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How To Change My Default Homepage In Safari

    Although you might not consider what your Homepage is when you open Safari, it is the most convenient way to see the most popular website the first time. Each time you launch Safari, you can visit the site you love most immediately or after you click the Home button. Perhaps it’s your favorite website for breaking news, the one you trust for weather the most, or maybe your preferred website for technology,

    To ensure you can access your preferred web page quickly throughout the day, we’ll show you how to change the default Safari Homepage on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

    How do I set the Homepage within Safari on Macs? Mac

    It is possible to select any webpage you wish to show on the first launch of Safari. If you usually begin your search with a Google search, you can set the Google homepage as your first choice. If your first action every time you visit the web is to check your emails, then inform Safari to open the site of your service.

    This is how you can set the Safari homepage for your Mac.

    • Start Safari on your Mac.
    • Choose Safari in the Menu Bar. Select preferences from the drop-down menu.
    • Click the General tab on the Preferences screen.
    • Under Homepage, type the URL you want to make the Safari homepage.
    • Be aware that you can select Change to The Current Page to pick which page you’re currently on.
    • Close the General Preferences window to save the changes.

    What do I do if I have trouble changing my Safari homepage?

    If you’re having trouble changing the Safari homepage of iPhone SE 2020, try these suggestions: iPhone SE 2020 there are several options that you could attempt:

    • Restart your phone. It’s a great way to resolve minor software issues that could prevent you from changing the default homepage.
    • Look for updates to your software. Verify your iPhone runs the most current version of iOS. Apple regularly issues software updates to fix problems and increase performance.
    • Change your Safari settings. The reset will bring your Safari settings back to default settings. To reset them, you must go to Settings > Safari. Safari and then Reset.
    • Look for any restrictions. Your parent or guardian likely blocks your Safari homepage. For a check of restrictions on your screen, visit the Settings menu > Screen Time > Content and Privacy Restrictions.
    • Get rid of any third-party software managing Safari. Specific third-party applications like content or ad blockers may also stop you from changing Safari’s Homepage. Safari homepage. If you’re using some third-party applications installed that control Safari, you can try to remove the apps and check if this resolves the problem.

    Other suggestions:

    • Be sure to be connected to the internet at a high speed.
    • You can change the Safari homepage by moving it to another site.
    • Change the Safari homepage by using an alternative browser like Chrome or Firefox.

    How Can I Switch my Safari Home Screen on iPad?

    Open Safari. Visit the website where you want to create your Homepage. Select the box with an arrow icon near the lower right of your screen. Click “Add to the Home Screen”. You can rename the icon and click “Add” at the top left corner.

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