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How To Close Apps On Apple Watch

    When you close and open an app from an Apple Watch, the app will play in the background. Apps running in the background don’t pose an issue and are perfectly acceptable. But if you’ve opened various applications for an extended period without closing them all at once, the Watch will become slower and consume more battery.

    Shutting down an unneeded app isn’t a problem for your Apple Watch. It’s an ideal option to save the battery. In this article, we’ve shared some easy ways to shut down the apps installed on your Apple watch.

    How To Close Apps On Apple Watch

    Then you need to click the Side button on your Apple Watch’s right-hand edge. After that, you’ll get an overview of all the currently active apps within the Apple Watch.

    If you see an application you wish to delete, swipe from left to right. After you’ve swiped, a Remove button will be displayed. Press the Remove button to end the application!

    How to Force Close Apps on the Apple Watch

    If an app cannot function properly on the Apple Watch, press the side button until the shutdown screen appears. Then, keep pressing and holding the crown on the display until it is closed.

    Why Should I Close Apps On My Apple Watch?

    It’s essential to close any apps that are running on the Apple Watch, especially if you’ve observed the Apple Watch battery dies quickly. If you leave open apps, they run in the background and may stop working, which could slow down Your Apple Watch.

    How do I restart or force-restart my Apple Watch?

    To power off the operation of your Apple Watch, Press and hold the button on the side until you can see your Power Down menu.

    The button for Power Off button is left to shut off the Apple Watch. When the Watch is turned off, press the side button until the Apple logo appears at the center in the center of the screen.

    Apple Watch Power Down menu screenshot that highlights the Off and Power Off button

    It could take a couple of minutes for Apple Watch to turn on. Apple Watch to turn on after shutting down. Emmaline Windeler/INSIDER

    To force restart the Apple Watch, Press and hold the side button and simultaneously hold the Digital Crown simultaneously. Release both buttons when you see your Apple Logo (about 10-15 seconds).

    For more information about restarting the Apple Watch, check out our guide: “How to turn your Apple Watch on and off, and force-restart it for troubleshooting.”

    Suppose you want to reset the Apple Watch and unpair it to your iPhone Use to use the Watch application on your connected iPhone and the settings app for the Apple Watch. For more in-depth instructions, refer to our post about “How to reset your Apple Watch and unpair it from an iPhone.”


    After you close all apps, you will experience the longest battery lifespan and smooth operation of your Apple Watch. It is possible to close any app without worrying about the job being performed by the app. The app’s tasks will not be stopped in any circumstance. You can force-quit the app in the event of an unresponsive Apple Watch.

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