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How To Connect Airpods To Laptop

    To connect AirPods to your PC, place the AirPods inside the case, then open the case and push the button on the rear.
    If the light on the front AirPods case is white, press the button to release it.
    Connecting AirPods AirPods AirPods with a computer through Bluetooth options in the Windows menu is possible.
    Apple’s AirPods are wireless Bluetooth headphones designed to work with iOS devices such as Apple’s iPhone and the iPad. However, AirPods can be used with various devices, such as the Windows PC.

    If you’re looking to pair your AirPods on your computer, Here’s how you join AirPods to your PC.

    How do you connect your AirPods to a Windows PC Windows PC

    Just like any other genuine wireless earbuds, AirPods make use of Bluetooth. This means that AirPods work with other devices equipped with the Bluetooth module.

    Before we begin, you should make sure that your device supports Bluetooth. For verification, visit the Device Manager menu in Start. If there’s an entry that says Bluetooth, it’s excellent! Otherwise, your device doesn’t support it.

    After that, let us show you the steps to connect AirPods, Max, or AirPods Pro to your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC.

    Verify the AirPods battery’s lifespan by placing them inside the case. If the light on the battery’s status is red or green, you’ll know they’re still afloat and ready to go.

    Set the AirPods into pairing mode by pressing the button for setting at the rear in the box until the status indicator flashes first orange and then white.

    When you start your computer, click your PC, then go to the Windows Start menu at the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Click on Settings and then select Settings.

    Select Bluetooth & devices.
    Check that you have the Bluetooth toggle is turned off.

    Click Add Device.

    It will bring you to the Add Device tab. From there, you can click Bluetooth.

    There’s a list of Bluetooth devices in range. Pick the AirPods from the selection to connect them to your Laptop.

    If you click Done, you’ll be notified that you’ve successfully connected your AirPods were successfully connected.

    Then, take the AirPods from the case and utilize them however you like.

    Instructions for Connecting Apple AirPods to a Mac

    In other cases, you can pair them manually, as Apple help explains.

    • If you’re using a Mac, Choose System Settings from the Apple device menu. Then, click Bluetooth.
    • Check you have Bluetooth is turned on.
    • Place both AirPods inside the case for charging and then open the case.
    • Hold and press the button circularly (the set-up button at the reverse of the AirPods case, right where the status light can be found) for a couple of minutes until the light turns white.
    • Choose your AirPods from the Devices List, and then select Connect.
    • If you’re struggling or cannot connect AirPods with your Mac, upgrade to the most recent version of the Mac OS could be necessary. Apple declares that the new AirPods Pro 2nd generation AirPods Pro requires the latest version of Mac OS to properly sync with the other Apple devices and the full range of Bluetooth devices.

    Make use of AirPods using a device that is not an Apple one.

    AirPods can be used AirPods as a Bluetooth headset using an Apple-compatible device. It isn’t possible to use Siri. However, you can use the headset to talk and listen. To set up your AirPods on an Android smartphone or another device that isn’t Apple, take these steps:

    For non-Apple devices, visit the settings of Bluetooth and ensure you turn on Bluetooth. Bluetooth is turned on. Head to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth if you use an Android device. Bluetooth.
    If you are using AirPods placed in the charging case, open the case.
    Press the button to set at the display’s rear until the status light turns white.
    If you see your AirPods are listed on the listing of Bluetooth devices, you can choose the AirPods.

    How do you unpair the AirPods to the Windows 10 PC

    Unpairing the AirPods permanently requires a similar set of steps to reconnect them, however, with one difference.

    • Launch the Settings application.
    • Press Devices.
    • Click down to the audio section, then choose your AirPods.
    • If the prompt comes up, you need to press remove the device.

    How do you unpair the AirPods to the Windows 11 PC

    To deactivate the AirPods as a gadget is the same procedure as reconnecting them.

    • Launch the Settings application.
    • Select Bluetooth & devices.
    • Click the large button to activate the model of your AirPods (e.g., “AirPods Pro”).
    • Click on the vertical line with three dots in the upper right edge at the top of the screen.
    • Then, choose to remove the device in the window that pops up.
    • If you cannot locate your AirPods within the options on the screen, you can Click View More Devices just beneath the screen. Scroll down until Audio.
    • To access the AirPods link, select the vertical row with three dots.
    • Choose Remove device.


    You can enable the Bluetooth function on your Laptop. Go into Settings Bluetooth and other devices Bluetooth.

    Check that your AirPods are charged fully to ensure an effective Bluetooth connection. Get the AirPods and activate pairing mode with a push of the button in the case that charges them.

    Return to your HP screen, and connect your Laptop to the AirPods. There should be a bright sound when your devices are successfully connected.

    If AirPods can’t join your computer, change your audio output to headphones (AirPod stereo) within the Control Panel. Control Panel.

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