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How to Change Between Miles and KM in Google Maps

    Google Maps is a powerful and versatile navigation system that has become integral to our lives. When planning your next journey, exploring the city of your dreams, or searching for the accurate option, Google Maps offers a variety of options to assist you in making your travel experience easy and effective.

    One of them is the possibility of switching between various units of measurement, including kilometers and miles.

    In this piece this article, we’ll guide you through how to switch between miles and kilometers in Google Maps effortlessly.

    How to View the Map Scale in Google Maps

    If you’re not certain of Google Maps’ current size, check out the lower-right side of the map display on your web browser for desktop. A tiny ruler bar shows the scale currently used by the map, which is either kilometers or miles (or lesser units).

    If you’re using the Google Maps mobile application, the scale will be visible when you zoom into and out of your map and displays both kilometers and miles (or less). However, you can alter this so that it always displays the scale.

    How to Keep the Scale on the Map on Mobile

    The scale of the map, with imperial and metric units, can be helpful. However, the fact that the scale is only visible at times when you zoom in and out doesn’t help.

    The scale can stay in the middle of the map at all times.

    To keep the scales of the map displayed on Google Maps mobile:

    Open Google Maps.
    If you move your mouse over or off the map, you’ll notice the scale change, showing the distance in miles and kilometers.
    After you stop zooming, the scale will disappear.
    To keep this scale in place, click the Google account icon to make it permanent.

    If you don’t see the Google account icon, you can close the map you’re currently in using the X icon at the top of the display.
    Tap Settings.
    Under Using Maps, select Scales.
    Tap Always.
    The scale is now visible on your map even without zooming.

    Can We Also Change Google Maps From Meters To Miles?

    It is possible to complete the task. The process for this conversion process is very similar to the previous process.

    For changing the measurement from miles to meters, it is possible to follow the instructions in the exact order:

    Use the Google Maps.
    Start your Settings menu by clicking the profile photo.
    You must then select the Map tab.
    Make sure you check the box for “Miles’ scale control.
    After that, hit “Save Changes’. When you return to your map, you should see the scale in miles.

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