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How To Clean Alex And Ani Bracelets

    It was not until my friend Neena created two new bangles that I was able to see how stained the Alex, as well as Ani bracelets, were getting. They appeared so worn-out in comparison to my sparkling new gold wire. I tried water and soap, but it didn’t accomplish anything. Then I thought of the time I owned a rusted necklace that I could repair by placing it into Coke. Unfortunately, the soda we keep isn’t necessary for our home, and I decided to try the same trick using Ketchup! I was a bit anxious to do this as Alex or Ani’s bracelets cost a lot, so I didn’t want to harm the bracelets!

    It worked! I placed my bracelets onto the white plate and covered it with the ketchup, then let them sit for five minutes. I could see the difference before I cleaned off the ketchup. Then, I rinsed the ketchup off the sink and used a scrubber to clean off all the ketchup. They looked amazing!

    The Story of Alex and Ani

    The remarkable thing with Alex or Ani necklaces is they’re constructed of recycled materials, making the perfect eco-friendly jewelry selection. Alex and Ani use a mixture of silver and copper that was reclaimed from old objects.

    There’s a long-standing belief that copper has healing properties, which is why Alex and Ani decided to use copper to help spread this notion. The skin absorbs copper through your pores while you wear it. In addition, some individuals believe that it will boost your immune system.

    Copper is also believed to attract positive energy, making it the most beautiful accessory for all.


    Cleaning your jewelry earlier and frequently (at minimum once every month) is the best method to avoid oxidation. our signature polishing cloth is washable and reusable. (made entirely of cotton flannels) effectively cleanses every ALEX and ANI jewelry. Rub the jewelry between two of the cloths to restore its original sparkle.

    If Rafaelian or Shiny Finish jewelry requires further cleaning, dip the jewelry in water and mild soap and gently wipe the piece with the softest cloth. After cleaning, rinse with fresh water and dry.

    Due to the fine detail and materials in specific collections, you might require an extra sophisticated device to give each piece a thorough clean. First, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the piece using gentle soap and water. Clean it thoroughly, then rub dry.

    Alex and Ani Materials

    We’ve already learned that the bracelets are made of recycled copper and recycled silver. Alex and Ani utilize an alloy of the two metals. This alloy can make them strong and have a broad spectrum of colors.

    In some instances, it is possible to make the bracelets plated in Rafelian silver or gold to improve the variety of colors or control the bracelet’s outcome more precisely. This coating is only available for Alex or Ani bracelets and was designed to honor the founders. It’s not found in any other place.

    Some things to remember…

    As time passes, you might find that your pieces begin to become dull; this is the normal oxidation process. While we might not notice the fading of our favorite New York City landmark, when you’re not an official Statue of Liberty, it’s not the ideal appearance. It’s a good thing that oxidation isn’t too difficult to fix.

    Final Thoughts

    Cleaning the inside of your Alex and Ani bracelets, ensure that you’re cleaning them as frequently as you need to and performing it in a manner that doesn’t cause damage to the bracelet. The most efficient method of cleaning them is to clean them using the cleaning cloth supplied; however, you can apply soap and water or ketchup if they require more cleaning.

    Take note that the longer often you need to use these modern cleaning methods, the more at risk is the risk of stripping away the anti-tarnish layer, so take care when using these techniques.

    Suppose you take care of the condition of your Alex as well as Ani bracelets; they’ll remain shining and stunning for a lengthy period. But, even when they get tarnished, and you cannot get them sparkling, they will look distinctive, old-fashioned, and vintage.

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