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How to Change Language on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is the most well-known messaging program, allowing users to chat in different languages, with the benefit of options for changing the settings for Language in the app. This function is beneficial in areas with many languages or for those who prefer to speak their native Language. So, understanding how to alter the Language used in WhatsApp is crucial for each WhatsApp user.

    This blog post will guide users in changing WhatsApp’s language for Android and iPhone devices. This involves changing the language settings on your device, which automatically alters WhatsApp’s Language. This guide will deliver step-by-step directions that apply to Android and iPhone users.

    What can I do to modify WhatsApp and the Android language?

    To alter the Language of WhatsApp for Android, Follow these steps:

    Go to Settings on your phone.

    Scroll down, and then select “System.”

    In the System settings, click to turn on “Languages & input.”

    Within the input & languages menu, choose “Languages.”

    There’s an alphabetical list of the languages you have installed on your phone. Press and hold one of them and drag it up to the top, making it the default language on the phone and WhatsApp.

    If the language you want to learn isn’t on the list, tap “Add a language” to add it.

    If you follow these steps, altering the language settings on your Android device is possible. This will be reflected on WhatsApp in the same way.

    Modify the Language in WhatsApp for iOS.

    These steps will allow you to modify the WhatsApp Language on iOS.


    The names of menus and settings can differ based on the model of the device and its version.

    Step 1. Open Settings by pressing the gear icon located on the screen that displays the home screen. Select “General” from the settings menu.

    Step 2: Go to the General menu, choose”General Menu,” and then click on the “Language & Region” item.

    Step 3: Under the “iPhone Language” item, you’ll find the system’s chosen language and tap the menu option.

    Step 4: After that, a screen will display all the languages available. Click on the language you want to use from the listLanguage5: You’ll next be asked if you wish to use the chosen language. Make sure to confirm with “Use (.Languageuage.”

    6. The chosen language is now automatically set to be the iOS operating languages language. The language will also be listed inLanguagepreferLanguageuage order” list. If you’d like to pick any other language in the preferred language list, tap it and drag it up to the highest in the listing.

    Step 7. If you wish to modify your layout for the iOS keyboard and, consequently, the WhatsApp keyboard’s language, follow the next option: “Settings” > “GeneraLanguageyboard.” There, tap on “Keyboards.” There, you’ll be able to see the current keyboard layout. To modify it, tap the “Add keyboard” and select your preferred language from the available iPhone keyboards.

    Via DLanguage

    Finally, you may modify WhatsApp’s language. You can also change the languageLanguageWhatsApp web application. What you have Languageplish:

    Log into your WhatsApp and select the Settings icon in the left-hand corner.

    Click on General.

    Select System default under Language.

    Choose any language of your selection.

    Does the setting of my language affect my chats or contacts?

    Changes to the language settings won’t affect your contacts and chats. This will alter the language used by the application’s interface.

    What language changes the language settings to the default language?

    You can switch the language back to the default language using the same procedure as in this tutorial.

    How do I change the default keyboard in Android?

    If you want to switch to a different keyboard for Android phones, head to the Settings menu > System > Languages and input > on-screen keyboard. You can enable the new keyboard. Go to Settings > General Management > Keyboards on Samsung Galaxy phones and select the default. After you’ve enabled the keyboard, change to the preferred keyboard. To do this, press the keyboard icon within the navigation panel on the right side of an app running on a keyboard. Then, select your desired keyboard.

    Should I change the settings for my language to delete previous messages?

    Yes, changing your language language will not erase any previous chat messages. Your chat hiLanguagell remains unaltered.

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