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How To Change Airpods Name

    You can alter the AirPod name by using the Settings app on your iPhone and iPad’s Settings application or your Mac personal computer.

    The name you give the name of your AirPods will help them stand out within the crowded Bluetooth menu.

    There are so many Bluetooth-compatible devices that you can connect, including your car’s stereo and noise-canceling headphones, to the speaker in your living room. It isn’t easy to track the different Bluetooth devices available.

    This is why it’s useful to change the name of devices such as the AirPods to ensure you don’t find them and again.

    You can alter your AirPods’s name using the Settings application on the iPhone or iPad and from the System Preferences on your Mac. Here are the steps to follow for both.

    How to change the airport’s name to your iPhone

    The instructions in this article were executed using the iPhone 11 in iOS 13.3. This tutorial assumes you’ve previously plugged in AirPods to your iPhone. AirPods with your iPhone.

    Step 1: Insert at least one Airpod inside your ear or place the Airpod case close to your iPhone.

    Step 2:Launch the Settings application on your iPhone.

    Step 3: Choose Option 3. Choose the Bluetooth option.

    Step 4: Press the small I button on the left of your AirPods.

    Step 5: Choose the name item on the list.

    Step 6: Deleting the name of your Airpod currently. Enter the name. Tap the Done button on the right-bottom of the screen after you’re finished.

    Once you’ve learned how to alter the AirPod name using your iPhone, You should recognize the AirPods from this menu or even if you own several AirPods within your house and must ensure that you’re using the correct one.

    The new name of the Apple AirPods is on the Bluetooth menu. It will also change in the white square visible on the AirPods case close to your iPhone and within the Battery widget.

    How to Rename AirPods on a Mac Computer

    • Open Settings.
    • Click to Bluetooth
    • Right-click on the device you wish to change the name of.
    • Select Rename in the menu that pops up.
    • Please note that your AirPods must be connected before their ability to be changed in name.

    That’s it! You now know how to modify your AirPods by renaming them on the iPhone and Mac computers. You don’t have to end there. You can also change the name of other Bluetooth devices similarly. There are some exceptions, however. Bluetooth devices are a fan of being changed, so test to see what you can change about them.

    How to Change the Name of AirPods on Android

    AirPods are compatible with Android phones. Likewise, Airpod’s name can be altered to a different name on Android devices. If you’re running an Android device and want to know what you can do to change the AirPods name in Android, it’s possible to do so using a standard procedure that can apply to all Android devices regardless of their brands and types.

    These are steps to change the name of the AirPods for Android.

    • Connect the AirPods to your phone.
    • Click on Settings > Bluetooth. Bluetooth.
    • In the Related Devices section, you can tap the litter icon in front of the number of the selected device. AirPods.
    • In the Paired Device settings menu, click “Rename” and type in your preferred Airpods name.
    • Click”OK” or click the “OK” button or “Rename” button to save your modification.

    The AirPods have been renamed successfully. AirPods using Android, and you can double-look up the new name on the Bluetooth menu.

    How do you change the name of AirPods using an iPad?

    Follow these steps to change the name of your AirPods on your iPad.

    • Allow Bluetooth on your tablet. You can take your AirPods from their cases for them to be connected.
    • If they haven’t connected, open your Settings application and select “Bluetooth” to connect with them by hand.
    • When they’re linked, you can tap the info button beside the AirPods.
    • Click the name you currently use and then type in the brand-new name.
    • Click “Done,” and your AirPods’ name will change. Changed.


    AirPods have become a huge hit around the world. Looking to stand out from your peers with original AirPods, most users wish to alter the name of their AirPods across different gadgets. In this post, we will look in-depth at methods to change the name of AirPods across various operating platforms.

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