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How To Connect AirPods to Surface

    Microsoft Surface is a sleek and stunning device. What if you were to avoid the headache of wires and enjoy an enjoyable audio experience using AirPods? Setting up AirPods using a Windows gadget isn’t nearly as complicated as some believe.

    There’s a reason why AirPods are only really effective when connected to an iOS device; however, their capabilities are very restricted when you connect them to a Windows device. However, you can perform some functions with them using the Windows device, for instance, Surface. Surface.

    If you’d like to connect AirPods with your Surface but aren’t sure what to do, this guide below will teach you all you must be aware of.

    How To Connect Apple AirPods to a Microsoft Surface

    Pairing AirPods is the same as pairing with any similar wireless Bluetooth device you’ve ever used. Here’s how to know.

    Start the Bluetooth configurations on your Microsoft Surface by searching for “Bluetooth” in the taskbar.

    Switch on Bluetooth by pressing the toggle.

    Choose “Add Device”, then click “Bluetooth” to allow your Surface to locate nearby Bluetooth devices.

    The lid can be opened to reveal your AirPods case, but keep your AirPods within the case.

    Hold the button on the AirPods case’s side until the light turns white and starts blinking.

    Choose Your AirPods among the Bluetooth devices that appear to be connected and pair them to your Surface.

    You’ll get a confirmation when you’ve confirmed that your AirPods and your PC are connected and connected. Remove the AirPods from the case, place them in your ear, and you’re good to go.

    After pairing both devices, you can play music on your Surface via your AirPods, and it’s an excellent way to listen to music, stream videos or listen to presentations.

    How to Pair Apple AirPods to a Microsoft Surface

    Start Windows 10 Action Center on your Surface. Windows 10 Action Center on your Surface.

    Windows 10 desktop on a Microsoft Surface Pro with Action Center icon highlighted

    Verify to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled. If Bluetooth is off, Select its icon in the Action Center so it’s highlighted.

    Windows 10 Action Center with Bluetooth highlighted

    Choose All Settings.

    Windows 10 Action Center on Surface Pro Surface Pro with Bluetooth turned on, and all settings highlighted

    Select Devices.

    Windows 10 Settings with Devices highlighted

    Select Add Bluetooth and another device.

    Windows 10 Bluetooth device settings with “Add Bluetooth or another device” highlighted

    Select Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth devices settings on Windows 10 with Bluetooth highlighted

    The case is opened. AirPods Case (keep them in the case with AirPods in the case). Press the button gently at the side of the AirPods case until the front light starts to flash. By doing this, they will be visible to your Surface.

    A fully opened apple Airpods casing with a Sync button is visible alongside a Microsoft Surface Pro in the background.

    Choose the AirPods out of the available Bluetooth devices.

    Apple Airpods are highlighted in a list of Bluetooth devices for the Surface Pro.

    Select Done.

    How To Reconnect Paired AirPods to a Microsoft Surface

    Connecting your AirPods to the Microsoft Surface is slightly different when pairing them for the first time. Here’s how to accomplish it.

    You can go through The Bluetooth setting on your Surface.

    Switch on the Bluetooth If it’s not activated.

    Unlock your AirPods case for the device to be visible.

    Choose your AirPods from the list of devices to connect them.


    While Apple devices will automatically pair with AirPods, Windows devices require some effort. However, you’ll be able to groove to your favourite tunes when the pairing process has been completed.

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