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How to combine videos on iphone

    It’s easy to trim or cut videos with ease on iPhone and iPad, but you cannot combine multiple videos or photos using an existing Photos app. There are times when you have taken videos while traveling or online playing and could want to merge the videos. Today, we will show you five effective and straightforward video mergers to the iOS system that allows you to combine videos on both your iPhone and iPad.

    iPhone lets users directly edit videos on Camera Roll on iPhone without any third-party video editors or programs. However, if you’re looking to merge multiple video clips into one, you’ll still require an app for video editing. There are a variety of video editors available on the Apple App Store. The majority of them aren’t cost-free, but they are the best ones.

    Videoshop is awe-inspiring. It’s an iOS video editor as well as a movie maker. It can be used to edit your videos made using an iPhone or iPad, convert your photos into videos on your iOS device, and then share them on your social media networks. Today, we’ll teach you how to join several videos on the iPhone with this iPhone video editor application.

    How to merge videos using iPhone using the VivaVideo application.

    Follow the steps listed below to join movies on an iPhone with The Viva Video app.

    Start the VivaVideo Video Editor and Maker application for your iPhone.

    Then, tap then the “+ New Project” button.

    Select a video to begin your project. Then, tap the “NEXT” button.

    Tap on”Plus +” and tap on the “Plus +” button above the video timeline.

    Next, you can select another video that you’d like to mix.

    The two videos are paired with each other.

    To insert the video or clip into another video, You’ll need to click on “Edit” to split or reduce the video.

    Hold and press on one clip, then drag it left or right to alter the location of the clips.

    Join Videos to iPhone using Videoshop

    Videoshop is high-quality software that allows you to join two videos iPhone. Additionally, it can also cut, resize, or trim videos, change the color settings and add music to videos, make a fast motion, create slow motion, and more. This is a step-by-step instruction on joining videos on the iPhone.

    Step 1: Download and install the Videoshop iOS app onto your Apple device. You can add video clips to the application by pressing “Plus” the “Plus” sign.

    Step 2: After all the videos have been added, you can edit the videos according to your preferences. You can include audio, slow, or trim clips, alter the color balance, and many other options. Select to click the “Next” button when you’ve completed making edits to the pin. You’ll then be presented with the possibility of adding the author’s name, date, title, and the location of the video. Choose a theme and any relevant filters.

    Step 3: Once the finished video looks exactly how you intended it to be, save it by clicking the “Sharing” button. Upload your video to the most popular websites like Facebook, Vine, YouTube, and Vimeo. You can also email your acquaintances through WhatsApp or Email and upload it to Dropbox.

    How to mix videos using iPhone with the help of the iMovie application:

    Open the iMovie application from the mounting location to your iPhone

    On the home page of the iMovie application, click on “+” to create an iMovie New Project

    iMovie will then prompt you with a prompt. Choose “Movie” to combine multiple video clips.

    After that, tap “Create Movie” at the bottom of the screen.

    Click “Tap + to add video, photos, or audio to upload your videos.”

    In the VIDEOS & Photos category, click “Video.”

    Tap on the location of the video you wish to import, choose the video and click on a button that has”+. “+” icon

    Then, add another video you’d like to merge to create one video, and then press “+.”

    If you’d like, you could include stunning transitions to your videos.

    When your merging of video is done, click on “Done.”

    After that, click on”Share” to save or share the video.

    Video Mixer

    The video mixer is available to download via the Apple app store and is pretty effective at combining several videos.

    Here’s the way to go:

    Start the Apple app store and look for the Video Mixer

    Install it and download it after you’ve located it.

    Open the video editing tool.

    You will see a “Tap to Create New Project’ option on the main screen. Click on it

    There are three options available on the screen. You can choose to combine iPhone videos that are vertical, horizontal, or square.

    Choose the kind of video you wish to make, and after which, click on the plus icon to add video clips from your collection.

    After you’ve uploaded your clips, click the button at the top to join them.

    The video you have merged will likely be stored in the camera roll.

    How to Mix Two Videos With Video Merger on iPhone

    Videoshop is an additional app that acts as a birth video merge and a montage maker. It’s a free user-only program that lets you create a montage in just a few minutes.

    It is easy to download this application from the App store.

    These are steps you can follow for your referral.

    Start the app. You’ll see an “+” sign with the message ” add clip.” Click it to add the video you want to add.

    Make sure also to add a second video addition.

    Then, press the end button. The two videos will be combined. Videos. Finally, click on “Save.”

    Final Thoughts

    Combining several video clips using the video editor application available for download in the store for apps is possible. It is possible to achieve this using two or more video clips. In addition, the majority of these programs are entirely free.

    You can complete the task using editing software that you can use on your personal computer. The tips I mentioned are not just applicable to the iPhone but also other Apple devices such as the iPad touch and iPod touchscreen, and iPad. I hope you find these tips helpful!

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