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How to Change Default PDF Viewer on Android

    Each Android phone comes with an integrated document reader. It is typically capable of reading PDF documents in different formats. The one that the operating system defaults on may not be the most comprehensive and sophisticated. So, if you have an alternative application that can access PDF files or plan to download a new one, we will show you ways to change it into the default option. In this way, your system recognizes the document as a PDF and will use it all the time, and you won’t need to ask which program you’d like to open the PDF documents by using.

    It’s only an hour to switch the default PDF viewer on Android. If your Android phone doesn’t have at least two distinct PDF reader options, you will need to download a PDF viewer from the Play Store or any other app store.

    How to Change the Default App to Open PDF on Android

    Even though Android phones come with a set of options to control default applications such as phones, messaging, or browsers, this feature does not work for PDF documents. The process of changing the default PDF viewer can be a bit difficult and requires three primary actions:

    Quick Steps to Change PDF Viewer App

    Locate the application that has taken over your PDF files and hide them in your Recent Apps screen.

    Make it your default PDF reader by clearing the defaults within Settings.

    Select your preferred program as the default PDF viewer application when requested.

    We’ll now review the steps thoroughly.

    Change Default PDF Viewer On Android

    The default PDF reader on Android can be easily changed in three steps. Following these steps to accomplish this:

    1. Identify The Default App

    If you are familiar with that default application name, that would be great. Then, you can get on with the next part. In the meantime, follow the following steps to find the application.

    Step 1. Download the PDF to the PDF reader that you usually use as your default

    Second step: Click on the Recent Apps button.

    Step 3: Verify the title of your PDF reader that is the default in your mobile

    How can I change the default PDF app on the Apple/iPad?

    If you’re an iPhone, iPad, or iPad user, you will know Apple’s guidelines about modifying their default PDF viewer. The default viewer on the iPhone doesn’t change since it has a pre-installed viewer you can access to browse the contents of your Doc, Excel, PPT, or PDF documents. However, if you wish to view your document in other software, such as UPDF or iOS, you can follow these steps:

    1. To start, open the PDF file using the iPhone or iPad viewer. At the bottom left, there is an opportunity to “Share.”

    Step 2: Hit this button to push on. Once you have clicked on the button, you’ll be presented with several options for viewing. Pick UPDF or any of them. Once you click, the PDF will load in the specific viewer.


    If you’re having trouble opening the file in a particular format regardless of making an effort to use every one of these options, here are some alternatives you could test:

    Open the file using a web browser. Web browsers support many file formats, such as PDF, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets.

    You can open the file with a text editor. If it’s text, you ought to be able to access it with simple text editors like Notepad and TextEdit. This is useful for solving problems with corrupted or incompatible files.

    You can try opening the file with an alternative device. If you’re experiencing problems opening the file with your Android device, open the file on another device, such as a computer or another Android device. This could help you identify whether your issue is related to the file or the device.

    You can contact the person or entity that created the file. If you’re having trouble opening the file, consider contacting the organization or person responsible for making it. They might be able to resolve the issue or provide the user with a new variant of the file.

    Where is the PDF Viewer on Android?

    Some smartphones have the default PDF viewer available, like Xiaomi phones with “Mi Viewer.” Sometimes, Android phones don’t come with a PDF viewer; therefore, it’s entirely dependent on the model you’re with.

    Which PDF Viewer is Best on Android?

    If you want to alter the default PDF viewer for Android on your phone, UPDF is an excellent choice because of its many capabilities and simple environment. It can browse PDF files on Android in numerous ways and add annotations to PDFs while you are reading.


    This article will benefit you by altering the default PDF viewer for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. The default PDF viewer may lack advanced features, including document editing or formatting. A variety of PDF software is available on the market. Choose your preferred PDF program from the options.

    But, WPS Office is a flexible solution that includes the Writer, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, and PDF tools. It is easy to save documents in the WPS cloud. WPS cloud. WPS PDF software offers a variety of advantages, like editing documents, adding digital signatures and comments, converting PDF files to different formats, splitting and merging various PDF files, and so on. In all, WPS Office is more than just an application for viewing PDF files, and there’s no reason not to make WPS Office a default PDF viewer when you download it.

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