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How To Change Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone 15 & 15 Pro

    The ability to add wallpapers to the Home screen or Lock screen is a primary way to personalize the phone. In this article, we will look at how to alter the Wallpaper on your iPhone 15 Home screen and the Lock screen.

    Make your iPhone wallpaper different.

    Do you want to change your iPhone’s Lock Screen or Home Screen background? Choose a recommended background or choose an image from your collection.

    Make a fresh wallpaper for Your Lock Screen or Home Screen.

    • Within the Settings app, select Wallpaper.
    • Tap Add New Wallpaper.
    • Tap Photos, people or Photos, People Shuffle and Live Photo to choose your picture. Also, you can select wallpapers from a specific category, such as Weather & Astronomy, Kaleidoscope, Emoji, Unity, Collections, Pride or Color.
    • Suppose you’d like to personalize the Wallpaper to your liking. Then tap Add.
    • Select the Set as Wallpaper Pair button. Your selection will then be displayed on your Home Screen and Lock Screen. Click Customize the Home Screen to create a distinct Home Screen wallpaper that you can modify.

    Choose your Wallpaper using the Lock Screen.

    Check that you have created Face ID on your iPhone. If you want to change the Wallpaper on the Lock Screen, Face ID should be able to view your eyes and the areas that surround the eyes.
    Touch and press your Lock Screen to open your wallpaper gallery when on your Lock Screen.
    If you want to choose a wallpaper you’ve already designed, move your finger to the left and right. If you add a wallpaper, press the button to add.

    In The Lock Screen wallpaper options, it is possible to tap the Focus button to connect the Focus to a particular wallpaper, change the Wallpaper of an existing one by swiping up wallpapers and tap to erase the Wallpaper.

    If you cannot use Face ID to change your Lock Screen, touch and hold the Lock Screen until the Customize button pops up. If the Customize button does not appear, press and hold it until you see the Lock Screen again, and then input your passcode.

    How to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone 8

    If you have one of the iPhone 8 or any former versions, there’s only one way to alter the Wallpaper on your lock screen. Here are the steps you could take:

    • Click on Settings, then click Wallpaper.
    • Now, tap on Choose a New Wallpaper.
    • Select the image you wish to make your Lock Screen and tap on it to set it.
    • Choose Set Lock Screen.

    Also, opt to set Both to make the chosen image for the home screen as well as the lock screen of your iPhone.

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