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How To Clear Bluetooth Cache On Android

    Removing the Android device’s cache may solve disconnection issues. It is possible to clear Bluetooth’s cache of data on your device or tablet to restore Bluetooth. It is entirely safe for your phone, and the Square Reader is contactless and has a chip. This can be done by clearing the cache in your Android settings or manually removing the device from the Bluetooth setting.

    Important: removing cache files isn’t possible on iOS devices.

    Android 13 Users: You’ll need to uninstall the Square Reader from the list of Bluetooth devices to clean the cache.

    Android 14 users who are with Android 14: The opportunity to delete caches of Bluetooth storage Bluetooth storage cache is not available on Android 14.

    What are the reasons for clearing the Bluetooth Cache?

    The first thing to note is that removing the Bluetooth cache will not affect the future Bluetooth experience with devices. In reality, you can solve enough issues by eliminating your Bluetooth cache.

    In this case, for example, you could clean your Bluetooth caches when you experience an issue with the connection, your device’s Bluetooth stops working, etc. A lot of the non-technical problems can be resolved by clearing your Bluetooth cache.

    Next, you’ll discover how to clear the Bluetooth cache.

    What can I do to Clear the Bluetooth Cache?

    This segment will have three distinct parts, each outlining specific steps to remove Bluetooth.

    Clear Bluetooth on Android

    How do you clear Bluetooth in Android? There are two options to resolve this problem.

    Method 1: Disconnect the device.

    Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your device, then select Bluetooth. Bluetooth choice.

    Step 2: Tap the gear icon on the device you are paired with.

    Step 3: Select to remove or erase your devices and restart the device. After that, the cache will be deleted.

    Method 2: Remove the cache from the Bluetooth Settings.

    Step 1: Navigate to Settings and click on Apps.

    Step 2: Click on the menu icon, then select to show the system applications.

    Step 3: Find Bluetooth and then click on it.

    Step 4: Select the Storage choice and clear the cache.

    Restart your device, and you will see that the data is gone.

    Clear Bluetooth Cache iOS

    iOS doesn’t offer the same freedoms as other operating systems. This is why there’s no choice to clean caches within iOS. Unpairing the Bluetooth device may benefit users with pairing issues or connectivity difficulties.

    • Click on Settings. Then, tap Bluetooth.
    • Click on the “i” icon beside the device. Tap on Forget This Device.
    • It will cause the phone to be erased and repaired.
    • Clear Bluetooth Cache is available on macOS
    • Utilize Finder to find your Library folder.
    • Go to Preferences and search for a file named com. Apple.Bluetooth. plist.
    • Then, delete the file and reboot the system.

    It’s better to create an archive of the file in a safe place. When your Mac is running, it will start scanning devices again. Then, you will have to connect the devices once more. It is also possible to try this technique:

    • Hold and press the keys Shift + Option and then press the Bluetooth icon at the top.
    • Scroll to Debug and then choose Set to reset the Bluetooth module.

    Suppose you notice that the Bluetooth icon isn’t visible. Click on System Preference > Bluetooth, then click the checkbox that declares Show Bluetooth in the menu bar.


    As technology advances, devices are either upgraded into newer models or switched to an entirely new format. If you’re using a Bluetooth 5.0 capable device and a compatible receiver, you will likely have issues different from those of earlier generations. Also, think about changing to wireless radios with their own receiver. It’ll bring an experience that is superior to others.

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