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How To Clean Cricut Mat

    \Find out how you can clean your Cricut mat and then make it more sticky with this informative article packed with helpful techniques and tips.
    Cleansing your mat could help you save a few dollars and make it easier to get your mat cleaned before you head off to the grocery store!

    The cutting mat of your Cricut becomes dirty and begins to lose its stickiness; you could begin to think about what to do. Should you wash the cutting mat? Refresh it? Do you want to throw it into the garbage and get another one?

    If your mat is beginning to lose it’s “oomph,” don’t fret. There’s no need to discard old and cut mats that are dirty! This tutorial will show you how to refresh Cricut mats with a bit of cleansing rather than.

    In this blog, I’ll give you my top methods and techniques to clean Cricut cutting mats and how to make them stick once more.

    What to Use to Clean Cricut Mat

    When you are beginning to wash the Cricut mat, the most important issue to be asked is, “what can I use to clean a Cricut mat?”.

    Below are the items that you must clean your Cricut mat. They are inexpensive and readily available. Most likely, you already have them in your home.

    Be aware that you might not use every item in this list. The things you will require depend upon the cleaning technique that you employ.

    • Plastic Cricut Scraper Tool
    • Baby wipes that are bleach-free and alcohol-free.
    • Dish soap
    • Lint roller
    • Dish brush
    • LA’s Amazing Cleaning Spray

    How to Clean a Cricut Cutting Mat (Light)

    Cricut cutting mats are a bit sticky. However, they aren’t permanently sticky. The typical Cricut mat will last around 50 times before it begins to lose its lustre. But, if you follow the correct Cricut mat care methods, you can help the mat last for longer.

    However, there is a variety of ways to get rid of the Cricut mat. With the help of your equipment, it is possible to clean the Cricut mat with different techniques.

    These are some methods you can employ to wash the Cricut mat using light debris:

    Use a Scraper Tool

    This technique is particularly useful for dealing with big pieces of debris. If you don’t own a plastic Cricut scraper, then used plastic cards can be great alternatives. For the tool to be used, it is necessary to use the tool on your Cricut mat’s surface, scraping off any dirt that’s there.

    Use a Sticky Lint Roller

    One of the best ways to wash the Cricut mat is to run the mat with a lint roller, which is sticky, across the mat’s surface. It removes scraps left over from cutting, such as bits of silver, paper or any other glitter that got stuck to the mat. Additionally, this technique can be used on pink Cricut mats!

    Use Baby Wipes

    This is a great method, as most homes are equipped with baby wipes. But, prior to using baby wipes, you’ll like to make sure there aren’t any pieces of paper lying on the mat. So, you’ll have to make use of the sticky lint roller or a scraper made of plastic to clean up paper-related particles.

    This is a guideline for cleaning your Cricut mat using baby wipes without causing injury to the Adhesive of the mat.

    • Step 1: Create circular movements on the mat’s surface by using cloth diapers that are bleach and alcohol-free.
    • Step 2: Use care when applying pressure and take care not to scratch the Adhesive off.
    • Step 3: Lay the mat for a few hours to air dry.

    Take note that you shouldn’t dry out your Circut mat by heating it, as it could damage the mat. Additionally, the use of towels to dry the mat could cause you to return to the mat in a mess and all the wool that it leaves on the floor.

    Warm water and soap

    • You can wash the Cricut mat using the use of soap and warm water.
    • Dish soap is a great choice. However, it’s best to select soap without lotions, which can make your mat spongy.
    • Cleanse gently using a sponge, cloth, soft sponge, or magic eraser. Then rinse thoroughly.
    • Allow the Cricut mat to dry completely prior to using it.
    • Note: Avoid using excessively hot water because the heat can alter the shape of Cricut mats. This makes it so that they will not fit inside the Cricut machine or be able to buckle, making cuts that are in error.

    Heavy-Duty Cleaning Methods

    If the mat you are using is filthy or oily, it may be necessary to use more effective cleaning techniques. One of the top cleaners used to wash your Cricut cutting mats is LA’s Totally Awesome spray. This spray is available at most discount stores, as well as on the internet.

    How to clean a Cricut Mat using a Fantastic Spray

    If you decide to try this technique, take note that it has mixed reviews on the internet. Certain people recommend the method, while others affirm that it removes all sticky off their mats. (Personally, I’ve never required dishwashing soap with warm water; therefore, I’d be cautious!)

    Here’s how to scrub your Cricut mat using Amazing Spray:

    • The mat should be cleaned with a spray.
    • The mat should be left to rest for 5-10 mins.
    • Make use of a squeegee or scraper device to scrape the remnants off the top of the mat with care. What is important in this case is “gently.” Apply very gentle pressure to avoid damaging the mat.
    • Cleanse the mat using warm water. Place it flat on the floor or hang it horizontally for drying.

    How to Clean the Pink Cricut Fabric Mat

    The pink fabric grip mat was designed to cut fabric. It is equipped with a specific adhesive, which is distinct from the glue that is found on the three other mats.

    The mat’s Adhesive is extremely fragile, so be careful not to scratch it or scratch at it if you have to, then employ the tweezer tool in order to take larger pieces of remaining materials.

    The mat shouldn’t be sprayed with Awesome spray or any other chemical-based cleaners that are harsh on the mat in pink.

    Tips for Drying Cutting Mats

    • Dry your mat completely by hanging it on the wall or just putting it on its side on your dish rack. Once you’ve cleaned the mat, ensure that both sides be dry. Don’t put it down on the countertop.
    • Don’t use any heat sources since it could make your cutting mat break or warp, causing it impossible to fit into the Cricut machine. So, no hair dryers!
    • If you want to speed up the drying process, use a fan on the mat in order to improve the airflow. It seems like using a hair dryer with”Cool “Cool” setting should be acceptable, provided that you are able to avoid using any kind of heat to accelerate the drying process. There’s no reason to ruin your previous mat in order to get work done quicker! (Though I believe you should always keep a few extra mats to use around.)

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