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how to cancel linkedin premium

    There are a variety of options to end your subscription. You are utilizing the desktop site, your mobile browser, or even the LinkedIn smartphone app if you purchased your Subscription from LinkedIn directly and not through a third party.

    If you bought your subscription through iTunes or the App Store, If you purchased your Subscription from iTunes or the App Store, you’d be able to take the first steps, but you’ll be directed to the subscription management settings page complete the procedure.

    To cancel, click the Me icon in the navigation bar located at the top of the page or the app. After that, select Access My Premium from the dropdown menu and choose Manage Premium account from the left side of the application.

    You’ll then be directed onto you’ll be taken to the Premium Subscription setting page. Hereunder Manage Subscription, the option to select Cancel Subscription. Then, you’ll be able to follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your Subscription.

    Access Your LinkedIn Premium Account

    To deactivate the LinkedIn Premium subscription using an internet browser, sign in to your profile’s homepage on LinkedIn:

    • The top bar is in the area that says Me. Click on the white Arrow.
    • Once you’ve clicked the Arrow, click Access My Premium.
    • When you’re on your Premium page, you’ll be able to see the two sections: My Premium and Explore Premium.
    • Under My Premium, There will be an overview of your insight. There’s also an array of dropdown menus on the right side of the page, which allows you to explore the various areas of data related to your account.
    • Select the Manage Premium account tab to increase it.
    • Then, click Cancel subscription.

    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium

    • Click on”Me” or the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
    • Choose”Premium Subscription” from the dropdown menu “Premium Subscription” setting from the dropdown menu.
    • Under “Account Type” on the left side, select “Cancel Subscription.”
    • Select the reason for your cancellation, and then hit “Continue.”
    • Click “Cancel my Subscription.”

    What Happens After You Cancel LinkedIn Premium?

    When you have canceled LinkedIn Premium, there’s much else to complete. After the expiration of your billing period, your account will be reverted to a standard version, and you’ll be unable to access the premium features.

    As someone who unsubscribed from LinkedIn Premium multiple times, I’ve observed that LinkedIn will send you numerous emails asking you to sign up again for Premium for the first few months following your unsubscription.

    How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium and Get a Refund

    If you wish to avoid being charged to pay for a second billing cycle of your LinkedIn Premium, You must cancel your Subscription at least one full day before your next scheduled billing. Once you have canceled the plan, it will expire at the expiration of that current billing cycle.

    If you didn’t end your LinkedIn Premium subscription when you should, you’d be charged for another billing cycle, and it is not possible to receive the money-back.

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