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How To Check Ram Speed

    It is essential to understand the Speed of your computer’s RAM. It is due to the RAM speed is the determining factor in how fast the applications will run and how fast the files be available. Your computer’s RAM speed will determine how far you can travel using your PC at any given time. We’ll explore ways to determine the Speed of RAM on your PC to determine whether it’s adequate or time for upgrading it.

    What Is RAM?

    RAM is “random access memory.” It’s the Memory used for working on physical objects which your computer uses. All open applications documents, files, and other data are stored there for quick access. RAM is not the same as the system’s SSD (or hard drive), which is significantly less efficient than RAM. When you start a program or open a document, it’s transferred from your system’s storage device to RAM.

    The amount of RAM you require depends on the type of work you’re doing. You’ll require more RAM to play the most recent PC games, run virtual machines, and edit 4K video.

    What Are The RAM Types?

    There are two main RAM kinds, which are:


    SRAM is Static Random Access Memory. This specific RAM holds data with the help of up to six transistors within each memory cell. The RAM is generally used by the computer processor to store cache data.


    Memory modules for computers DRAM

    DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory. This kind of RAM allows your computer to store all the data bit by bit and also in a capacitor that refreshes each time. If it refreshes regularly, all the data and information will be erased instantly.

    There are other types of RAM which include:

    SDRAM: Synchronous Dynamics Access Memory stores data using capacitors that use integrated circuits.

    RDRAM: Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory is used similarly. It can store data between 800 MHz and 1600 Mbps. However, the higher Speed results in more heat generated by the system.

    DDR SDRAM: Double Data Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory functions like SDRAM, but it has faster speeds. It also has different RAM types, including DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. They define the amount of DDR speed.

    How to Check My RAM Speed in Windows 10

    The quickest and easiest method to determine your computer’s Speed in RAM is using the built-in Windows 10 task Manager tool. This is how you can use it.

    • Hold Ctrl and Shift, press Esc, right-clicks the taskbar, and choose Task Manager to launch Windows 10 Task Manager. Windows 10 Task Manager.
    • Click More Details.
    • Click Performance.
    • The Performance tab in the Task Manager window.
      Click Memory.
    • The Memory tab in the Task Manager window.
      The big number on the right side of the Memory represents the amount of RAM you have. In this case, the RAM is 16 GB.
    • The number on the left of Speed represents the Speed of your RAM. Here, it’s 2133 MHz.

    How to Check RAM Speed on a PC

    You may be interested in checking the Speed of your RAM at least once in a while. Therefore, in this article, we’ll present the various ways to test the Speed on the Windows PC.

    Using Windows Task Manager

    Windows Task Manager contains all the system data needed. Therefore, it is possible to keep track of RAM speed with this tool.

    Follow the steps below to discover how to find out the best place to look for the Speed or frequency of your RAM using Windows Task Manager:

    • The first step is to start the program. To do this, it is easy to right-click your Windows icon on the taskbar and select Task Manager. You can also directly hit the Windows + Shift + Esc keys to take you to the identical window.
    • Next, choose the Performance tab.
    • Choose Memory, and you can check everything happening with the RAM.
    • Below the graph, look for Speed. This is where you can observe the Speed of your RAM.
    • windows task manager ram speed

    Command Prompt

    On your keyboard, Press your keyboard’s Windows symbol key and then R simultaneously to activate Run. Run box. In the box, type cmd and then press Enter.

    Copy and paste the WMIC memory chip to speed up The Command Prompt window, and then hit Enter. This command allows you to examine the Speed of your RAM chip.

    WMIC memory chip gain speed

    Then you’ll be able to determine the frequency or Speed (1600 milliseconds in my instance).

    How to Check How Much RAM You Have on Mac

    It’s easier to know the amount of RAM in your Mac. But, unlike Windows computers, it’s almost impossible to upgrade RAM on Apple computers. The RAM is soldered on the motherboard and isn’t accessible if you have a MacBook.

    Begin by clicking the Apple icon at the top left corner of the display on your Mac.

    Choose “About The Mac” from the context menu drop-down.

    Now, you’ll get an overview of the specs of your PC and how much Memory you have on the Mac. In this case, the MacBook is equipped with 16GB of RAM.

    If you’d like to know the type of RAM installed, the first step is to select the “System Report” button.

    Then, select “Memory” in the sidebar to the left. The memory amount and kind of RAM will be shown on the right-hand left side.

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