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How To Change Facebook Messenger Password

    Criminals haven’t yet made it easier to hack Facebook Messenger. Technology advances, and hackers come up with new methods to break users’ passwords and gain access to private messages. While Facebook strives to prevent the possibility of password hacking, you can ensure that your Messenger account is safe by regularly changing your password.
    If you’re not sure what to do to reset your Messenger password, then you’ve been to the right spot. This article explains everything you require to learn.

    Can You Have a Different Password for Facebook and Messenger

    No. It is not possible to use different passwords for Facebook and Messenger. Because Messenger is dependent on the Facebook account, you cannot create a different password for Messenger. It’s a messaging platform. Logging in using your Facebook account to Messenger, it is easy to chat with your Facebook acquaintances.

    If you modify your password on Facebook, this will show on the Messenger platform immediately. The Messenger application also gives users an alternative to modify their password inside the app.

    Easily Change Your Facebook Messenger Password

    Are you looking to make Your Facebook Messenger secure and safe? Making your account password change is the easiest method to accomplish this. It’s relatively easy to change your username for Messenger. Here’s how to do it:

    Step 1: Sign in to your Messenger account via the Internet.
    Step 2: After you’re in, look for the Settings icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.
    Step 3: Click the Password option in the menu Settings.
    Step 4: The Change Password dialog box should be displayed. You can enter your current password in the Old Password field.
    Step 5: Now, you can enter your password into the New Password field. Then, put it back in the Confirm Password field.
    Step 6: Finally, press to click the Submit button to apply the necessary changes.
    Now, you’ll have a new and safe password to protect you and your Facebook Messenger account. Make sure you choose an account password that is difficult to crack. Make sure to update it frequently for security. This only takes a couple of minutes!

    Keep Your Account Safe With a Secure Password

    The ability to stay safe online is among the important aspects of having a secured account. One of the simplest and most efficient methods for staying safe is by using solid passwords for your accounts. Here are some guidelines to assist you in creating an effective password

    • Select a phrase to use as a password: A good one typically comprises upper and lower lettering, numerals, and other special characters. The use of a phrase can be a fantastic method to include the entire set. Pick a simple phrase that sticks out to you and then modify the phrase to suit your preferences.
    • Avoid creating passwords with similar names. Sometimes, it’s tempting to come up with a number of similar passwords to ensure that you’re able to quickly log in and sign in, but it’s not the most secure option. Every password must be distinct, which means it’s not guessed at or hacked.
    • Never share your passwords. Don’t divulge your passwords to anyone, regardless of whether they appear to be reliable. Secure your passwords so that your account remains safe.
    • Utilizing strong passwords is a crucial step in making sure your account is secure. It is important to keep your passwords frequently and utilize multiple passwords on various accounts. There is even an online password manager that can aid you in storing and managing your passwords.

    How To Change Your Password on Facebook Messenger on Android

    The process of changing your password for Facebook Messenger on your Android device can be a bit different than changing your password on iOS. For your convenience, we will outline the steps that you need to follow.

    • Start Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger app on your Android phone.
    • Your profile photo will appear on the upper left side of the screen. Tap to reveal it.
    • The menu will then open, and you’ll need to go down the menu to find “Account Settings.”
    • Sign in to your account on Facebook. Once you’ve done that, click on “Security and Login” to access the “Security and Login” option.
    • Select it by tapping on it. Then, choose”Change Password” and then click on the “Change Password” option.
    • You’ll have to give your current password as well as an alternative password.
    • After entering your old password as well as your new password, you can click Save the changes, then proceed to sign in.
    • It is possible to log in to different devices to log off so that you’ll be able to enter the new password to log back in.

    How To Change Your Password on Facebook Messenger on iOS

    If you want to change your password for Facebook Messenger on your iOS device, take these steps.

    • Start Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger app on your iOS device.
    • Click on the icon for a profile to access the Messenger’s menu.
    • Scroll down and click “Security and Login” under “Security.”
    • Select “Change Password” under “Login.”
    • Put your current password and new password in the boxes, then click “Save Changes.”
    • As with the Android device, it is possible to decide to remain logged on other devices or to log off in order to type in your new password the next time you sign in.

    How Many Times Can You Change Your FB Messenger Password?

    For security reasons, Facebook allows you to request an additional password just a handful of times per day. You must wait at least at least 24 hours before you attempt to reset your password in case you’ve exceeded this limit.

    If you follow the steps in the previous paragraph, you are now able to alter your Facebook Messenger password with ease. No matter if you’re using your Android device or any other platform, securing your chats is essential. Keep a step ahead of any potential dangers and enjoy a secure chat experience with Facebook Messenger.


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    Trolls are typical users just like us and you; however, there are some differences between them and us. Trolls are people who target users in order to draw attention to, provoke, and create problems for other users.

    Facebook and Messenger passwords aren’t identical.

    Messenger cannot function without a Facebook account, and therefore, it is possible to use the same password on both Facebook and Messenger.

    What if I wanted to use Messenger without having a Facebook account?

    No. If you are planning to utilize Facebook Messenger, it’s mandatory to sign up for at least one Facebook account.

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