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How To Change Read-Only Contacts On Android

    For example, read-only contacts are saved by applications from third parties, including WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, or Viber. The contacts are typically kept for a short period on the device’s internal storage and then appear on the contacts list.

    It is not possible to erase these read-only contacts by hand. However, you can get them off your contacts list by deactivating the sync opportunity within the application of a third party or uninstalling the program by itself.

    In this guide this article, we’ll show you how you can unlink and remove the contacts that are read-only from your Android phone quickly. Utilize the techniques below.

    What is a read-only phone number?

    Currently, through sync data between different accounts, changing SIM cards, and other services, contacts whose information is not stored on the mobile will be displayed. Some of these contacts may be repeated, and multiple numbers may appear under the same email account.

    The Android calendar and contacts system can manage all contacts within a single listing. If it discovers duplicate contacts across different websites and apps, it pays off in creating a “Read-only contact” entry. This contact’s ability to communicate with messages or initiate calls remains the same. There’s nothing wrong with a read-only phone number, and we’ll not be able to get rid of the feature. In any case, not in an automatic way. Deleting the read-only contact on a mobile phone is a frequent question, and we’ve compiled methods to fulfill this.

    Contacts that are not linked

    The easiest way to remove read-only contact information is by unlinking it. The steps for unlinking the contact include:

    • Start the Contacts application for Android.
    • Click the button that has three dots. Select the feature. Check the connected contacts.
    • Pick the read-only contacts you would like to remove from your list.
    • If you’d like to remove the contact after it has been linked, choose “Delete,” the contact will disappear from the address record.

    Utilize Google’s Contact App

    It is also possible to delete a read-only contact with this Google Contact app. It is already installed on a variety of Android smartphones. If you still need to install it, visit the Play Store and install it. After it’s installed and you’re logged in, you can sign in and sync your contacts through the application. After that, the deletion of read-only contacts is a breeze for users.

    • Log on to the Play Store and install Google Contacts.
    • Log in using the details of your Google account.
    • From the contact list, look for the one with read-only access you want to erase.
    • Tap the three dots representing trees (More opportunity) on the left edge.
    • Select Delete in the menu dropdown.
    • Confirm your actions by pressing Move to Bin on the pop-up window.
    • Then, click the ‘Fix and Manage’ tab on the right side of the Google Contacts app.

    Click option Bin. Choice Bin.
    Make sure to click on the contact you deleted, then click delete forever.

    Contacts from your mobile will be synchronized, and read-only contacts will be removed from the contact list.

    How can you remove the read-only contact on a mobile phone by deinstalling the app?

    The third feature available is to remove read-only contacts from your mobile. We will delete or turn off the Android Contacts app this time. This could lead to a decline in the performance of the phone. Therefore, there are better opportunities to consider.

    Go to your Google Play Store and choose Manage Devices and Apps in the settings menu.
    Choose Manage, choose the Contacts application, and click the button to turn it off.
    Verify your order.

    Uninstallation is available only with apps that have yet to be fully installed. If you are using Android Contacts, you can turn it off since it’s part of the operating system. Also, you can repeat this opt-out method for applications that result in contact compatibility issues. You can remove the contact list to test how it went.


    Read-only contacts consume space and could make users uncomfortable. The reason for this is that synchronization causes these contacts. They will require more procedures to allow them to get rid of them. Explore the various options we have suggested in our guide to cleanse your contacts list and get the list personalized.

    Be aware that you may erase it from Google’s website and their address book using the unlink tool or even by setting the phone in a factory reset. Try disabling Contacts to eliminate duplicate contacts and ensure you don’t have read-only phone numbers on your Android phone.

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