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how to cancel youtube premium

    YouTube is among the most popular online video streaming services utilized by millions of people to view various videos. If you’re an avid YouTube subscriber and subscribe to YouTube Premium, you will enjoy the members’ benefits for YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids.

    YouTube Premium offers a monthly membership that will help you improve your YouTube experience and other YouTube applications. If you’d like to cancel or suspend your subscription for whatever reason, it’s easy.

    What Is YouTube Premium?

    YouTube Premium can be described as a monthly subscription to music and videos. With Premium, you’ll have unrestricted access to YouTube Music Premium subscription -it’s ad-free downloadable, and accessible offline. Additionally, you have access to unique features on other YouTube platforms. For example, YouTube won’t come with advertisements. You can access YouTube Original content, and you can download YouTube videos to watch offline or later at the time of your choice.

    Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription on Desktop

    If you’re using a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, visit the YouTube website to end Your Premium account.

    The first step is to open an internet browser on your PC and start the YouTube website. In the upper right corner of the page, select your profile image.

    In the menu for your profile that opens, choose “Purchases and Memberships.”

    Choose “Purchases and Memberships” from the menu for your profile on the YouTube website.

    Then, you’re on”the “Purchases and Memberships” page. There, under the “Premium” section, click “Manage Membership.”

    Go to “Manage Membership” in the “Premium” section on the YouTube website.

    The “Premium” section will expand. From the raised area, click “Deactivate.”

    Choose “Deactivate” in the “Premium” section of the YouTube website.

    YouTube will show an announcement that states you can stop your subscription instead of canceling your subscription. To cancel, you must choose “Continue to Cancel” in the message box.

    Select “Continue to Cancel” in the box for messages on the YouTube website.

    YouTube will then ask why you’re canceling your subscription. Select the reason you want to cancel and select “Next.”

    Choose a reason to cancel and click “Next” on the YouTube website.

    Then, you’ll see the final prompt before the subscription is officially canceled. At this point, you must click “Yes, Cancel.”

    How can I unsubscribe from YouTube Premium with iPhone?

    If you’ve subscribed to a paid YouTube membership via iTunes for your iPhone, you can unsubscribe and remove the YouTube premium service from YouTube’s App store. Follow these steps:

    • Then switch on your iPhone, then go to the App Store.
    • Next, hit the ‘Avatar’ button and choose the option to manage subscriptions.
    • Then, select the ‘YouTube premium’ button.
    • Once you have done that, tap on the “Cancel Subscription then tap the ‘Confirm’ button.
    • In addition, you can end your Youtube premium subscription using the method mentioned above.

    Here’s how you can pause the service of your YouTube Premium subscription:

    • Install YouTube on your smartphone.
    • Click on your profile photo and then select Paid memberships.
    • Click on the membership you wish to stop.
    • Now tap on Deactivate.
    • Tap Pause instead.
    • Choose how long you’d like to deactivate your membership using the slider. Then click the Pause button.

    How Can I Delete My Youtube Premium Card?

    Change your default payment method.

    • Visit
    • Click Manage your membership.
    • On the right side of the current payment method Click Edit next to your current payment method.
    • Click the downward button. Then, next to the payment method.
    • Choose a different payment method, or you can add a credit or debit card.
    • If you have one, type in the card number.
    • Click on Submit.

    So Long, YouTube Premium

    And you’re done! When you have canceled the YouTube Premium subscription, you’ll continue to avail all the benefits until your next bill date. During this time, you’ll also be able to reactivate your subscription if you wish.

    If you’re seeking something not part of YouTube, many other options are worth looking into.

    For more information and assistance, visit the following websites.

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