi icon as well as the icon for mobile data to disable access.
    If you block access to that app, it cannot connect to websites in the background.

    It is the way you restrict internet access to specific apps from Android for your smartphone within the background. If you want to know more Android-related tricks and tips you can follow our social networks and stay that we are up to date.

    Mobile: NoRoot Firewall

    It’s a firewall app for Android that allows you to stop internet access for an app. This article will show you how to make it work on Android.

    Step 1. Start by downloading the application and then download Mobiwol on your Android mobile. Then, open the app after you’re done, and you will be presented with options for Firewall Rules, tap on it.

    Step 2. Then, you’ll find the list of all apps that are installed on your device. Also, on top of each app, you will see two indicators one for Wi-Fi and one for a mobile network. Click on them to turn off the connection.

    Step 3. Return to the computer and switch the Firewall on. A pop-up will be displayed where you must press”Ok” to confirm the “Ok” click.

    You’re accomplished! The internet connection to these apps will be disabled and you will be able to check for them by opening the app as well as the connection logs you have that are created by the app and vice versa.

    Manage Your Data Usage and save money

    The inability to control the usage of data on your Android device could result in massive data loss. But, keeping your data usage in control is beneficial, particularly if you cannot pay for unlimited data plans which can be expensive and not available in many locations.

    If you’re looking for more options then you should take a look at some other strategies to reduce excessive data usage and save cash.

    What was the reason you decided to restrict the Android apps from connecting to the internet?

    Now you have two options to prevent apps running using Android from accessing the internet. We’ve shown you how to block applications from being able to access the internet for devices with data usage settings and also on devices that do not have these settings, such as the ones manufactured by Samsung and other makers. We’ve chosen to recommend NetGuard because it comes with an easy interface that is secure to use. Before you finish this article, let us know about your experience and the solution that was the most effective for you.

    Final word

    Now you are aware of how that blocks internet access for the app you are connecting to data on mobile devices or Wi-Fi. The blocking of the internet connection of an app is intended to safeguard the data on an unmetered connection. There are other motives, too, such as unneeded updates, alerts, taking up space, and many more minor tasks in the background. It is possible to use NetGuard to disable internet access on Android entirely, or you can use Data Saver as the standard option to limit the use of the Internet.

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