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How to Change Address on Depop

    Depop is an internet shopping app based in London with offices in Milan, Manchester, and New York City; however, it’s a sought-after retail application across The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and The United States. Because it covers a vast geographical area, you’ll likely be tempted to keep using it even if you relocate. This wikiHow will teach you how to change your address with Depop to purchase using the mobile app. Steps:-

    Depop is a peer-to-peer shopping application. It is a marketplace for mobile devices that lets people purchase and sell their products on iOS and Android platforms. It allows users to buy and sell typically older and used pieces of clothing. Depop is the most well-known fashion marketplace that lets future buyers find new products. With a global community of buyers selling, trading, and collaborating, fashion is more inclusive, diverse, and efficient. This is what the changing of style looks like.

    To alter the email address associated with your Depop Account, it is necessary that you need to have an alternative email address. If you don’t have an email address, you can establish an email address using or other service providers. First, go to the app and tap the “Settings” button located at the upper-right edge of your screen. Then, go to “Account Settings” and “Change Email.” Next, enter the new email address and click “Save Changes.

    How can I change my shipping address on PayPal?

    Click on ‘Profile’ then choose My Personal Information. After that, click “Update” in the section called in the area for address. Then click ‘Edit’ to modify to change the address of shipping.

    Is there an option for me to switch my user name?

    Unfortunately, yes. It is possible to change the username of your account by clicking the “Settings” tab located in the upper right-hand corner of the Quora homepage. Scroll through until “Account Settings.” From there, you’ll see the field marked “Username.” Fill in your username in the area and then click “Save Changes.

    How can I change my shipping information on Depop?

    If you’re listing your item: tap “Delivery” toggle off the shipping toggle and then choose “Ship By Depop.” 2. Click “Ship with Depop,” then confirm the shipping address or type in your email address.

    How can I update my information on Depop?

    Select ‘profile’ then select “username”. Modify the details you need. Save when you’re done.

    Can I have two Depop accounts?

    Yes, you can use the option of having two Depop accounts. However, if you wish to connect both versions simultaneously, it is necessary to close the first account and then log into the second.

    How can I change my address on Depop?

    Depop tweets: “@Depop When listing an item, you can alter the location to any place you’d like. Just choose ‘location’ and then search for United Kingdom.”

    What can I do to modify the delivery address of the seller?

    It isn’t possible to change the shipping address in normal circumstances. However, you can ask the seller to cancel the purchase.

    What do you do if you have entered the wrong address in Depop?

    What do I do? If you have used the deep shipping label, you’ll need to reimburse the purchaser via PayPal or repost the item, then request them to purchase the item again and type the correct address at checkout.

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